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Top 10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria (2021)

Best Courses To Study In A Nigerian Universities

Update on the list of Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria The scientist who explained deeply the hypothesis of the world through observation and prediction emphasized that science in its broadest sense is the practical, theoretical, and empirical knowledge about the natural world and its environs.  William Whewell was the first scientist who first […]

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Port Harcourt 2021

Best Secondary Schools In Port Harcourt

The latest ranking of the best secondary schools in Port Harcourt. In the context of the Nigerian education system, secondary schools are the equivalent of high schools as are obtainable in the school system of America and Canada.  Secondary schools are part of the Universal Basic Education Curriculum. They are the next step after primary […]

Top 20 Best Secondary Schools In Lagos 2021

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Lagos

It is the dream of every parent to make sure their child gets the possible best of their education. Almost all who can afford it want the finest tutors for their children. There are so many secondary schools in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. But therein, lies a problem – How do we identify the […]

List Of Art Subjects In Nigerian Secondary Schools

art subjects in nigerian secondary schools 

Updated List Of Art Subjects In Nigerian Secondary Schools. We have different subjects in secondary schools. The school is comprised of junior secondary school and also senior secondary school. The senior secondary school is divided into 3 classes or rather areas of interest. We have the Arts, Social Science and the Science class. Our main […]

KNUST VClass 2020/2021 – What You Need To Know

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology popularly called KNUST, is among the best Universities in Ghana with lots of facilities for students and lecturers. This University has been the home to many notable personnel in Ghana, even many foreign students have been said to have attended the University. KNUST offers different programs which include […]

List Of Science Subjects In Secondary Schools


This list of science subject in secondary schools will arm students, parents, guardians, and teachers with familiarising themselves with the needed info. There are goals to attain the highest pinnacle of success and one’s career. Also, there are all energy and power that are concerted to make things work well for humanity as a creature […]

How Much Is Allowance For All States In Nigeria 2020

nysc allowance latest news on nysc allowance

How Much Is Allowance For All States In Nigeria? The National Youth Service Corps popularly called NYSC scheme was an initiative of the Yakubu Gowon military regime in 1973 with the aim of reconstructing, reconciling and rebuilding the country after the Nigerian Civil war which affected so many, resulting in loss of lives and property. […]