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Top 100 Investors In The World (2023)

Any search for the world’s biggest investors will produce images of Warren Buffet and George Soros. True those are legends; pioneers in the field of investing, and their lives will be studied by investors and financial analysts for generations to come.

However, those search results do not reflect the present realities; the world of investment is dynamic, and so are its participants. Leading the charge to create financial opportunities for the future from ideas that may seem distant today are many young men and women.

Committing huge funds to distant ideas takes a special kind of daring. This is why these special people deserve some recognition.

Top 100 Investors In The World

1. Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon has had a long and fruitful career in technology; he worked at Ebay, founded a tech start up known as Web Advisor (which he sold to McAfee), and now he is the founder and CEO of Hunch.

Chris Dixon is also a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and that is what makes him one of the world’s most notable investors. Andreessen Horowitz, which is located in Menlo Park, is a venture capital firm which is currently recognized as the best in the business.

The firm has invested in several startups, many of which have become successful businesses. The firm has investments in Cryptocurrencies, Drones, Nutritional Products and so much more. Chris Dixon has a seat on the board of at least 6 companies.

2. Micky Malka

Meyer “Micky” Malka is a venture capitalist who specializes in assessing and investing in technology and financial services startups. One of the best things about him is that he has a very agreeable personality, which enables him to interact freely with the people at the start ups he invests in.

This has given him a reputation, and start ups, as well as entrepreneurs actively seek him out when they have ideas that they consider viable for funding.

Micky Malka is the founder and general partner at Ribbit Capital; and one of the biggest projects in his portfolio is Coinbase; one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

3. Neil Sheng

Neil Sheng is Asia’s biggest investor and venture capitalist; he is the man behind Sequoia China, and its financial arm; Sequoia Capital which is one of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Neil Sheng is one of the biggest cryptocurrency aficionados in China, and he was expected to flee the country when it became banned in 2021.

Nevertheless, he stayed behind, and diversified his interests. In China, he is involved in assessing opportunities in business. He funds startups in many different areas, including technology, finance, gaming, and so on.

Nevertheless, the US arm of his business is thriving; and one of the biggest names in his portfolio is ByteDance; the company behind the video sharing platform Tictok.

4. Richard Liu

Richard Liu Quandong is known as the Jeff Bezos of China; he is the founder of the e commerce platform; JD. JD has a similar business model to amazon; the website sells all kinds of merchandise, including electronics- and delivers them right to the customer’s doorsteps.

Having amassed several billions of dollars, he stepped down as CEO of the company; now focusing his attention on his work as a venture capitalist.

Richard Liu has been described as an imposing personality; perhaps as a result of having an aggressive mentality which helps him overcome hurdles, no matter how challenging they may be.

5. Navin Chaddha

Navin Chaddha has been an entrepreneur for most of life. He has started several companies during his career, and has now switched his attention to supporting viable start ups with the financial backing they need to succeed.

He is a venture capitalist of legendary status; one of his companies Vxtreme was a media streaming platform which was later acquired by Microsoft to become Microsoft Media.

He also has an online mentoring franchise which is targeted at teaching startup entrepreneurs about what it takes to succeed in this demanding field. He is also a notable philanthropist; he provides funding support for education, and initiatives that bring equity, diversity, and food security.

6. Hans Tung

Hans Tung is a Taiwan born entrepreneur; he is noted as the managing partner at GGV Capital; which is a venture capital firm that invests in startups that are in their early stages. He has recorded remarkable success in the area of technology; especially in the area of financial technology.

His success comes from his wealth of experience; Hans Tung knows how to spot opportunities while they are still far away; as he has shown with his investments in Affirm (financial technology), Divvy Homes (real estate), IDwall (Data Security), Karat (staffing for digital companies), Rupeek (Fintech), Stori (clothing) and Turtlemint (Insurance).

Hans Tung is one of the most valuable players in the Venture Capital industry; he has attained this stature because of the number of successes he has recorded in so many different countries.

7. Alfred Lin

Alfred Lin is a very successful investor; he is the COO of Sequoia Capital, which is one of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. He proved his business acumen while still a young man studying at Harvard; he bought whole pizzas, split them into slices, and sold them for profit.

He took that same keen business mind with him to the real world, and today, he is part of the success stories of several business startups.

Even though Alfred Lin now specializes in consumer internet, mobile technology, and related enterprises; he has a long history of success in diverse fields such as; Airbnb, Uber, Houzz, SalesCrunch.

8. Keith Rabois

Keith Rabois is one of the biggest names when it comes to investment in technology companies that have gone on to become extremely successful. He has gained so much recognition because of the successes he has recorded.

He is a general partner at Founders Fund; which has a solid portfolio made up of PayPal, LinkedIn, Slide, and Square, Yelp, Rabois, YouTube, Palantir, Lyft, Airbnb, Eventbrite, Wish, and Xoom.

Keith Rabios is said to be part of something called the PayPal Mafia; a group of powerful investors who hold the fintech market in their hands.

9. Neil Mehta

Neil Mehta founded Greenoak Capital back in 2012; and now he is a managing partner at the firm. He is one of the youngest who have attained heavyweight status in the Venture Capital industry; he has attained considerable influence and recognition.

Neil Mehta, as managing partner has chosen a different approach to investment; he has focused on long term investments, and as such his company partners with these startups- providing financial and technical support- until they become viable and profitable companies.

Some of the companies in their portfolio include Clover Health (US), Maple (US), Deliveroo (Europe), Coupang (South Korea), Flipkart (India), Oyo Rooms (India).

10. Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is a billionaire investor who is known to assess risk without sentiments attached to their location. For example; he announced plans to build a startup city in far aware Nigeria, despite his base of operations being in San Francisco, California.

Peter Thiel is a partner at Founders Fund, but he is also the President of Clarium Capital (a Hedge Fund), Chairman of Palantir, Chairman of Valar Ventures, and Chairman of Mithril Capital.

He is one of the founders of Paypal, and was one of earliest investors in Facebook. Now he is associated with Airbnb.

The following is a more extensive list of the top 100 investors in the world, as well as some of their notable investments.

Position Name Nationality Company Notable Holding
1 Chris Dixon American Andreessen Horowitz Coinbase
2 Micky Malka American Ribbit Capital Coinbase
3 Shen Neil Hong Kong Sequoia China ByteDance
4 Richard Liu Hong Kong 5Y Capital Xiaomi
5 Navin Chaddha Indian/ American Mayfield Fund Poshmark
6 Hans Tung Taiwanese/ American GGV Capital StockX
7 Alfred Lin American/ Chinese Sequoia Airbnb
8 Keith Rabois American Founders Fund Opendoor
9 Neil Mehta American/ Indian Greenoaks Capital Coupang
10 Peter Thiel German/ American Founders Fund Airbnb
11 David Frankel South African Founder Collective Coupang
12 Anna Fang China Zhen Fund Yatsen
13 Lee Fixel American Addition Freshworks
14 Zhen Zhang Chinese Gaorong Capital Pinduoduo
15 Pejman Nozad Iranian/American Pear VC DoorDash
16 Satish Dharmaraj Indian/ American Redpoint Ventures Snowflake
17 Jan Hammer British Index Ventures Robinhood
18 Scott Shleifer American Tiger Global Management Upstox
19 Fisher Zhang Hong Kong 5Y Capital Kuaishou
20 Douglas Leone American Sequoia Nubank
21 Sameer Gandhi Indian/ American Accel Freshworks
22 Marc Stad American Dragoneer Investment Group PointClickCare
23 Hemant Taneja Indian/American General Catalyst Livongo
24 Bill Gurley American Benchmark Uber
25 Nicolas Szekasy American Kaszek Nubank
26 Rick Heitzmann American FirstMark Pinterest
27 Jixun Foo China GGV Capital Xpeng
28 Garry Tan Singapore/American Initialized Capital Coinbase
29 Mary Meeker American Bond Capital Spotify
30 Mar Hershenson Spanish/American Pear VC DoorDash
31 Tom Stafford American DST Global Nubank
32 Yi Cao Chinese Source Code Capital ByteDance
33 Anton Levy American General Atlantic Squarespace
34 Glenn Solomon American GGV Capital HashiCorp
35 Mike Speiser American Sutter Hill Ventures Snowflake
36 Roelof Botha South African Sequoia Unity Software
37 Peter Fenton American Benchmark Airtable
38 Rahul Mehta Indian DST Global DoorDash
39 Scott Raney American Redpoint Ventures Stripe
40 Reid Hoffman American Greylock Airbnb
41 Mike Volpi American Index Ventures Confluent
42 Jeff Jordan American Andreessen Horowitz Instacart
43 Brian Singerman American Founders Fund Stemcentrx
44 Jeremy Liew American/Australia Lightspeed Venture Partners Affirm
45 Frank Rotman American QED Investors Credit Karma
46 Hurst Lin China DCM Kuaishou
47 Aydin Senkut American Felicis Ventures Adyen
48 Saar Gur American CRV DoorDash
49 Jenny Lee Singaporean GGV Capital Kingsoft WPS
50 Matt Witheiler American Wellington Management Stripe
51 Peter Wagner American Wing Venture Capital Snowflake
52 David George American Andreessen Horowitz Roblox
53 Saurabh Gupta American DST Global Airbnb
54 Nigel Morris American QED Investors Nubank
55 Klaus Hommels German Lakestar Revolut
56 Kirsten Green American Forerunner Ventures Chime
57 Elliot Geidt American Redpoint Ventures Nubank
58 Luciana Lixandru Romania/American Sequoia UiPath
59 Eric Vishria American Benchmark Confluent
60 Barry Schuler American DFJ Growth Coinbase
61 Nisa Leung Hong Kong Qiming Venture Partners CanSino Biologics
62 Murat Bicer America CRV Datadog
63 Koichiro Nakamura Japanese/ American Sozo Ventures Coinbase
64 John Curtius American Tiger Global Databricks
65 Ben Sun American Primary Venture Partners Coupang
66 Avi Eyal Israeli Entree Capital
67 Vinod Khosla Indian/ American Khosla Ventures Instacart
68 Allen Zhu Chinese GSR Ventures Chuxing
69 Young Guo American IDG Capital iQiyi
70 Michael Moritz American Sequoia Stripe
71 Danny Rimer Canada Index Ventures Figma
72 Robert Nelsen American ARCH Venture Partners Altos Labs
73 Fred Wilson American Union Square Ventures Coinbase
74 Duane Kuang China Qiming Venture Partners WeRide
75 Andrew Braccia American Accel Slack
76 Carl Eschenbach American Sequoia Snowflake
77 Chetan Puttagunta Indian / American Benchmark Elastic
78 Elwin Yuan China 5Y Capital Kuaishou
79 Subrata Mitra Indian Accel Flipkart
80 Xiaojun Li China/ America IDG Capital Xiaomi
81 Max Gazor American CRV Airtable
82 Fredrik Cassel Swedish Creandum Spotify
83 Jing Hong Chinese Gaocheng Capital Meituan
84 Ryan Sweeney American Accel Qualtrics
85 Pat Grady American Sequoia Snowflake
86 Bill Trenchard American First Round Flexport
87 Ben Horowitz American Andreessen Horowitz Databricks
88 Ann Miura-Ko American Floodgate Starkware
89 Salil Deshpande American Uncorrelated Redis
90 Mamoon Hamid Pakistani/American Kleiner Perkins Slack
91 Philippe Botteri French Accel DocuSign
92 Pawel Chudzinski Germany Point Nine Mambu
93 Ashvin Bachireddy American SV Angel Growth Databricks
94 Reshma Sohoni Indian/ American Seedcamp UiPath
95 Brad Gerstner American Altimeter Capital Snowflake
96 Steven Ji Chinese Sequoia China
97 JP Gan Chinese INCE Capital BiliBili
98 Kathy Xu Hong Kong Capital Today BOSS Zhipin
99 Byron Deeter American Bessemer Venture Partners Twilio
100 Martin Mignot French Index Ventures Revolut




Boundaries have faded into obscurity, and the top investors in the world have surmounted the challenge of distance. From their offices; they control startups and businesses in different corners of the world, turning dreams into reality, and reaping billions for their work.

A major point which cannot be overlooked is the fact that three countries dominate the industry; America, China, and India.