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Top 50 Hottest Countries In The World (2024)

With global warming the center of public discourse, the world’s attention is once again brought to the hottest countries in the world. This data may not provide much insights as to how the world’s climate is changing; but it will at least serve to show how adaptive the human species really is.

The countries listed herein are arranged according to the average yearly temperatures, which is the true reflection of climate situation of the places.

This is because while some countries can be very hot during the summer, they can also be very cold during winter, and that means they do not qualify to be called hot.

Top 50 Hottest Countries In The World

1. Burkina Faso

Average Yearly Temperature: 28.29°C

Burkina Faso is the country with the hottest year round climate; the average yearly temperature is 28.29°C. Burkina Faso is located in West Africa; and is a land locked country with its northern side quite dry; although not as dry as the Sahara dessert.

Burkina Faso has a flat landscape and in relatively low in altitude. The country’s climate is greatly influenced by the Sahara desert from where hot, dry winds blow in, especially in the Harmattan season.

2. Mali

Average Yearly Temperature: 28.25°C

Mali is another country in West Africa with a very hot weather. The country is even more exposed to the influences of the Sahara desert because it is much closer to the north. Mali has an average yearly temperature of 28.25°C.

The thermal equator; which has some of the hottest spots on the planet also passes through Mali; explaining why the country is so hot.

However the south of the country is quite different in the sense that it is a lot more humid; and there are more plants and trees.

3. Kiribati

Average Yearly Temperature: 28.20°C

Kiribati is made up of 3 groups of islands; each group comprising of several small islands. This country is located in Oceania; in the Pacific Ocean. For a country surrounded why the ocean this is a surprisingly hot place to live.

Kiribati is just along the equator; which explains why the country is so hot; thankfully that also means that Kiribati is largely exempt from having cyclones.

Kiribati receives a lot of sea breeze; which makes it an ideal place for Europeans looking for a hot atmosphere to relax.

4. Djibouti

Average Yearly Temperature: 28.0°C

Djibouti is a country in the horn of Africa; it is quite an arid country, although the coastal areas are quite green and quite temperate. Nevertheless, the country has an average yearly temperature of 28.0°C, making it one of the hottest countries by year round temperatures.

Djibouti does not experience much climate variations; it is hot throughout the year, and heat waves are even common in the country. In the east of Djibouti, the temperature can be as high as 41°C in the summer.

5. Maldives

Average Yearly Temperature: 28.0°C

The Maldives is a favorite destination for tourists from Europe and America; and one reason why this is so is that it is a great place to escape the cold, and enjoy some warm weather.

Maldives is a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean; it is part of south Asia. Maldives is located along the equator; which explains why it is so hot; but the cool breeze from the Indian Ocean makes it tolerable.

6. Senegal

Average Yearly Temperature: 27.85°C

Senegal is a country in West Africa; it is not far from North Africa; but has an extensive coastline along the Atlantic. The country enjoys an average yearly temperature of 27.85°C, and this can reach 30°C.

The country has well defined dry and humid seasons; the dry season usually lasts from December to April, and the prevailing conditions are hot and dry; while the humid season lasts from May to October or November- and that is when the country is coldest; with the temperature dropping to 18 around February.

While the north has a desert climate; the south enjoys breeze blowing in from the Atlantic; the ground is flat, and so the breeze is not obstructed.

7. Mauritania

Average Yearly Temperature: 27.65°C

Mauritania is a country in West Africa; it is quite near North Africa; meaning that three quarters of the country is desert land; but the south- particularly the southeast is more habitable because it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Mauritania is part of the Sahel and the Maghreb; its average yearly temperature is 27.65°C.

Mauritania is a flat country; which means both the winds blowing in from the Sahara desert, and the Atlantic Ocean are not disturbed; they circulate the area well enough; thereby ensuring that the prevailing weather is clearly defined.

8. Tuvalu

Average Yearly Temperature: 27.65°C

Tuvalu is small country in Oceania; in the Pacific Ocean. This country is considered a microstate because it is very small. However, this small country has a very big temperature; the average yearly temperature is 27.65°C.

Tuvalu has clearly marked seasons; a wet season from November to April and a dry season from May to October.

9. Palau

Average Yearly Temperature: 27.60°C

Palau is a country in Oceania; it is located in the western the western part of the Pacific Ocean. This country is made up of more than 400 islands; all of them with differences in weather.

Palau is quite a warm country; it has an average yearly temperature of 27.60°C. However, due to the very many beaches in the country; and the cold breeze blowing in from the sea; the people don’t seem to notice the heat.

10. Benin        

Average Yearly Temperature: 27.55°C

Benin is a country in west Africa; it is a lot farther away from the Sahara desert, and has a large coast which meets the Atlantic ocean; but is quite protected by the natural form of the land and so it becomes like a gulf.

Benin has an average yearly temperature of 27. 55°C which is quite hot by European standards. The country, however, receives plenty of cool moisture laden air from the Atlantic Ocean.

The following is a more extensive list of the hottest countries in the world.

Position Country Average Yearly Temperature (°C) Location
1 Burkina Faso 28.29 Africa
2 Mali 28.25 Africa
3 Kiribati 28.20 Oceania
4 Djibouti 28.00 Africa
5 Maldives 28.00 Oceania
6 Senegal 27.85 Africa
7 Mauritania 27.65 Africa
8 Tuvalu 27.65 Oceania
9 Palau 27.60 Oceania
10 Benin 27.55 Africa
11 Gambia 27.50 Africa
12 Marshall Islands 27.40 Oceania
13 Ghana 27.20 Africa
14 Kuwait 27.15 Asia
15 Niger 27.15 Africa
16 Qatar 27.15 Asia
17 Seychelles 27.15 Africa
18 Togo 27.15 Africa
19 Somalia 27.05 Africa
20 Nigeria 27.00 Africa
21 Sri Lanka 26.95 Asia
22 Sudan 26.90 Africa
23 Brunei 26.85 Asia
24 Cambodia 26.80 Asia
25 Bahrain 26.80 Asia
26 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 26.80 Asia
27 Guinea-Bissau 26.75 Africa
28 Samoa 26.70 Oceania
29 United Arab Emirates 26.65 Asia
30 Chad 26.55 Africa
31 Singapore 26.45 Asia
32 Ivory Coast 26.35 Africa
33 Thailand 26.30 Asia
34 Sierra Leone 26.05 Africa
35 Grenada 26.00 Caribbean
36 Barbados 26.00 Caribbean
37 Guyana 26.00 Guyana
38 Indonesia 25.85 Asia
39 Federated States of Micronesia 25.85 Pacific Ocean
40 Antigua and Barbuda 25.85 Caribbean
41 Trinidad and Tobago 25.75 Caribbean
42 Guinea 25.70 Africa
43 Suriname 25.70 Caribbean
44 Solomon Islands 25.65 Oceania
45 Oman 25.60 Asia
46 Philippines 25.55 Asia
47 Eritrea 25.50 Africa
48 Saint Lucia 25.50 eastern Caribbean
49 Malaysia 25.40 Asia
50 Panama 25.40 Central America


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The hottest countries in the world are mostly located in Africa; however, Asia supplies a good part of the number, while there are many exceedingly hot countries in Oceania; also the sea breeze makes the residents less miserable.

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