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These 5 Cryptocurrencies May Continue To Surprise The Upside

In the world of cryptocurrencies,there’s just one sure thing: you can never be 100% sure about anything. Cryptocurrencies continue changing and surprise us. If you want to use volatility in your favor, it’s vital to keep up with the recent changes.

In this article, I want to tell you about 5 cryptocurrencies that can surprise you!


The first one is definitely Bitcoin which has surprised everyone recently. In just one week, it seems to have come out of its bear era and come into the bullying one by gaining more than 20% in its value. Now that it has reached 28,000$, all Bitcoin fans anticipate crossing the next step- 30,000$! The reason for such a spike is the banking crisis. Still, the opinions on such a rise in Bitcoins value and its future influence on the economy are divided. However, one thing is sure- now is a good time to take care of your Bitcoins.


On March 18, Ethereum price reached 1800$ but didn’t stay in this position for long. It is said that the critical position which will decide the future Ether’s value is between 1680 and 1646. If the price crosses this zone, it will mean the positive sentiments of the buyers. Then, buyers are expected to try to drive the price towards the new level – 2,000 $ which will mark the winning of the bulls. And On the other hand, if the buyer’s activity falls, then the prices are expected to go down to around 1,461$. So what happens? Follow the latest analysis to keep up to date with the changes in Ethereum’s value.


On March 18, the BNP value raised to 338%, which broke its bearish pattern. So what happens next? If the bulls manage to keep the price above 318$, it can continue rising to 400$. Although everything indicates that the bulls are to win, the bear may want to try to keep the price as low as 280$.


Stacks price rose from 0,52$ to 1,29 $ on March 18, which was a rather rapid change. It shows the rising interest in bulls. However, we will have to follow future analyses to understand the trend. If the prices manage to go higher than 1,29, then we can expect Stakcs value to rise up to 1,55$ and 1,80 $. Otherwise, if the bears manage to keep the price lower than 1,00$, it can then fall to 0,84$, a 20-day EMA.


On March 17, Immutable crossed 1,30$, which can mean the beginning of a new bullying trend. If this trend is kept, the prices are expected to go up to 1,59%, 1,85%, and 2,00%, with 2,23% as a reversal setup target. However, 1,30$ could be a trap. Then, if the bear takes over the situation, the Immutable value could go down even to 0,80$.

So, these are all the important news of the last week, which show you 5 cryptocurrencies you should focus on. If you are now contemplating buying/exchanging your crypto, you may want to know the best way to do it, and here crypto exchanges would be the obvious answer. Crypto exchanges, such as B2Cash in Prague, allowing you to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptos quickly and safely, providing you with a professional manager's support.