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Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria (2023)

We have various types of polytechnics, and I  would like to emphasize that we have them in various states. They are present in Kano, Ibadan, Jigawa, Akure, Owo, and all other states in Nigeria. In this article, our focus will be on the top 10 best Polytechnics in Nigeria.

We have two classes of a Polytechnic: the Private and the Public Polytechnic. The private poly is the ones that are owned by individuals or corporate bodies, and they generate funds through activities and student revenues. While the second is the public polytechnic, this is a government-owned institution. Its affairs are being governed or preceded by the government and basically, the funding comes from the state government.

In the category of the public Polytechnic, we have the federal poly and the government-owned poly, the federal Polytechnic are basically founded by the federal government while the other is founded by the state government. The Polytechnic is governed or preceded internally by the rector.

Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria 2022


You may likely be wondering why I have to bring in an institute of technology. As much as we know, the name gives it away and a technological institute and not polytechnic. But permit me to remind you that we have different types of Polytechnic of which one of them is institutes of technology. This particular institute is located in the heart of Enugu city.

The institute IMT was created in the year 1973 with barely more than three students. They started up with roughly ten accredited courses which has business administration as one of them. 

Best Polytechnics In Nigeria
Best Polytechnics In Nigeria

IMT offers full time and also a part-time program, the duration for a full-time program is two years while the duration of a part-time program is three to four years depending on the course of choice. What makes this institute unique is their structure, the way of learning, the serene environment, their assess to electricity and also school-based technologies. They run a poly air program that runs for four years and this is fully certified by the Enugu state broadcasting company.


We might have you confused here because of the “College of Technology” present on the list, but kindly be informed that College of Technology is also a Polytechnic.

This particular institute came second in our ranking because of some of the quality presents in this institution and because of some historical factors of the institution. Firstly, it was established and founded in the year 1947 in which was first known as the Yaba Higher College. This Polytechnic started off with a reasonable number of students which is about 10,000 students and offered only basic courses like elect-elect. There are so many disciplines offered recently in the citadel, we have advanced technology, commercial commerce, agricultural production, and distribution.

yabatech cut off mark for all courses jamb
Yabatech – Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria

Yaba college of technology has up to ten schools and 39 academic departments which is a total of about 70 accredited programmes at ND, HND, post HND levels which is also known as PGD. The college is also accredited to offer b. Sc (Ed) certificate courses. The number of the student on campus is about twenty thousand and also the staff strength is 2000. One of the major things that covered up much for them is their free medical services. They have a big field in terms of sports complex and facilities, and two main campuses are available for any student who wants to stay inside the school. The first hostel is inside the school while the second one is located at Epe. The name was changed to Federal Polytechnic Yaba in 1973.


In reference to the various types of polytechnic mentioned in our introduction, Federal Polytevhnic Ilaro is another government-owned institution to be discussed on this list.

This polytechnic was founded and established in 1980, also like the second poly we discussed, it has two main campuses’ hostel- one inside the school for the male and another for the female. This hostel have their regulations which includes their visiting time. At the west campus, they have different structures like the school of engineering and environmental studies, the admin building and annexes, and the schools record and data control unit where all records are kept.

Federal Polytechnic Ilaro
Federal Polytechnic Ilaro

Federal Polytechnic Ilaro also have information and communication technology Centre, and one beautiful thing about that is that they a free Wi-Fi that is accessible to the student and the lecturers. Inside their campus is the library, public toilet, staff quarters, poly guest house and a dam. Both known campuses are connected with motor accessible road. This poly boasts of over 10,000 students and over 2000 staff.

Top 10 Polytechnics In Nigeria
Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti


This obviously has to be one of the top ten because of its high standard of learning, the architectural structures within the institution, and historical facts amidst others. This Polytechnic is located in Ado Ekiti, and it is a government-owned institution. It was first established in the year 1978 with a starting population of about two thousand students and a staff capacity of five hundred. Presently, this polytechnic can boast of about ten thousand sound students. They have two main campuses, one for the male hall of residence and the second for the female. They offer full time and part-time national diploma and higher national diploma certificate. This poly boasts of over 15,000 students and over 2500 staff.

Federal Polytechnic Oko
Federal Polytechnic Oko


This is almost one of the oldest Poly that still exists in Nigeria, and it was founded in the year 1980. The Polytechnic is situated within the perimeter of Oko town in Orumba North local government of Anambra state. History has it that it was formally known as the college of arts, science, and technology. The state-owned Poly was later taken over by the federal government for further improvement and others. Immediately after handing over to the federal government, it was renamed federal Poly Oko, and this happened in the year 1993. Being one of the best, the polytechnic has about three different hostels.

Predominantly, the main campus occupies a total land area of 90 hectares, and also the Ufuma campus occupies a total land area mass of about 60 hectares. Furthermore, the Atani campus occupies the total landmass areas of 50 hectares. The fifth best polytechnic in Nigeria offers full time and part-time national diploma and higher national diploma certificate. This poly boasts of over 9500 students and over 1900 teaching and non-teaching staffs. They have good motorable road and assess to electricity. Also, another interesting thing about this Poly is the free medical centre and free Internet for both the student and the lecturer.


This polytechnic is government-owned polytechnic which was first known as the Ondo State Polytechnic before it was changed to Ondo State Polytechnic. It is located at Owo in Ondo State, Nigeria. This polytechnic was established and founded in 1979. The Polytechnic which has several departments in the Faculties of Engineering, Science and Technology, can boast of about 12000 students and a maximum of 3,000 in each faculty. In June 2004, the polytechnic was renamed after Chief Rufus Giwa, a well-known and prominent businessman who hails from Ondo. In the year 2002, students protested the change of name of the Polytechnic due to some known reasons and the school was temporarily shut down, only for the school to reopen on 29 September 2003 without the change of name and till this period the school still retains the name.


This is the oldest Polytechnic in Nigeria and seventh among the best Polytechnics in Nigeria. Ibadan Poly as history will have it, was among the first set of polytechnics to be commissioned. This Polytechnic was first known as the Technical College. It was established and founded in the year 1970 and can boast of about 15,000 students as of present. This Polytechnic is situated in Ibadan, it has two halls of residence the male hall of residence inside the school and the female hall of residence. Speaking in-depth about this Polytechnic, it provides students with adequate training and development of various techniques in applied science, engineering field, environmental science and commerce.

The Polytechnic Ibadan has some historical features in it and teaches students the basic of practical technology application in all fields. They have a good road which is accessible by all types of cars, or bikes to aid student movement in and out of the school and access to water as they have a specific water corporation working for them and they also produce water in the school (both sachet and bottled water).


This is one of the best and the most popular in Nigeria due to its practical works and its technology usage. This school is rated here because of its serene environment, school structure, and teaching method. This school offers undergraduate programmes and also postgraduate. Some and most of their strong disciplines include business, technology, and arts. This school maintains a strong population of over 15,000 students. Roads leading to the school is semi-rough but still accessible. They have two campuses one for the male and the other for females.


KADPoly is ninth among our list of top 10 best Polytechnics in Nigeria. They have some historical backgrounds that may not be written here but we would discuss a few. Kaduna poly was founded in the year 1951, it officially became Kaduna polytechnic due to some crisis in the year 1968. This poly was established with the sole aim of providing adequate training and research in technology and science. 


This polytechnic was founded in the year 1993 with a student capacity of 5,000 but as of now can boast of 10,000. They have two campus hostels, accessible road, and constant electricity.

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As clearly seen in this article, polytechnics offer both practical and technological experience. If you are considering being practically and technologically taught, you may want to consider going to the Polytechnic. 


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