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Top 100 Football Clubs In Europe (2023)

Europe is the home of football; and the top football clubs in Europe are the most dominant in world. As a matter of fact; players from every corner of the world make their way to Europe to play the beautiful game because that is where they can get satisfaction, and get the highest number of fans to watch them play.

Nevertheless, some clubs are more appealing than others; players and fans would much rather be affiliated with some clubs, and will only settle for others if necessary.

Europe is quite a large continent; but it is not very difficult to list out the football clubs in order of power.

Top 100 Football Clubs In Europe

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is called the king of clubs; and with good reason; it is the most successful football club in the world in terms of brand value, number of trophies, and financial standing. Real Madrid tends to go for the best players and managers, and the goal is to add more silverware to the trophy room at the end of every year.

Over the years, the club has dominated Europe in terms of the UEFA champion’s league, and has remained the most consistent of all clubs when it comes to the quality of football, and the expectations of the fans.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Real Madrid has the most supporters, and is the most recognized football club in the world.

2. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has similarly dominated Germany; and it has also been one of the most iconic clubs in the world. Traditionally, all the best players in Germany have to play for Bayern Munich, and all the hottest talents around the world are usually associated with the club.

Bayern Munich commonly features some of the best players in the world; and regularly adds to its collection of trophies. This is one of the richest football clubs in Europe; and as for brand identity, it is one of the highest.

3. Manchester City

Manchester City was established in 1880, but has only become a force in England within last 6 years. This has been the club of the decade in England; winning several league titles, as well as FA Cups and other trophies.

Such a feat has effectively turned around the fortunes of the club which was once known as the “noisy neighbors” by their counterparts in the red part of the city.

Manchester city’s meteoric rise has been noticed by the football world; and this has brought in fans and admirers from all over the world. It has also boosted the club’s ability to bring in top players; now the best young prospects are eager to play for Manchester City.

4. Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain was established in 1970, but is having the best phase of its existence right now. The club has been dominant in its native France for the past 13 years; that was since the Qatari royals took over the club, and gave it the financial power to turn its fortunes around.

Since then the club has won the ligue 1 title almost every year. The club has become one of the most popular in the world; a feat it has achieved by bringing in some of the most talented players including the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Neymar, and Messi.

5. Liverpool

Liverpool was established in 1892; and has been one of the most consistent clubs in Europe. The club has made its impact felt in European competitions on a similar level as Bayern Munich, despite playing in a much more competitive league. This means that Liverpool is a much stronger football brand than most people give it credit for.

The club is noted for having some of the fiercest supporters in the world- Anfield is a notoriously difficult ground to play.

6. Manchester Utd

Manchester Utd is the most popular club in England; the Red Devils as it is called, has fans in every part of the country, and every part of the world. Sadly though, with the retirement of long time manager Sir Alex Ferguson the club has faced a long and continuous decline.

Manchester United has lost ground to such clubs as Manchester City and Chelsea; and while the club is still very popular, many of its supporters are among the older generation.

Fresh investors have taken over the club; perhaps it is time for the club to retake its position as one of the most admired clubs in Europe.

7. RB Leipzig

In terms of European competitions, RB Leipzig has become more of a threat to big teams than Leverkusen and Dortmund- both of who are more established teams.

The club has certainly gained the world’s attention; now, young players who are confident in their talent come to the club to prove themselves by beating big clubs. People who bet on games often pick this club to play its usual role of giant killer.

In the near future this will be an important club; if the momentum can be sustained.

8. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs in Europe; the Spanish giants are so popular because of the peculiar style of football they play, and because they often have some of the best talents on display.

Barcelona has always been home to some of the most spectacular players in the world; people like Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, and Lionel Messi have been worshiped by the fans due to the superhuman feats they performed at the club.

Barcelona is more than just a club; it is a community project supported by the people of Barcelona; and in this regard it is one of the most successful community projects ever.

9. Juventus

Juventus has been the most dominant club in Italy for the past decade; however its importance as a football club did not start recently. The old lady of Turin has been one of the most hallowed shrines of football in the world- and is well recognized across the globe.

The club has had legendary players battle for honors in its colors; the likes of Fabio Cannavaro, Andre Pirlo, Pavel Nedved, and Alexandro Del Piero have stamped their names in the club’s history, and today they serve as motivation for the younger generation of players.

10. Chelsea

Chelsea came from a long period of obscurity to become one of the foremost clubs in England. The clubs journey to greatness started circa 2012 when the club was bought by billionaire Russian investor Roman Abrahamovic.

Chelsea has grown as a brand; the club has gained a global following, and has won every trophy available to be won. The club is often used as an example of how a club can completely turn its fortunes around.

The following is a more extensive list of the top 100 football clubs in Europe.


Rank Football club Country League
1 Real Madrid Spain Spanish La Liga
2 Bayern Munich Germany German Bundesliga
3 Manchester City England English Premier League
4 Paris Saint Germain France France Ligue 1
5 Liverpool England English Premier League
6 Manchester Utd England English Premier League
7 RB Leipzig Germany German Bundesliga
8 Barcelona Spain Spanish La Liga
9 Juventus Italy Serie A
10 Chelsea England English Premier
11 Leverkusen Germany Germany Bundesliga
12 Atlético Madrid Spain La Liga
13 Inter Italy Serie A
14 Dortmund Germany German Bundesliga
15 Lille France Ligue 1
16 Napoli Italy Serie A
17 Tottenham England English Premier League
18 M’gladbach Germany German Bundesliga
19 Arsenal England English Premier League
20 Atalanta Italy Serie A
21 Porto Portugal Portugal Primeira Liga
22 Milan Italy Serie A
23 Sevilla Spain La Liga
24 Wolfsburg Germany Bundesliga
25 Everton England English Premier league
26 Leicester City England English Premier League
27 Lazio Italy Italian Serie A
28 Roma Italy Italian Serie A
29 Eint Frankfurt Germany German Bundesliga
30 Wolves England English Premier League
31 Slavia Prague Czech Republic Czech First League
32 West Ham England English Premier League
33 Southampton England English Premier League
34 Aston Villa England English Premier League
35 Real Sociedad Spain Spanish La Liga
36 Sporting CP Portugal Portugal Primeira Liga
37 Hoffenheim Germany Germany Bundesliga
38 Villarreal Spain Spain La Liga
39 Benfica Portugal Portugal Primeira Liga
40 Ajax Netherlands Dutch Eredivisie
41 Olympiacos Greece Greece Super League
42 Freiburg Germany Germany Bundesliga
43 Dinamo Zagreb Croatia Croatia First League
44 Shakhtar Ukraine Ukraine Premier League
45 Braga Portugal Portugal Primeira Liga
46 RB Salzburg Austria Austrian Superliga
47 Dunkerque France France Ligue 2
48 Stuttgart Germany Germany Bundesliga
49 Club Brugge Belgium Belgium Jupiler
50 Rangers Scotland Scotland Premiership
51 Leeds United England English Premier League
52 Brighton England English Premier League
53 Crystal Palace England English Premier League
54 Osijek Croatia Croatia First League
55 Red Star Serbia Serbia SuperLiga
56 Union Berlin Germany Germany Bundesliga
57 Burnley England English Premier League
58 Young Boys Switzerland Switzerland Super League
59 Newcastle Utd England English Premier League
60 Lyon France France Ligue 1
61 Sheffield Utd England English Premier League
62 Fiorentina Italy Serie A
63 Hertha BSC Germany German Bundesliga
64 Sassuolo Italy Italian Serie A
65 Granada Spain Spanish La Liga
66 Werder Bremen Germany Germany Bundesliga
67 Athletic Club Spain Spain La Liga
68 Valencia Spain Spain La Liga
69 Pau FC France France Ligue 2
70 Arminia Germany German Bundesliga
71 Levante Spain Spain La Liga
72 Augsburg Germany German Bundesliga
73 Zenit Russia Russia Premier League
74 Fulham England English Premier League
75 Köln Germany Germany Bundesliga
76 Brentford England England Championship
77 Hellas Verona Italy Italian Serie A
78 Mainz 05 Germany German Bundesliga
79 Getafe Spain Spanish La Liga
80 Gorica Croatia Croatia First League
81 Marseille France France Ligue 1
82 LASK Austria Austrian Superliga
83 Norwich City England England Championship
84 Swansea City England England Championship
85 Vitória Portugal Portugal Primeira Liga
86 Bournemouth England England Championship
87 Betis Spain Spain La Liga
88 Udinese Italy Italy Serie A
89 AZ Alkmaar Netherlands Dutch Eredivisie
90 Schalke 04 Germany Germany Bundesliga
91 Osasuna Spain Spain La Liga
92 Bochum Germany Germany Bundesliga 2
93 Düsseldorf Germany Germany Bundesliga 2
94 Watford England England Championship
95 Bodø/Glimt Norway Norway Eliteserien
96 Galatasaray Turkey Turkey Super Lig
97 Celtic Scotland Scotland Premiership
98 Sampdoria Italy Italy Serie A
99 Hamburger SV Germany Germany Bundesliga 2
100 Metz France Ligue 2




The list of the top football clubs in Europe shows just how quickly the power rankings can change in football; it doesn’t take very long to acquire a reputation as a strong club, or to see a reputation built over years destroyed.

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