Top 50 Richest Countries In Europe (2023)

Grouped as one, Europe is the richest continent on the planet. The richest countries in Europe are therefore some of the most powerful economies in the world; it is their economic strength that holds up Europe as a continent.

In more personal terms; these are some of the most sought after destinations for people looking to go and work overseas; they offer the best pay as well as other incentives for workers.

Rich countries also give additional comforts to their citizens- the result of proper planning and management of resources.

Top 50 Richest Countries In Europe

1. Ireland

GDP Per Capita: $145,196

Ireland is country in Western Europe. It is almost an island; its only land border is shared with England. Nevertheless, Ireland has such neighbors as Denmark, Norway, France, and Germany. Ireland is a relatively small country- it is home to only 7 million people.

Ireland is a country rich in culture; it is home to the famous Guinness Beer; and also the famous Saint Patrick’s Day.

People come in from all over the world for a taste of Irish beer, and to witness the culture first hand. Manufacturing is a big sector in Ireland; and other important sectors include banking, tourism, and the services that come with it.

2. Luxembourg

GDP Per Capita: $142,694

Luxembourg is small country in Western Europe. The country’s neighbors include Germany, Belgium, and France. Presently, Luxembourg ranks highly among the countries whose visas are in high demand because it is a target for those looking to work abroad.

Luxembourg has a population of about 640,000. The population enjoys all the comforts that come with living in a wealthy country. These pleasures are in turn paid for by the solid economic structure which is powered by manufacturing, banking, and technology sectors.

3. Switzerland

GDP Per Capita: $87,963

Switzerland is located in Europe; it has a population of 8.5 million people, and has neighbors such as France, Italy, Austria, Germany and also Liechtenstein. Switzerland is a highly developed country with a solid economy.

The economy is boosted by such sectors as banking- Swiss banks are said to hold a great part of the world’s wealth, especially those owned by high net worth individuals, especially those who made their money from politics.

Shipping, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical research are also important to the economy of Switzerland.

4. Norway

GDP Per Capita: $82,655

Norway is a country in Europe; it located in the northern part of the continent. This country with a population of 5.4 million people is quite well known for being wealthy. The current GDP per capita figures are put at $82,655; which is quite impressive.

Norway’s is an oil-based economy; some of its biggest exports include crude oil, refined petroleum, and natural gas. Food packaging in the form of processed fish is also quite important, and raw aluminum is also an important export.

5. San Marino

San Marino is the oldest extant country in the world; it was established circa AD 301. However, the reason you have never heard of this country is because it is a microstate; and it is enclaved by Italy.

San Marino has a population of 33,562, but they live in wealth and comfort. Interestingly, the country does not spend its money on any form of military hardware, but uses the money to make life better for its people.

Some important economic activities in this small country include the production of ceramics, clothing, paints, spirits, wines, and tiles.

6. Denmark

GDP per capita: $73,567

Denmark is a Nordic country located in northern Europe. Some of its neighbors include Germany, Norway and Sweden. It is important to note that much of Denmark is water; aside from the mainland; its territory is made up of an archipelago of several islands.

Denmark has made good use of its geography and geology; shipping and fishing are two important sectors to the economy. Pork, petroleum, and electricity are also important to this country; they make up some of its major exports.

It is interesting to see that Denmark has no minimum wage; however the trade unions are very powerful; and by collective bargaining, workers are able to afford a very good life in this country.

7. Netherlands

GPD Per Capita: $72,973

The Netherlands, also called Holland, is a country in northwest Europe. Some of its neighbors include Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium. The Netherlands shares cultural and linguistic traits with Germany.

The Netherlands is one of the richest countries in Europe; the current GDP per capita figures are put at $72,973.

The Netherlands economy is built around the manufacturing, petroleum, and shipping industries. The country is home to several multinational brands including; KLM, Shell, AMRO, and Heineken.

8. Iceland

GPD Per Capita: $69,779

Iceland is a Nordic country; it is an island located in the north Atlantic. The country has a population of 376,248, living in a land area of 102,775. This is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

Icelanders have a GDP per capita of $69,779 and that is made possible by the support given to the economy by such sectors as the fishing industry, the production of raw aluminum, geothermal power, and whaling. Retail commerce and logistics are also important in this small country.

9. Austria

GDP per capita: $69,502

Austria is located in central Europe; it is a landlocked country; and some of its neighbors include Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Switzerland.

Austria has a population of 9.8 million, and the people live in relative comfort with a GDP per capita of $69,502. The economy of Austria is boosted by packaged medical inputs, cars, engines, and engine parts, as well as metal equipment.

10. Andorra

GDP per capita: $68,998

Andorra is a country in Western Europe; it is a microstate with Spain on one side, and France on the other. There is not much to talk about in terms of land, but the population is 79,788.

Andorra has a balanced economy; some of its key sectors include agriculture and food processing, especially as it concerns pork; electrical appliances; and essential oils.

The following is a more detailed list of the richest countries in Europe.

Rank Country GDP Per Capita
1 Ireland   145,196
2 Luxembourg 142,490
3 Switzerland 87,963
4 Norway 82,665
5 San Marino 78,926
6 Denmark 73,567
7 Netherlands 72,973
8 Iceland 69,779
9 Austria 69,502
10 Andorra 68,998
11 Germany 66,132
12 Sweden 65,842
13 Belgium 65,501
14 Malta 61,939
15 Finland 60,897
16 France 58,828
17 United Kingdom 56,471
18 Malta 54,647
19 Italy 54,216
20 Slovenia 48,534
21 Czech Republic 50,961
22 Spain 49,448
23 Lithuania 49,266
24 Estonia 46,385
25 Poland 45,343
26 Portugal 44,707
27 Hungary 43,907
28 Croatia 42,531
29 Romania 41,634
30 Slovakia 41,515
31 Turkey 41,412
32 Latvia 40,256
33 Greece 39,478
34 Russia 34,837
35 Bulgaria 32,006
36 Montenegro 27,761
37 Serbia 25,432
38 Belarus 23,447
39 North Macedonia 21,111
40 Bosnia and Herzegovina 19,604
41 Albania 19,029
42 Moldova 16,840
43 Kosovo 15,620
44 Ukraine 13,901



The richest European countries have advanced societies and balanced economies; most of which depend on manufacturing. This enables them to have high employment rates which means that most of the people can afford to live in comfort.

With large sections of the population gainfully employed; the people can spend money on the retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors- creating even more jobs.

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