Hey, what sup buddies? we will be writing on something not new to many today but it is what causes bone of contention between students of the various institution, an aspiring student of a particular citadel of learning also generally amidst the youthful youth in the age bracket of possibly still attending schools. 


There is mist feeling on how the best institution should be ranked, how do I make my decision on which of the institution to attend while feeling my examination form. Some even go as far as asking their senior brother and colleagues who are already admitted into one citadel of learning or the other. Some are in a state of I didn’t know what to do as touching my academics. Some has been discouraged and being show way off a particular institution. Before we proceed on the details of the best institutions in Nigeria, I will love to bring your attention to the following facts, for every sector or particular institution, there are basic purpose and reasons they were set up and put in place, it is not meant to cause controversy, or set a table pendulum in motion rather, to achieve the propose and aimed goals that have been set for the development of the nation, and I will also love to ship in that, the nation has lack her benefit from the educational system today and the expected aim education is meant to fulfil has be jeopardize as a result of not getting to know and get acquitted with the purpose underlying every institution in the country, so sit back and let us go on a ride to educational illumination and the best institution to attend base on goals and dream they are meant to achieve.

Best Institutions In Nigeria
Best Institutions In Nigeria


Come to the nation today, there are various categories of learning institutions which have been segmented and their learning curricula has been fragmented as we move up the plane. Majorly we have the following categories of the institution in Nigeria

  1.  Universities
  2.  Polytechnics/Monotechnic
  3.  Colleges of Education
  4.  School of midwives

Taking a closer look at these various categories, one would say, what is the essence of all this institution if their goals are primarily the same, and if not, why are they numerous a dare all scattered over the nation and how would one know the very best among them all.

This is the universities established, owned, financed and managed by the federal government of Nigeria. This is usually named after the location the institution is situated. They are usually in different schools, we have federal universities of technology, teaching hospitals, and all-encompassing federal universities, for example, the University of Ibadan.

This is usually owned, governed and financed by the state government, they are taking their features from the federal government owned varsities the differences is that, one is owned and control by the federal government while the other by the state government.

Just as the name implies, these universities are everywhere in the country, the distancing factor of this setup is that is run and operates just like every other university that is owned either by federal government or state government but it is owned and managed by a private individual or families take for example, the redeemer university-owned and managed by the Redeemed Christian church of God under the leadership of God through Pastor Enoch Adeboye the general overseer.

This the apex of all the learning institution anywhere in the world. And in Nigeria today, we have the Federal universities, the state universities, and the private universities. The sole aim of a university education is to obtain a degree certificate in area of specialization, this has more academician and highly refined learning facilitator compare to other institution where learning takes place, another factors and purpose of this type of institution is to prepare student for advanced research, problem-solving skills, prepare learner for advanced courses and certification which are not easily achieved by an average student. The certification that is usually bagged here is the degree, postgraduate degrees, Ph.D., and professorship.


Do I forget to bring this to your awareness earlier? sorry about that, we have universities that are affiliating with different universities that are not located in the country but are remotely managed and control by the mother universities from their headquarters.

This is another citadel of learning where mind and hands are also trained. Common certification here is the ordinary national diploma (OND), and higher national diploma (HND) and seldom certified a post higher diploma certification (PDGE). This type of institution is set up to help students who are not fit into the universities education system and most times do meet up to the requirement of a universities Senate. It majorly drives student to more hand on deck approach type of learning, many practical courses are taken here, in universities intensive practical and reading also research are embarked on, but in polytechnic setting much practical are encourage so as to see users who can not assimilate much to set their hands in operation so as to aid the reading and overburden university students so as to bring about effective research and demonstration synergy between students of the two learning institution so as to bring about achievement of the national goal for education.

To furthermore, just as universities are owned and manage by different bodies, likewise we have a Federal Polytechnic, state polytechnics, private polytechnics and of course foreign affiliated polytechnic which are strategically placed in different part of the country, all the aforementioned types of polytechnics took their credence and features in term of establishment and management from the setting of a university.

This is another important setup in the institution of the country. College of education sole aim and goals is to entrench and equipped in learning with different pedagogies to education, the best approach to aid teaching and learning. It is engrafted to develop individuals who are passionate about teaching and setting up a learning environment especially for primary and secondary school pupils. The difference that the education setup or school of education found in universities is that school of education in most universities aid students to impart knowledge in mostly in the higher cadre of academics. It is of importance to know that Polytechnics don’t offer educational courses more reason there is a need for setting up a college of education where academics pedagogies are mainly instructed.

Just like we have a different type of universities and polytechnics, also, we have various type of college of education which are federal colleges of education, state colleges of education, private colleges of education, also foreign affiliated colleges of education. The certification here is mostly ND and HND the differences in the attachment of education.


Just like we have teaching hospitals where doctors and nurses are trained to reach a professional level, school of midwives are meant to a trained interested individual who cares to venture into midwifery. They also come in different types, the federal owned, state-owned and privately owned, the only differences here is, no foreign affiliated school of midwiferies yet to be situated in Nigeria.


After a vivid and thorough look into all the institution in Nigeria, of the question that will pop up in readers mind is, which of this is the best. The answer I will offer that come with a different approach.


Tuition fee will play a major factor in deciding the best of all these institutions. Most time federal institution especially universities come with a very lenient pocket-friendly price. Most federal universities are good to go compare to state universities, which serves as sources of income to many states. Any institution related to federal are always handy and not cumbersome.


Most federal universities are located in the capital of most cities which gives privileges to students that stays around the state capital, but in contrast to this, most universities are placed strategically to meet most students’ location demand, also polytechnics are virtually everywhere in the state.


Another determinant is the courses offers by these institutions, your desired courses may not be in any universities, or polytechnics and colleges of education, so the demand of your course will make the universities that offer it the best.


The giant strides the citadel of learning has in their pouch determine their standard, there are some polytechnics that are far better than some universities also there are some states universities that are very proficient in some courses that federal universities cannot stand.


Some institutions are not recognized by the regulatory body also, some institutions are running unaccredited courses in the hope to get accredited in space of time which most times fail and land students in useless certification.


In conclusion, the best institution is determined by different factors. Also, the different citadel of learning has their various functions and goals which are all working hands in hands to achieve the national goals for education in the country.

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