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Top 100 Football Leagues In The World (2024)

Looking at the world’s highest rated football leagues right now, the biggest curiosities presently are the positions of the Saudi League, the French League, and the Major Soccer League, which is the elite division in the USA.

Legacy Leagues continue to get the most views, and to attract the best young players, but it is very interesting to see how some of the less known leagues can turn the tide in their favor by bringing in one big name!

Football remains the most valuable sport; but some leagues are more valuable than others.

Top 100 Football Leagues In The World

1 The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (Brazil)

The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A is the top league of the Brazilian football league system. This league has somewhat shocked watchers by being adjudged the strongest football league I the world.

Brazil has always produced some of the best footballers in the world, and so there has never been any question about the quality of football on display in the league.

However, the organization has improved tremendously, and as a result, the league now has the attention of the world; as the most skillful league on earth.

2 English Premier League (England)

This is the most valuable league in the world-a distinction that has to do more with the financial numbers than anything else. Of course, there has to be passion for a league to be profitable; and that passion is proved by the presence of spectators at the games, and by people watching from far locations all over the world.

As the highest paying league in the world, it is no surprise that this is where most players and managers want to play.

The English Premier League has proven its quality by the number of UEFA Champions League trophies that it has claimed in recent years, and also by the number of top talents it has created.

3 Serie A (Italy)

After a long time on the fringes, the Italian Serie A is once again in contention for recognition as one of the best leagues in the world. The Italian Serie A has some of the best known teams in the world, such as AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Roma, but it is teams like Napoli and Atalanta that are currently leading the charge.

The Serie A is once again attracting some of the best young talents in world football; and these hungry stars put up daring displays to prove that they deserve the spotlight.

4 La Liga (Spain)

With illustrious clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona, the Spanish La Liga is without a doubt one of the most watched football leagues in the world. In Spain, the culture is not just to play, but to dazzle. The objective is not just to score goals but to score beautiful goals- this is one reason why people tune in from all over the world.

Spanish teams are the most dominant in UEFA Competitions; Real Madrid has won the Champion’s League more than anyone else, while Sevilla holds the record for the most Europa League titles.

5 Ligue 1 (France)

The French Ligue 1 has always been one of the popular leagues, but now it has gained even more attention by the infusion of fresh finances, and by the better organization. Now, Ligue 1 has the best player of this generation, and arguably of all time.

Some of the teams competing for honors in this league include Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Olympic Lyonnais, and Olympic Marseille.

Ligue 1 clubs are no pushovers in any competition, and the French National Team is a dominant force in world football.

6 Liga Portugal

Liga Portugal has all the ingredients to be one of the top football leagues in the world. It has a long history of existence, old and famous clubs, a distinct playing culture, and a penchant for producing players that go on to become world conquering stars.

Some of the top football clubs in the Portuguese league include FC Porto, Benfica, and Sporting CP.

Liga Portugal proves its growing stature by the way it’s teams square up against teams from other countries in international competitions. Portugal is once again attractive to players from all over the world; all indications are pointing upwards for this league.

7 Eredivisie (Netherlands)

The Dutch Eredivisie was founded in 1956, and it has had its periods of ups and downs. Right now it making a dramatic climb in relevance; people are tuning in, the games are more keenly contested, and young talents are moving there to start out their professional careers.

For the sake of emphasis; the Dutch Eredivisie is the league of choice for talented young players who want to play at the highest level, and gain experience while on the job.

Some of the top clubs in this league include Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Einhoven, and Feyenoord, all of which parade young players who dazzle spectators with their skills and with their daring.

8 Bundesliga (Germany)

The German Bundesliga was established in 1962, and remains one of the most formidable leagues in the world. It is a well organized, funded, and supported league; with the highest average stadium attendance in the world.

The German Bundesliga has such clubs as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayern Leverkusen.

German clubs are notoriously difficult to beat in international competitions, and the strength of the league is further buttressed by the 6 Champions League trophies won by Bayern Munich.

9 Primera Division (Argentina)

The Primera Division was established in 1891, which puts it in the category of the elite football leagues in the world. It has always been keenly contested; in nearly 135 years of existence, the highest number of wins is 37 titles by a single club.

This league has some famous clubs with a rich history behind them; clubs like Newell’s Old Boys, River Plate, and Boca Juniors.

The Primera Division of Argentina is one of the most important leagues in the world in terms of producing young talents who go on to conquer the world.

10 Paraguayan Primera Division

The Paraguayan Primera Division is a grand old league; it was established in 1906. This is one of the best leagues in Latin America; it is proven by the fact that only Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay have won more regional club competitions than it.

Paraguay has largely been a third force in the Americas in terms of producing great players who go on to conquer the world.

Paraguay is growing in importance in terms of the strength of the league because the games are very keenly contested, and the skills on display make the fans keep coming to watch the games.

The following is a more extensive list of the top 100 football leagues in the world.

Position Country Regional Body
2 England UEFA
3 Italy UEFA
4 Spain UEFA
5 France UEFA
6 Portugal UEFA
7 Netherlands UEFA
8 Germany UEFA
9 Argentina CONMEBOL
10 Paraguay CONMEBOL
11 Colombia CONMEBOL
12 Croatia UEFA
13 Serbia UEFA
14 Egypt CAF
15 Czech Republic UEFA
16 Austria UEFA
17 Turkey UEFA
18 Ecuador CONMEBOL
19 Belgium UEFA
20 Greece UEFA
21 Scotland UEFA
22 South Korea AFC
23 Israel UEFA
24 Denmark UEFA
25 Romania UEFA
26 Uruguay CONMEBOL
27 Ukraine UEFA
28 Mexico CONCACAF
29 Algeria CAF
30 Morocco CAF
31 South Africa CAF
32 Cyprus UEFA
33 Switzerland UEFA
34 Japan AFC
35 Moldova UEFA
36 Russia UEFA
37 Angola CAF
38 Tunisia CAF
39 Northern Ireland UEFA
40 Iran AFC
41 Poland UEFA
42 Sweden UEFA
43 Bolivia CONMEBOL
44 Nigeria CAF
45 Costa Rica CONCACAF
46 Norway UEFA
47 Bulgaria UEFA
48 Saudi Arabia AFC
49 Republic Of Ireland UEFA
50 Venezuela CONMEBOL
51 Guatemala CONCACAF
52 Zambia CAF
53 Hungary UEFA
54 Congo D R CAF
56 Albania UEFA
57 Estonia UEFA
58 Finland UEFA
59 Slovenia UEFA
60 Azerbaijan UEFA
61 Lithuania UEFA
62 Tanzania CAF
63 Honduras CONCACAF
64 Latvia UEFA
66 Uzbekistan AFC
68 Slovakia UEFA
69 Armenia UEFA
70 Bosnia And Herzegovina UEFA
71 Nicaragua CONCACAF
72 Georgia UEFA
73 United Arab Emirates AFC
74 Sudan CAF
75 Kosovo UEFA
76 Faroe Islands UEFA
77 Qatar AFC
78 Belarus UEFA
79 North Macedonia UEFA
80 Thailand AFC



As at this moment these are the top football leagues in the world. Admittedly, there are a few of the bottom leagues missing, but that is because no information exists about them at the moment. However, as soon as actionable information on those leagues becomes available, it will be added to the list.