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Top 10 Best Private Universities in Africa (2023)

A University is a space or institution in which learning occurs at designated times. The type of learning that happens in a university is known as a formal type of education or learning. Students typically attend the classes with writing supplies that usually include notebooks, books, and pens to allow them to write down notes during the class.

The American University of Cairo is the best private university in Africa. Many events occur inside the four walls of a University which is why students who have completed the correct procedure of writing their exams at the university of their choice will soon be admitted into the system to continue their learning to enhance the lives of the students and the general public.

Top 10 Best Private Universities in Africa

There are a lot of Universities in the different nations in Africa. Universities are constructed through the federal government, State government, or constructed by a private organization acquired by private investors.

1. American University Of Cairo

The school is situated in Egypt and is the best private university in Africa with an African score of 13 and a world rank of 1202. The tuition for the school is around $14,500. The school is known as a highly independent and English-speaking institution for students in as well as out of Egypt. The school was established in 1919 and Its President is Francis J. Ricciardone. The Provost of the university is also called Ehab Abdel-Rahman. Additionally, the faculty of the university operates full-time.

2. Covenant University Nigeria

The university is located in Ota, Ogun state in Nigeria, and is placed at 24th place on the African rank, and 1780 according to the World rank. The tuition for this university is approximately $3000. This is a Private Christian University that has an affiliation with Living Faith Church Worldwide.

It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of African Universities, and National Universities Commission. The school was established on the 21st of October 2002. The school’s Chancellor is identified as Dr. David Oyedepo. It also houses a vice-chancellor, known by the name Professor AAA Atayero and it runs an urban campus.

3. British University Egypt

The school is situated in Egypt and is ranked 66th place according to the African ranking as well as 2912 in the World ranking. The tuition cost for this university is approximately $3800. The school is located on Suez Road, EL SHEROUK CITY, Cairo Governorate, Egypt. The school’s colors include White, Blond, and Apricot. The university was founded in 2005 and offers its students education in the British style and language.

The degrees awarded by the University are endorsed initially by one of its partners at United Kingdom University. The motto of the school states that students should learn to be thinking, and not how to look at things. The institution is one of the best private universities in Africa. The President currently in charge of the university is Professor Ahmed Hamad, and the Vice-Presidents are Professor Leslie Croxford and Professor David A. Kelly.

4. GERMAN University CAIRO

The German University, Cairo is located in Egypt, Africa. It has an African rank of 74 and the world rank is 3035. Additionally, the tuition fee paid by students of this school is estimated to be around $3500. The university is a private university founded in 2003. It has three campuses in New Cairo, Egypt, and Berlin in Germany. The University’s President is Prof. Dr. Yasser Hegazy.

5. Afe Babalola University, Nigeria

The Nigerian private University is accredited with an African rank of 124 and a World score of 470. The tuition fee paid in this institution by its students is about $2,500. It is a University that is believed to operate under the basis of a profit-based institution and is situated in Ekiti state.

It was founded by Afe Babalola a well-known philanthropist, who is the school’s Chancellor. This school’s vice-chancellor is Professor M.O. Ajisafe. The school has a student population of around 7,700. The school’s motto is Labor Servitum and Integritas which means Labor for Service and Integrity and it is one of the best private universities in Africa.

6. Misr University Of Science And Technology

The university is situated in the city of Giza in Egypt and it is a top institution with an African ranking of 140 and a world ranking of 4607. The school was founded in 1996 and there are more than 220,000 students at the school. All the degrees awarded to students at the school are formally recognized and certified through the Supreme Council of Universities.

7. Landmark University

It is also known as a Private Christian Institution which is connected to the Living Faith Church. It is located in Omu-Aran, Kwara state in Nigeria. It was established in the year 2011 with its founder Dr. David Oyedepo as its President with Prof. Adeniyi Olayanju as its Vice-Chancellor. The colors of the school are Green Gold, Green, and Brown. It is one of the best private universities in Africa.

8. Strathmore University

The University has its headquarters in Kenya. It is a top university with an African score of 144, and a World score of 4718. This university is located within Madaraka Estate, Ole Sangale Road, Nairobi, Kenya. It is a mixed institution that accepts all types of religious beliefs, social life, and ethnicities.

The school’s motto is Ut Omnes Unum Sint meaning All could become one. The school was founded in 1961 by the University’s Chancellor who is identified as Msg. Fernando Ocariz, while the Vice-Chancellor is Professor John Odhiambo.

9. Universite Internationale De Rabat

The University has its headquarters in Morocco. It is one of the best private universities in Africa with an African score of 165 as well as a World rank of 531. It is a private university that has more than 3000 students. it is situated in Morocco. The school’s colors are Blue and White and the school’s charter was adopted in the year 2010. The school’s President is identified as Noureddine Mouaddib, and the Vice-President is Ahmed Ezbakhe.

10. Ashesi University

It is ranked worldwide at 6,636 and an African ranking of the 156th position. Ashesi University is situated in Ghana. The school is primarily concerned with entrepreneurship in Africa. The person who founded this school is Patrick Awuah and the school was founded in 2002. Its campus is situated in a suburb. It is recognized as one of the best private universities in Africa and aims to teach students how to become independent and financially stable by pursuing entrepreneurship.



The best private universities in Africa have wide effects they seek to bring to the lives of their students and the people who attend the Universities are always able to discuss. The University is an enjoyable environment to be in and when it isn’t necessarily the case the only thing the University system is trying to attain is academic excellence.

This means that a university should not be solely focused on attaining academic excellence only in the lives of students, but it should be able to bring other cultural, social, and even moral values into the lives of students in such a university. It’s not enough to go through a particular university, an institution must pass through him regardless of the reason to ensure the right balance between the academic environment and the social aspects of an individual.