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ABU Zaria School And Registration Fees 2023

Let us quickly write on ABU Zaria Registration Fees. Gaining admission into the higher institution without proper registration is as impossible as walking with foot from earth to heaven. However, there are certain procedures to be taken before the registration process which is the registration fee.

Meanwhile, the registration process is never initiated for free all schools have a fixed price for their registration process which is why we would be discussing the Abu Zaria Registration Fees.

Abu Zaria was popularly known as Ahmadu Bello University Zaria is a rated school in Nigeria well facilitated and equipped and the Ahmadu Bello University is a Federal University.

Talking on our main discussion topic Abu Zaria registration fee, this registration fee is the fee meant to be paid. However, registration in the University of Ahmadu Bello is classified into two intellectual parts which are; registration for Post UTME candidates (Undergraduates) and the registration for the postgraduates and Master’s Degree student, so take a seat and read along as  I unveil the registration fee of the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

ABU Zaria School Fees And Registration Fees

S/N Registration Fees (Naira) School Fees (Naira)
Undergraduate (Freshers) 2,000 (form), 50k Acceptance N25,000 – N44,500
Undergraduate (Returning) Nil N14,500 – N39,500
Post Graduate (All) N25,000 N150,000 – N250,000
  • Abu Zaria Registration Fee

First and foremost, the Abu Zaria Registration fee is the fee stipulated by the school and mandated for every candidates that wishes to gain admission or entrance into the Ahmadu Bello University to Study the course of his/her choice in the institution.

In this phase or segment of this article we are going to be talking about the Abu Zaria registration fee for the category of the Post Graduate students and Master’s Degree Students, in which there are different program to be studied under this category.

Meanwhile, the series of programs that falls under this classification are the following program; Science Diploma, Master’s Degree Diploma, Management Science Diploma, and Post Graduate Diploma. For the previously stated program, there is a certain amount of money required to be paid as the Registration fee for the program.

This payment is made compulsory as it is regarded as a registration fee, which simply means without complete payment as you cannot pay half of the payment, you wouldn’t be able to complete the registration process.

Abu Zaria Registration Fee
Abu Zaria Registration Fee

The list of the program offered by Abu Zaria and their registration fees are stated below;

  • Postgraduate Diploma: The candidates meant for this program is would be required to pay the total sum of twenty-five thousand nairas (#25, 000) as the registration fee for the stipulated program.
  • Management science Diploma: The candidates putting in for this program or candidates that are aspiring for this program are also to pay the sum of twenty-five thousand nairas (#25,000) as the registration fee to study the program
  • Master’s Degree Diploma: as we all have been hearing of people having their master’s degree in various universities especially abroad, Abu Zaria offers you the chance to be a master Degree holder without traveling far away, which you are going to register for the program with the sum of twenty-five thousand nairas only.
  • Science Diploma: candidates aspiring for this program are to pay the registration fee for the program with the sum of twenty-five thousand nairas (#25,000) before they can be entitled to registration.

NOTE: There are still some other certain fees that need to be paid before you can be totally free from paying fees, the fee title and the amount to be paid is stated below;

  • Application Form fee: Don’t be surprised to know that you are going to get an application form for any program of your choice under this classification of registration which is not free, it requires payment before it can be gotten, candidates are to pay the total sum of ten thousand five hundred naira (#10,500) before the form would be released to you for filling.
  • Acceptance fee: As we all know that in every higher institution such as Universities, Polytechnics, and college of Education requires their incoming candidates to pay a fixed price as the Acceptance fee immediately after they are granted admission, so is the case for this classification of registration, the candidates for this program are to pay the sum of fifty thousand nairas (#50,000).
  • Tuition fee: This fee is otherwise known as the main school fees varies for each program, for the candidates under the Postgraduate Diploma, they are to pay the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand nairas (#150,000) as school fees, the Master’s Degree candidates are to pay the ranging sum of two hundred thousand (#200,000) to two hundred and fifty thousand (#250,000) this is depending on your field of study.
  • Health, Sports, Examination and computer fee: you may be marveled at this fee, but it is the stipulated fee by the Ahmadu Bello University, this fee results to a total of one hundred and twenty thousand nairas (#120,000).
  • Developmental levy: this levy results to a total of one hundred thousand nairas (#100,000) compulsorily for postgraduate students or candidates.
  • Total summary for fees and levies payable at the end of the final semester: rounding up the total payments that would be made by each program candidates, Master’s Degree candidate or aspirant would be liable to pay the total sum f five hundred and ten thousand naira (#510,000) at the end of the final semester, while the Management science aspirants and candidates are getting ready for a total sum of four hundred  and fifty-five thousand nairas (#450,000) for final semester ending, and the postgraduate should set aside a total sum of four hundred and five thousand nairas (#405,000) for their program.


  • Abu Zaria Registration Fee for UTME Candidates(Undergraduates)

This is the undergraduate student and they are expected to pay the Abu Zaria registration fee when registering for their post UTME Examination, meanwhile, there has been a mandated fee to be paid for the Post UTME registration by Jamb, which is the sum of Two thousand Naira (#2,000) Only, then the candidate would be cleared for registration.

NOTE: After a successful registration for the post UTME examination, and after you have granted admission into the University, there are other fees to be paid such as:

  • Acceptance fees: As I said earlier on, after accepting the admission offer given by the school and JAMB, you would be required to pay a fixed acceptance fee price of fifty thousand nairas (#50, 000), which is a mandated fee after bee granted admission into the institution.
  • Tuition fees: This fee is otherwise known as school fees, which we all know that it is impossible for anyone to pass through the University as a student without paying school fees, however, the Abu Zaria tuition fee is ranging from a minimum of payable amount of #39, 500 and a maximum of #44, 500 depending on your field of study (Course).

However, all fee payment must be done by generating a code on the Abu Zaria official website and school portal before proceeding to any bank of your choice for payment after which you would confirm your payment on the same school portal.

NOTE: This article as at the time of publication has the valid information you need.


Conclusion on Abu Zaria Registration fee

Abu Zaria registration fee is majorly for the postgraduate and Master’s Degree candidates, which has the school’s specified price for registration, unlike the Post UTME registration fee. Hope this Article was helpful?

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