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Top 100 Business Schools In The World (2023)

The world of business is dynamic, challenging and demanding. The top 100 business schools have earned their status over many years, and they have influenced the business world as it appears today, which is why they are highly sought after by men and women across the world who want to have distinguished business careers.

A top business school must have produced top quality businessmen, have a reputation of excellent learning resources, which are fresh and responsive to the changing business environment.

They should also have faculties made up of distinguished professionals.

Top 100 Business Schools in the World

1. Harvard University

Harvard University Business School, or Harvard Business School, is arguably the most famous business school in the world. It is a graduate business school of Harvard University; one of the most prestigious citadels of learning, which is known for its culture of research.

Harvard Business School was established in 1908, out of the need to provide high quality education which will create business leaders.

The school has succeeded in its mission; it has produced business leaders of all calibers over the years, including W. James McNerney Jr.,CEO of Boeing; Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City and Chairman of Bloomberg LLC, George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States.

2. International Hellenic University

The International Hellenic University, which is located in Thessaloniki, Greece, is an institution that is well deserving of its name. From its founding, it was designed not as a Greek institution; but as an international one. It was the first Greek institution to offer its tuition purely in English language.

The university was only established in 2005, but has gone on to acquire a reputation as a top institution, especially in the area of business.

3. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 

The University of Michigan was founded in 1817; it is one of America’s oldest and finest institutions. This is one of the best business schools in the world; and one of the best universities overall.

The University of Michigan is also one of the most sought after places of learning for Architecture, Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Public Health, and so on.

This is described as one of the most selective schools in the world; but it still manages to make space for deserving students from nearly 150 countries.

4. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was established in 1740, which explains why it is such a prestigious institution. This is one of the most widely acclaimed places for the study of business and commerce- the institution is rated very high in this particular field.

While the University of Pennsylvania is ranked number one for Business, it is also ranked quite highly for other programs such as medicine, education, law, veterinary medicine, molecular biology, and immunology. The university has a long upheld a culture of research, and cultivating new ideas.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University Graduate School of Business is a famous part of Stanford University. This business school was established in 1925, and has stood out as the most selective business school in the United States because it only accepts around 6% of the applications it gets.

Stanford business school is a very successful institution; some of its alumni rank among the wealthiest people in the world, and many of them have successful businesses around the world.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology also known as MIT is a top university by any standard. This university was founded in 1861, and is possibly the most important university in the world for the development of new technologies.

MIT’s school of business offers a two year full time business course, but most of the students who partake in this program are tech entrepreneurs looking to sharpen their business skills, ahead of their startup launches.

MIT is one of top business schools in the world; it has produced many successful businessmen; some of the big companies founded by MIT alumni include; Campbell Soup, Genentech, Koch Industries, McDonnell Douglas, Intel.

7. University of California – Berkeley

The University of California, which is affectionately referred to as UC or U of C, is another famous institution with a widely successful business school proven by years of massive contributions to society, and by the caliber of people it has produced.

As one may know, this is the first choice for the most brilliant medical students, as well as for those in the fields of genomics, molecular biology, and so on.

The business school naturally has a scientific leaning; which is probably because many of the students who apply to study there are looking to sharpen their skills ahead of the launch of their research labs from where they will develop products, vaccines, and so on, for humanity and for profit.

8. Columbia University

Columbia University is located in New York City, and was established in 1754, by Royal Charter of the King of England. This is one of the oldest universities in America; and it is also one of the most prestigious. This university, interestingly, is a private university.

Columbia Business School was established in 1916- even earlier than some universities were established. This institution has produced many notable personalities including Warren Buffet, famous American investor, Charles R. Perrin, former CEO of Duracell, Nand Khemka, Chairman of SUN group.

9. University Of Washington

The University of Washington was established in 1861. The university is mostly known for its medical, engineering, and scientific research. However, its school of business is very highly rated because of the quality of the program, and also for the number of successful people it has produced.

The school has produced or at least built such as giants as Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and has also collaborated in such ventures as Amazon, Boeing, and Nintendo- all of which are industry giants, and are also worth billions in terms of valuation.

10. New York University

New York University was established in 1831. It is a private university with a strong culture of research, and has the distinction of being the largest private university in America by enrollment. This university is known for producing astute managers as well as policy makers, and holders of public office.

This university has produced many reputable people including 17 Billionaires, 5 Governors of US States, and 2 Federal Reserve Chairmen.

Below is a more exhaustive list of the top 100 Business Schools in the world.

Position Name Country Acceptance Rate Average SATs
1 Harvard University United States 5% 1520
2 International Hellenic University Greece Enrollment


3 University of Michigan United States 26% 1430
4 University of Pennsylvania United States 9% 1515
5 Stanford University United States 5% 1495
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States 7% 1545
7 University of California United States 17% 1420
8 Columbia University United States 7% 1515
9 University of Washington United States 56% 1327
10 New York University United States 21% 1455
11 University of Minnesota United States 70% 1350
12 University of Toronto Canada 43% Enrollment


13 University of Texas – Austin United States 32% 1340
14 Indiana University United States 80% 1235
15 University of Chicago United States 7% 1535
16 University of Maryland United States 51% 1375
17 University of Manchester United Kingdom Enrollment


18 Pennsylvania State University United States 55% Enrollment


19 University of Illinois United States 63% 1330
20 Cornell University United States 11% 1470
21 Arizona State University United States 88% 1210
22 University of Oxford United Kingdom 18% Enrollment


23 University of North Carolina United States 25% 1385
24 Hong Kong Polytechnic University China 2% Enrollment


25 Ohio State University United States 68% 1320
26 University of Southern California United States 16% 1435
27 University of California United States 14% Enrollment


28 Northwestern University United States 9% 1490
29 Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands Enrollment


30 Texas A&M University United States 63% 1270
31 University of New South Wales Australia Enrollment


32 University of Wisconsin United States 57% 1360
33 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 21% Enrollment


34 Yale University United States 7% 1520
35 National University of Singapore Singapore City Enrollment


36 Carnegie Mellon University United States 17% 1510
37 Rutgers University United States 67% 1295
38 Duke University United States 8% 1520
39 London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom 9% Enrollment


40 University of Melbourne Australia 70% Enrollment


41 University of British Columbia Canada 53% Enrollment


42 University of Sydney Australia 30% Enrollment


43 Purdue University United States 67% 1295
44 Michigan State University United States 76% 1200
45 University of Virginia United States 23% 1415
46 University of Queensland Australia Enrollment


47 University of Pittsburgh United States 64% 1332
48 University of Nottingham United Kingdom 11% Enrollment


49 Monash University 40% Enrollment


50 University College London United Kingdom Enrollment


51 University of Warwick United Kingdom 14% Enrollment


52 University of Amsterdam Netherlands 5% Enrollment


53 Johns Hopkins University United States 11% 1515
54 Cardiff University United Kingdom 20% Enrollment


55 Catholic University of Leuven Belgium Enrollment


56 Georgia Institute of Technology United States 21% 1450
57 Griffith University Australia 50% Enrollment


58 St. Petersburg State University Russia 14% Enrollment


59 University of Florida United States 31% 1375
60 Boston University United States 20% 1405
61 University of Georgia United States 48% 1355
62 University of Hong Kong China Enrollment


63 University of Rochester United States 35% 1420
64 Princeton University United States 6% 1510
65 University of Alberta Canada 58% Enrollment


66 Imperial College London United Kingdom 15% Enrollment


67 Queensland University of Technology Australia Enrollment


68 Delft University of Technology Netherlands 65% Enrollment


69 George Washington University United States 43% 1360
70 University of Sheffield United Kingdom 14% Enrollment


71 Florida State University United States 32% 1285
72 University of Calgary Canada 15% Enrollment


73 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University United States 66% 1270
74 Australian National University Australia 35% Enrollment


75 Iowa State University United States 88% 1160
76 Loughborough University United Kingdom 68% Enrollment


77 Western University Canada 58% Enrollment


78 City University of Hong Kong China 35% Enrollment


79 Lancaster University United Kingdom 19% Enrollment


80 University of Leeds United Kingdom Enrollment


81 University of London United Kingdom Enrollment


82 University of Arizona United States 85% 1220
83 University of California United States 30% 1330
84 University of California United States 46% 1280
85 University of Colorado Boulder United States 84% 1240
86 University of Birmingham United Kingdom Enrollment


87 Nanyang Technological University Singapore Enrollment


88 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom 51% Enrollment


89 Boston College United States 26% 1415
90 University of Auckland New Zealand Enrollment


91 Georgia State University United States 82% 1145
92 University of Sao Paulo Brazil 5% Enrollment


93 Aarhus University Denmark Enrollment


94 RMIT University Australia Enrollment


95 Copenhagen Business School Denmark 45% Enrollment


96 Vanderbilt University United States 12% 1520
97 Utrecht University Netherlands 4% Enrollment


98 University of South Carolina United States 68% 1240
99 University of Southampton United Kingdom 84% Enrollment


100 University of California United States Acceptance: 37% Average SAT 1375



Those are the top business schools in the world; the most prestigious places of learning where future billionaires go to learn the art of making money. Any talented young person with an eye for greatness in the corporate world should endeavor to study at any of these schools in order to boost their chances.