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Top 20 Most Dangerous Countries In Africa (2024)

Nobody wants to go a place where he is not safe; putting one’s life in danger is one of the most stupid things a person can do. The most dangerous countries in Africa are those places that are least advisable to travel to because they are too volatile, and indiscriminate violence can erupt at any time; thus putting one’s life and property at risk.

Not often do beauty and danger coincide. However, it is to prevent citizens from falling victim to the lure of adventure that the US has issued warnings about some of these countries.

It is therefore important to heed these warnings and avoid the under listed countries.

Most Dangerous Countries in Africa

1. South Sudan

South Sudan is the number one country to avoid for citizens of countries of the west; the country is a big social mess in which nobody can feel entirely safe. If locals cannot feel safe then the feelings of uneasiness should be multiplied by several digits.

The problems in this country are beyond feelings of unease; there is a sore lack of social infrastructure in this new country which is yet licking its wounds after the long and bloody war that led to its independence.

There is a terrifying rate of violent crime in which gangs of armed men; sometimes former soldiers, can sack entire neighborhoods, taking everything of value. The country also has very poor relations with its neighbors; meaning that it is not possible to rally security agencies from those countries so as to come to your aid if things go wrong. All in all, this is a country to avoid.

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country in central Africa which has been described as one of the worst places to live in Africa. The situation is desperate; over 95 million people live in this country and they are mostly poor. There is a high level of malnutrition, and nearly half of the population need food aid.

With such helpless conditions, it is no surprise that many of the young people in the country have turned to crime; violence and homicide are particularly popular. Aside from these; there are also issues of human rights abuses carried out by the same authorities that are supposed to secure the people.

Chief among the instances of abuse of power include abductions, torture, and intimidation. There are also armed factions struggling for power within the country; civilians can be caught in the crossfire, and written off as collateral damage.

3. Somalia

Somalia is lawless. Traveling to that country presently, for the purpose of work or investment is utter madness- unless you work for the CIA. The problem is that country was at war for too long, and as a result it lost most of its infrastructure as well as its social structure.

Too many people have arms training and yet no jobs; and as a result there are too many people willing to shed blood in order to make a living. Presently, terrorist acts are a major problem; and that is closely followed by violent crime. Piracy has been a scourge destroying the image of the country for years, and there is no political will to stop it.

Not only is Somalia a terrible place to visit; it is also one of the worst places to live because there is a lack of healthcare facilities, and even when such can be quickly constructed, it is difficult to ensure the safety of the people working there.

4. The Central African Republic (CAR)

The Central African Republic, which is also simply known as CAR is a country in central Africa. This country suffers a great from ethnic tensions which boil over into bloodshed. CAR was recently in the news due to the ethnic clashes that took place.

Such a combustible society is just not ideal to visit even without factoring in other forms of violence that take place on a regular basis; such as robbery, kidnappings, and other forms of violence.

The US has warned citizens that it is limited as to what it can do to help them if they get caught in a web of violence. As such, the best thing is to stay away from this country at least for now.

5. Sudan

After years of war in which issues pertaining to genocide were raised, and then followed by a brief stint of quiet, Sudan has once again gone up in flames. Fighting has broken out right on the streets of Khartoum, with bodies piling up, and properties going up in flames.

Even before the outbreak of violence the US has already warned citizens not to travel to this country; and now it appears that the warning was prophetic; scenes of the fighting are all over the news and social media.

6. Libya

Libya is a country in North Africa that went up in flames as a civil war broke out. This was once the pride of Africa; the most prosperous country on the continent. Years after the fighting died down, the country is yet to make a full social recovery.

Presently, there is a kind of feudal system in place in Libya; different powers claim control over different areas. The country is quite unsafe; kidnapping for ransom is the most popular business activity. Some militant groups can specifically target westerners for higher ransom payments, while others may simply detain travelers as a show of control.

7. Mali

Mali is a country in West Africa; it is a French speaking country, but one that is not necessarily good at cooperating with its neighbors. Mali has a recurring problem of military coups; and sometimes the cause is the utter lack of direction of the civilian governments.

The Malian military recently took over control of the country again, but this time the coup was bloodless. This has not stopped the country from swinging sideways in terms of social structure; the social situation is terrible, with acts of violent occurring almost throughout the country. Terrorism and kidnappings are also quite popular; and it appears that the authorities lack the capacity to do something about it.

8. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is in east Africa; and is one of the countries in Africa with the most potential for development. However, that potential for development has been hampered by several factors. To start with; Ethiopia was involved in a long and bloody conflict which gave birth to Eritrea as a nation.

Having expended so much resources the government understandably has much limited resources to bolster its security. The country is very much at risk to the shocks of the weather and climate; and so this causes many people to be hungry and desperate.

Many of these desperate people have guns, and they use them to forcefully extract the things they need from others. Acts of violence including robbery and kidnappings are quite frequent in this country.

9. Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa; its problems are many and dynamic. Burkina Faso has borders with Niger and chad; both of which have internal problems of their own. Among the problems of Burkina Faso include terrorism, lack of security at border towns, and the famous use of the country as a cache and thoroughfare for drug cartels.

Burkina Faso also has the problem of violent crime; kidnappings, murder, and so on happen too frequently in that country. Burkina Faso’s problems seem to stem from corruption; it seems that security forces are working with criminals. Anyone who travels to this country against the general advice has to know that there is probably nothing that can help him if things go wrong.

10. Nigeria

Nigeria is a country in West Africa; probably the most popular in the region. The country has a complex and faulty social structure; it suffered a spate of militancy in the oil rich south for roughly a decade, and kidnapping for ransom was one of the main tactics of that militancy which has now abated.

The militancy has been replaced with a deadly insurgency which has left several thousands dead, and caused hundreds of thousands to flee their homes. Nigeria is in a very dicey situation; while the south hardly notices the insurgency, the north has been burning for years.

The south however, has noticed the extrajudicial killings as well as other forms of abuse and human rights violations being carried out by members of the police. A few years ago massive protests broke out through the south, resulting in an enquiry from the government. It has not been settled since.

The following is a more detailed breakdown of the most dangerous countries in Africa, and their regional locations.

Rank Country Regional Location
1 South Sudan East Africa
2 Democratic Republic of the Congo Central Africa
3 Somalia East Africa
4 The Central African Republic (CAR) Central Africa
5 Sudan East Africa
6 Libya North Africa
7 Mali West Africa
8 Ethiopia East Africa
9 Burkina Faso West Africa
10 Nigeria West Africa
11 Burundi East Africa
12 Chad Central Africa
13 Guinea Bissau West Africa
14 Niger West Africa
15 Mauritania East Africa
16 Comoros East Africa
17 Senegal West Africa
18 Gambia West Africa
19 Ivory Coast West Africa
20 Cameroon Central Africa


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The most dangerous countries in Africa are those with a proven history of being particularly unsafe for visitors. While it may still be possible to visit these countries; one must ensure to make additional provisions for security for the duration of the visit. If one has no urgent business in these places it is best to just stay away.

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