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Top 100 Computer Science Universities In The World (2024)

The top computer science universities in the world are some of the finest technology universities available to willing students regardless of where they live. Computer Science is an important field of technology; it is a field of science that has so many applications including commerce, health care, communication, information, military and defense, as well as education to name a few.

Studying computer science can equip one with the skills to make a difference in this world; and to make a fortune for himself. Computer scientists rank among some of the richest people in the world; and there is yet so much potential for the emergence of new billionaires.

Of course, one’s chances of achieving anything via this field of study are greatly increased when one studies at a top institution.

Top 100 Computer Science Universities In The World

1. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

MIT is the most prestigious university for technology in America and the world. The university has made more contributions to aviation and space travel than any other university in the world. MIT has also done more research; and holds more proprietary information than anywhere else in the field of aerodynamics.

Studying computer engineering at this prestigious university will therefore expose one to a wealth of information not available anywhere else.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University is a private university in Stanford, California. Stanford University has done great work over the years, and stamped its name in the sands of time through innovation in key areas such as physics, medical science, laser technology, and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Stanford University is the home of the internet; it is the site where the original design of the internet was done.

Stanford University is a place where one can gain in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the internet, from which one can build excellent commercial applications for business.

3. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the foremost private universities in America; it was founded in 1900. This university has acquired quite a reputation as a place of great innovation in technology.

This is not a place to copy other institutions; it has blazed the trail by being the first to establish departments dedicated to new fields of technology; including computer science, machine learning, and robotics.

Studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University affords one the opportunity to learn at an institution that does not shy away from expenses in research. This will give one an edge above competitors, and enable one to explore much further.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of America’s most prestigious universities; it terms of popularity and status, there are very few universities in the world that can compare with it. This is the oldest institution of higher learning in America; it was established in 1636.

Harvard University is not just culturally significant; it is a place of great strides in the area of research and development of new ways of doing things.

One thing that makes this research possible is the massive amounts it receives in research funding. It enables the university to do more research, and make more discoveries- which will give computer scientists an edge.

5. University Of California – Berkeley

University of California is one of the most powerful institutions in America. The university is a public institution in California; which was founded in 1868. The university has a student body of 294,309 students. There are also about two million living alumni of this university.

This is one of the worlds; biggest hubs for research; the university is associated with 71 Nobel prizes. The university manages or co-manages 3 national laboratories.

UC has so many patents, and researchers at the university have so many patents filed, as well as products in various stages of development.

6. University Of Washington – Seattle

The University of Washington was established in 1861. It is a public institution- one of the finest, with a very impressive history. This is a large university; in total it has over 500 buildings- a testament to the sheer size of the institution.

Computer science; and every other form of science is well studied and researched at this university. As a matter of fact, this institution has gained recognition for the amount of research it does; it ranks 5th for its spending in this regard; and already has 21 Nobel laureates to show for it.

7. University Of Toronto

University of Toronto is the first university from outside the United States to be featured on this list; it is located in Toronto; Canada, and was established in 1827. The university is one that has gained a solid reputation across the world as an excellent place of learning.

The university has contributed so much to science; it is the birthplace of the pacemaker, insulin, and stem cell research. The university is also notable for its work in communication, in astronomy, and in artificial intelligence.

8. University Of Illinois At Urbana – Champaign

The University of Illinois is a public university located in Illinois, and which was established in 1885. This university has acquired a reputation as a great place for research, and this is attested to by the number of successful ventures that have been incubated there.

Students interested in studying computer science at the University of Illinois will be happy to know that it operates a Research Park which is home to innovation centers for multinational corporations like Yahoo, Caterpillar, Capital One, and State Farm.

9. University Of California – Los Angeles

The university of California- los Angeles is famously known as the UCLA. It is a public institution which has its roots going back as far as 1881. This is a prestigious university; one with a student body in excess of 47,000.

This university is a great place to study science- it is known for very high research activity; and has produced many renowned scientists.

10. University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan was established in 1817; it is one of the oldest institutions in America. This institution has gained a reputation as one of the finest public universities in the country; its reputation is built around research.

Students who want to study computer science will be happy to know that this institution is ranked second in the country for research spending.

The following is a more extensive list of the top computer science universities in the world.

Rank University Country
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
2 Stanford University United States
3 Carnegie Mellon University United States
4 Harvard University United States
5 University of California – Berkeley United States
6 University of Washington – Seattle United States
7 University of Toronto Canada
8 University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign United States
9 University of California – Los Angeles United States
10 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor United States
11 University of Oxford United Kingdom
12 University of California-San Diego United States
13 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
14 University College London United Kingdom
15 University of Southern California United States
16 International Hellenic University Greece
17 University of Pennsylvania United States
18 Georgia Institute of Technology United States
19 Columbia University United States
20 University of Maryland – College Park United States
21 Yale University United States
22 Tsinghua University China
23 Princeton University United States
24 Cornell University United States
25 Johns Hopkins University United States
26 University of British Columbia Canada
27 University of Texas at Austin United States
28 University of Wisconsin – Madison United States
29 University of Minnesota – Twin Cities United States
30 New York University United States
31 Washington University in St Louis United States
32 University of Pittsburg United States
33 University of Tokyo Japan
34 Ohio State University United States
35 Purdue University United States
36 National University of Singapore Singapore
37 University of California – Irvine United States
38 Pennsylvania State University United States
39 Rutgers University – New Brunswick United States
40 Duke University United States
41 Nanyang Technological University Singapore
42 Imperial College London United kingdom
43 University of California – San Francisco United States
44 Catholic University of Leuven Belgium
45 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill United States
46 Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
47 Northwestern University United States
48 University of Edinburgh United kingdom
49 Indiana University – Bloomington United States
50 California Institute of Technology United States
51 Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Switzerland
52 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland
53 Arizona State University – Tempe United States
54 University of California – Davis United States
55 Technical University of Munich Germany
56 University of Melbourne Australia
57 University of Waterloo Canada
58 McGill University Canada
59 University of Manchester United kingdom
60 University of Florida United States
61 Peking University China
62 Boston University United States
63 Michigan State University United States
64 Zhejiang University China
65 University of Arizona United States
66 University of Sydney Australia
67 University of Amsterdam Netherlands
68 Chinese University of Hong Kong China
69 University of New South Wales Australia
70 University of Rochester United States
71 Texas A&M University – College Station United States
72 University of Massachusetts – Amherst United States
73 Vanderbilt University United States
74 National Taiwan University Taiwan
75 University of Chicago United States
76 University of Montreal Canada
77 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
78 University of Colorado Boulder United States
79 KAIST South Korea
80 University of Alberta Canada
81 University of Virginia United States
82 Delft University of Technology Netherlands
83 University of California – Santa Barbara United States
84 University of Queensland Australia
85 University of Bristol United kingdom
86 Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
87 Utrecht University Netherlands
88 University of Zurich Switzerland
89 Normal Superior School France
90 Brown University United States
91 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China
92 Harbin Institute of Technology China
93 Osaka University Japan
94 Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Israel
95 Kyoto University Japan
96 Emory University United States
97 University of Utah United States
98 University of Calgary Canada
99 Seoul National University South Korea
100 University of Iowa United States



The top computer science universities in the world are mostly located in America; and that comes as no surprise at all because it is the birthplace of the internet; and the location of many of the world’s biggest tech companies.

But it not the companies that drive technology; it is the billions spent on research at these universities that give birth to the ideas that create the billionaires.


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