National Youth Service Corps is a government-created organization or initiative, set up in Nigeria in the year 1973, May 22. The program is aimed at fresh graduates of universities and other tertiary institutions. It gets them involved in various activities and jobs. NYSC Nigeria takes place over the course of one whole year. Since its inception, the project has been met with a lot of positive reviews by various Nigerians who see it as a means of empowering the youths (graduates) and also inspiring unity in the largely diverse nation of Nigeria. Nigeria is made up of various ethnic groups and tribes, of various cultures, beliefs, traditions, and religions. This makes the NYSC the only major government organization that promotes unity in the country as it ensures the graduates are properly spread to parts of the country they’ve never been in. This way there’s a steady influx of various cultures in the country and the fresh graduates get to learn new things and get integrated into lifestyles that vary from theirs. 


NYSC Nigeria, despite being met with its fair share of criticism, is still considered as one of the most important aspects of every Nigerians life, especially those who go through University and plan on getting proper jobs in the country. The certificate is of high value and open doors for various opportunities for those who are able to go through the one-year program. For those of us who are preparing for our National Youth Service Corps or are just interested in the program, this article will provide you with invaluable information on the important things to know about this program.


    To start this guide is the NYSC Portal and Portal Relocation. The NYSC Nigeria portal is quite straightforward with its details. It provides prospective Corpers with different tabs and options depending on the need or want of the person at that point. On the portal, there’s a link to log into one’s profile, there’s a link for payment status, for those still unsure of theirs. There’s also a link to verify certificates (for situations which entail discharge, exemption and or exclusion) Trough that link certificate issues are ironed out or passed up for further help for whatever reason. Also, on the portal page, is a link to the main National Youth Service Corps site where users can get redirected to for general information concerning the program.

Portal relocation, on the other hand, is of huge importance for those seeking redeployment. For those in need of this assistance, all they have to do is to go to the NYSC Nigeria portal and log in with your details, after that click on relocation. On the “relocation” menu, you’ll find various online forms to fill majorly wanting to know why you want to be redeployed. Fill these appropriately and then wait for an SMS or email to confirm your input and redeployment. Since the introduction of the portal for relocation, NYSC has definitely become much easier especially for those who are badly in need of redeployment for personal reasons (such as health, finance, age etc). Also, sometimes, one may be posted to a part of the country that they do not feel comfortable with (and this must come with good reasons), this portal aids them in seeking redeployment.


The NYSC Senate approved list is an official list containing information on the names of those who have been cleared and certified ready for deployment. Names appearing on this list have been approved by the official board which in turn means that one would be moving forward with his youth Corp program, it’s a list prospective Corpers with to be on, especially in time as a lot of graduates want to get done with the program as early as possible so they can move on, so this list and highly important.

To check the Senate approved list if one’s name came, one has to first log on to the NYSC senate or Academic portal and select your institution. On that page, your matriculation number and surname will be required. After filling those in, input your date of birth and then hit or tap the search button to confirm the status of your mobilization. It is very necessary and important to keep up with this list as it gets updated regularly in order to be sure of when one’s name comes up.

Note: [This process is currently ongoing for those who are getting set with the current batch b group waiting for deployment this July].

NYSC Nigeria
NYSC Nigeria

Registering for NYSC is a primary need as it is what kicks off the entire process of the program from the get-go. To begin registration, Log on to the NYSC portal and input the required details. For the first timers, click on the present “mobilization tab” (currently for the 2018 batch b) while those who have already registered before just need to move on to the login menu with password and name required. On the registration menu, you’ll be asked for your Name and Surname, Email address, Password, Phone number, University, and also, the kind of program that you went through in the tertiary institution, eg Part time or Full time. After that, click submit and continue. But it is best to ensure that all details are inputted correctly so in the case of errors, you can apply for correction of spelling mistakes across your dashboard because in situations like this, and error or mistake can lead to serious problems later on during the program. After ensuring all these, click on submit.  

 The registration is a highly important part of one’s program, so it’s best to go over it meticulously and to take one’s time in ensuring that all details are properly imputed with the correct spellings and in the right order.


The NYSC mobilization timetable runs through the course of the entire year and is adjusted regularly in order to accommodate the two or three batches that’ll be getting deployed and or mobilized during this period. It contains the date and time for all the necessary days and time possibly, ultimatums. Presently it contains the date for the online registration for those going in this yeara batch b group. It contains the date for the commencement of registration and the deadline. So it is best for prospective Corpers with keep up with the timetable or to be up to date with in order to not miss any necessary or important changes that may be made.


During the course of the orientation, it is very important for the corp members to learn the Anthem. No one likes to be a “mouth chewer”. The NYSC anthem will probably be recited every morning or regularly at least and this is done after reciting the national anthem. For those interested in learning the anthem now in order to be prepared, here are the lyrics to the three versed anthem:

Verse 1

” Youths obey the clarion call

Let us lift our nation high

Under the sun or in the rain

With dedication and selflessness

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.”

Verse 2

“Members, take the great salute

Put the Nation first in all

With service and humility

NYSC for the noble youths

Make Nigeria a great nation.”

Verse 3

“Far and near we come to serve

And to build o, ur fatherland,

With oneness and loyalty

NYSC for unity

Hail Nigeria, our great nation.”



Now, this aspect of the program is very important to a lot of prospective youth Corpers and this is for very good reasons seeing as it involves money and on camp, it is best to have that readily in order not to get stranded for whatever reason. The money will help ease the wheels. The amount may be subject to change from state to state for some reason, but the standard payment is at N19,800. This isn’t the most inspiring of numbers, but at least it is something and to make it a little bit better, there has been an increment in transportation allowance from N1500 to N1800, while the local allowance now sits at N1400. A slight bump but an improvement anyway. Also, along with things concerning money, there are usually delays and setbacks every now and then, when it comes to payment of “Allawee” (allowance). Check out Each State NYSC Allowance

Every Corp member, during the course of his or her NYSC program, must ensure they collect their allowance as it is they have every right to do so, and it is a more than necessary aspect of being a youth Corp member, despite how small it may seem to some of them. The allowance is paid by the government of every state on a regular basis.

National Youth Service Corps Experience And Camp Locations


The National Youth Service Corps as stated earlier is an integral aspect of every university graduates program, especially for future reasons. Without one’s NYSC certificate, it would be difficult to partake in politics or aspire for offices. Also, not having one’s certificate will greatly limit ones job options as it is mandatory to have before getting a job especially in government-owned companies So it is essential for all fresh graduates to partake in the NYSC program, finish and move on with their lives.