History Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria

Brief history of drug abuse in Nigeria. society that is made up of a lot of young folks who engage in drug abuse cannot be considered a healthy or strong society. This is because abusers often tend to lose their abilities and potentialities when hooked on these activities. The consequences of drug abuse are numerous, […]

History Of Democracy In Nigeria

History Of Democracy In Nigeria

Brief History Of Democracy In Nigeria. Nation of the world have different system of government that is being practiced which ranges from monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy just to mention In few, but history will never be completely written if the system of government was not included in the history of the nation. On the bases of […]

History of Central Bank of Nigeria

History of Central Bank Of Nigeria. In Nigeria today, the role of Central Bank can never be over-emphasized as they provide financial services to most of the Nigerian banks. But what led to the establishment of this bank? What is their historical development/the history of central bank Of Nigeria? Do you want to know the answer […]

History Of Civic Education In Nigeria

History Of Civic Education In Nigeria

History Of Civic Education In Nigeria – Story of the country will never be complete if introduction of certain policy and moral teaching were not part of the written story, civic education was introduced into the curricula of pupils in different strata of education, reasons for this policy and history of the subject matter were […]


History Of Company Law In Nigeria

History Of Company Law In Nigeria. It is a general believe and existing fact that, a country or state without a law is prone to more sin and it is not punishable as there was no provision to sanction erring individual or organization, on the note of this, we shall be discussing on the history of […]


History Of Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

For the effective explanation of the history of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria, it is therefore unavoidable that the term itself is defined and explained in the simplest ways possible. The topic of Entrepreneurship cannot be over-discussed as it is the foundation on which a country is built on. A country cannot survive on its own if there […]


History Of Corruption In Nigeria

History Of Corruption In Nigeria – Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and largest economy. It is also the largest oil producer in the continent. With all these numbers, it is fair to say Nigeria has been blessed with so much human and natural resources to make it the envy of any nation. But it […]

History of Commercial Banks in Nigeria

History Of Commercial Banks In Nigeria

History of Commercial Banks in Nigeria. Commercial banks have over the years serve as the mainstay for the provision of financial services to Nigerians even though they are under the watch of the Central Bank of Nigeria. And in fact, the role they played in the development of Nigeria’s economy can never be underestimated. But […]


History Of Drama In Nigeria

HISTORY OF DRAMA IN NIGERIA Drama is a genre of literature in which an action is imitated in dialogue or pantomime by actors, this dialogue is broken into scenes or acts. The sub-genres of Drama include the Comedy, Tragedy, Tragicomedy, Farce, Melodrama, Musical Comedy and closet comedy. The term “drama” has its roots in the […]