Top 10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria (2022)

Update on the list of Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria The scientist who explained deeply the hypothesis of the world through observation and prediction emphasized that science in its broadest sense is the practical, theoretical, and empirical knowledge about the natural world and its environs. 

William Whewell was the first scientist who first unveils the English word scientist recently in the 19th century. Modern science began to expand after the era of the natural philosophers that empirically investigate the natural world part of which are Thales and Aristotle and the scientific method has been existing and implored as far back as the middle ages by some ancient philosophers like Ibn AL-Haytham and Roger Bacon. Modern science began in particular in the 16th and 17th century Europe scientific revolution. The true theory began to overshadow false beliefs from the 18th century through the 21st century especially in the biological and physical sciences which were tendered as successive incubation of knowledge.


There is no way we would talk about best science courses in Nigeria without reflecting on what science is, knowing fully well that Western education was brought to the country from Europe and that is the main reason why we must be cognizant and familiar with science history and how it originated which was what we have shown above. Coming down to Nigeria here we have hundreds of science courses studied in tertiary level of education be it private, state or federal settings. sometimes it might be very confusing for a science student to choose appropriately his best-suited course. As a student one needs to be guided when making the choice of science course to study in order not to fall victim to not picking the best. The best 10 of 100s of science courses are listed below in accordance with the present state and situation of the country and its economy;

  1. Medicine
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Nursing/Nursing Science
  5. Computer Science
  6. Dentistry
  7. Microbiology
  8. Radiography
  9. Veterinary Medicine
  10. Chemical And Petroleum Engineering

Top 10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria


This has been probably one of the best if not the best science courses to study at the university. In accordance with the English Oxford Dictionary, medicine is the science and practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases. Almost every science student in Nigeria wants to study medicine, which is obviously because of the lucrative and prestigious nature of the course.

There are so many branches in medicine where a student may decide to enroll in. It is a very comprehensive and competitive course at university. It is obviously and famously the best among every other science courses.


The pharmacy has long been defined as the technique and science of both drug preparation and dispensation. Just like medicine is, pharmacy is tantamount to medicine, it is also highly rated and respected in Nigeria Pharmacy is one of the best and most prestigious science courses for students in the field of science and should know that pharmacy is one of the best and most prestigious science courses one can study in the tertiary level of education. Therefore, any science student contemplating the science course to study should not hesitate to pick pharmacy as the course.

Top 10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria


Engineering is a very wide course and so it has been split into various branches some of which are; civil engineering, petroleum engineering, agricultural and environmental engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial production engineering, mechanical engineering and so on.

As a student, if you have been deliberating on a science course to choose in the tertiary level u can give engineering a try of which you will never regret doing. Any of the diversion branches mentioned earlier are all under engineering as they are one of the best science courses for students to consider and choose in the university stage. Engineers are rated, respected and rewarded highly and heavily for their devices over the years in Nigeria. In relation to our present environment, engineering courses are incontestable with low or no competition.


Nursing/Nursing science is related to a fallacy with no element of truth that the course is predominantly for female students alone. Nursing is meant for every science student and not the females alone. To attain optimal health in hand with quality life, this nursing profession has deeply focused on taking care of communities, families, and individuals in accordance with the healthcare sector throughout the nation.

Like medicine, nursing has been very profitable and of high prestige in the university. It is another good choice to make for science students in the field of science.


Computer science is a course that basically deals with software design and engineering, some of the processes under software design are algorithmic thinking, human-computer interaction, programming languages, and the history of computing. Computer science is one of the most desirable science courses for students throughout the country now because of the present computer evolution world. One advantageous fact about being a

computer science student is that you will not need to carry files (your curriculum vitae) from one office to another, looking for a job. So far you are creative enough, to set up a blog, website, application and get paid for your job. All that is required of you is to explore your knowledge and get the adequate accessories needed and you are there.


another outstanding science course that any science student can choose to study at the university is DENTISTRY. Wikipedia confirmed that Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with teeth and majorly consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity. Dentistry is a Profitable, boastful and very good choice of course for all science students. If you desire to study one of the best science courses at the university, then go for Dentistry. This course is still loved by many science students in the universities, although it has long been underrated by some in the past.


Microbiology is the study of Archaea, Fungi, Bacteria, Prions, Protozoa, Viruses amongst another living organism that cannot be seen with the naked human eye. Microbiology is another great course of study for science students. It’s equally a very well-respected course at the university. After studying this superb science course, you will be able to work in numerous industries like the drug-producing industry, pharmacy and so on.


Radiography is the study of internal images of a sick patient’s body in other to diagnose injuries or diseases effectively. They also treat and care for people with cancer.

Radiography is another excellent course for all science students. This course is actually unknown to many students. This course has been outclassed on the ground that it is not competitive but of great surprise that Radiography is very lucrative and very respected too. It is really a good choice of science course to study at university.


Veterinary medicine still remains one of the best courses for students in the field of science, although not as popular as other courses highlighted above. According to Wikipedia, the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, disorder, and injury in non-human animals is known as veterinary medicine while a veterinary doctor is an expert in veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine is lucrative to some extent not as others and is a good choice to make for students who don’t want to study competitive courses.


Another marketable and profitable course in Nigeria and the world at large despite the course seem to be tedious for graduates and are wanted in high paying oil companies like NNPC TOTAL, CHEVRON, OANDO and so on.

Recent historical publications, like those of Thomas Kuhn, happens to give and showcase the history of science in its systematic conceptual in an enlarged format of politics, culture, intellectual and iconic procedures. These interpretations met with another history of science who does not stand for progress but as opposition and illusion of progress.


Science in an academic field gives a full history of science and technology and how it began with the history of William Whewell’s publication of the Inductive Sciences (published first in 1837). Sarton reviewed the early 20th-century scope of science history as a history of great icons and great ideas. He escalated among many equals a Whiggish belief as a record of the advances and delays in the level of progress. In this period, the history of science was not recognized as a core field of American history and most of the work was carried out by high spirited scientists and physicians other than historians’ experts. I. Bernard Cohen at Harvard, worked on the history of science which became an established sub-department of history after 1945. The history of mathematics, technology, and philosophy is a special aspect of research that is put into practice at this period. Mathematics in its modern conception is closely related to but totally different from natural science. Technology is likewise closely related to but clearly differs from the science empirical truth. Science History has been an academic discipline, with an international collaboration of specialists. The major professional organizations for this field are the History of Science

Society, the British Society for the History of Science, and the European Society for the science history. Theories and sociology of the history of science. The study of the history of science has been proved in answering questions about science, how it works, and whether it views large-scale patterns and hierarchy. The real meaning of science, in particular, was deeply focused on the ways in which scientists work, looking closely at the ways in which they construct and create knowledge scientifically. Since the 1960s, a common pattern of science studies such as the study of the sociology and science history has been to state clearly the “component of human” of scientific knowledge, and not to state clearly the view that scientific data are of free value, self- reliant and of free context. The field of Science and Technology Studies is an aspect that overlaps and often times informs historical studies of science, focuses on the social context of science in both contemporary and historical periods. The main aspect of concentration in science philosophy has been the change of nature in science.

In the 20th century, a series of studies rely on the role of science in a social context, starting with Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in 1962. It Shows the study of science to a new set of disciplines by suggesting that the evolution of science was in part sociologically determined and that positivism did not explain the actual relations and plans of the human participants in science. “Some by selection and some by distortion, the scientists of earlier ages are totally presented as having worked upon the same fixed problems and in accordance with the same fixed canons that the most recent revolution in scientific theory and method made seem scientific “Knowledge and its Problems are socially referred to the role of the scientific communist, as a social construct, in accepting or rejecting (objective) knowledge of science. The Science wars of 1990 were about the influence of especially French philosophers, who denied the objectivity of science in general or in the act of doing so.

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As children continue to grow in accordance with this technological and scientific world, proper confinements should be put in place, especially on the education path in the quest to impart necessary and useful knowledge to the youngsters as they grow and develop, which will, in turn, improve the country and economy as a whole.

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