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Top 50 Best Tanks In The World (2024)

Mankind has proven its ingenuity by developing more effective ways to kill. Some may argue that the best tanks in the world are actually lifesaving machines; they transport soldiers across very dangerous ground, and thus aid in the defense of innocent civilians.

Since World War II, tanks have grown stronger, faster, and more fearsome with more powerful weapons. They remain one of key deciding factors that determine how ground battles go; and such, they are arguably the most important part of any military.

Top 50 Best Tanks In The World

1. Leopard 2

The Leopard 2 is the main battle tank of the German Army, and replaces the older tank with the same name which was also the main battle tank of Germany. This tank is arguably the most iconic in the world; its design and features are the basis upon which many other tanks are based.

This tank is built to be Versatile; it can comfortably handle rocky, marshy, smooth, or steep terrain. The tank is also quite powerful; it can run at a top speed of about 45 miles per hour.

This tank weighs over 60 tons; making it an effective battering ram; and it can also serve as a bunker should the situation demand it. It is protected by a classified armor, and an advanced explosion and fire suppression system.

2. Challenger 2

The Challenger 2 is the main battle tank of the British Army, and one of the foremost tanks in the world. It is also one of the most decorated tanks in the service of any army: it has seen action in Kosovo and Bosnia, and shown its fighting capacity during the invasion of Iraq.

The fighting capacity of this tank is boosted by a Perkins CV-12 diesel engine which delivers 1,200 horsepower of torque. This tank has a main gun that can blast off 49 times in any battle, and still carries a machine gun for additional fire power.

It has a powerful shied which means the enemy can keep shooting in vain; the crew being quite safe inside even without mobility.

3. Merkeva Battle Tank

The Merkeva Battle Tank is the flagship of the Israeli Defense Force. Merkeva means “chariot” in the Hebrew language of the Israeli. This tank is fits the description of a tank; it is the definition of a battlefield ranger; a personnel carrier and a deliverer of firepower all in one.

The Merkeva Battle Tank reaches top speeds of about 40 miles per hour, and it does that with a great deal of assuredness because the armor is made of composite material, and so this tank can receive a great deal of firepower without being phased.

It can be the arrowhead of the army; charging through with the Calvary while the main force follows behind. The Merkeva Battle Tank is armed with a 120 mm main gun; which is guided by computerized systems. The tank also has fire control systems and advanced communication systems to keep the unit organized.

4. K2 Black Panther

The K2 Black Panther is the main battle tank of South Korea; it was only recently developed and built by that country to replace its time tested K1. This tank is built with the peculiar challenges facing that country in mind; the auxiliary gun is designed for urban warfare, while the main gun is built as a destroyer.

The main gun fires 120 mm rounds, while the tank engine produces 1,500 horsepower of torque from burning diesel.

The tank makes an excellent bunker; it is built with a heavy armor made from some of the most fire resistant materials in the world.

5. Type 10 Battle Tank

The Type 10 Battle Tank is a Japanese military ordinance; one of the finest in the world. This tank has many interesting design features; when in motion the front part goes lower, thus making it harder for enemy fire to target the tracks. Mobility is therefore a major talking point of this tank; it is very versatile and can maneuver in flat ground, rocky terrain, and even marshland.

This battle tank can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. That speed is proved by a V8 diesel engine built by Mitsubishi heavy industries. But this tank does not just offer speed and mobility; it also packs a powerful punch.

The type 10 battle tank is armed with a 120mm cannon; and also a machine gun for additional firepower. While delivering blows it needs to be able to take a few hits as well; the type 10 is armed with composite armor; it matches any tank in the world for receiving strength.

6. The AMX Char Leclerc

The AMX Char Leclerc is named after General Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque who led the French armored division that retook Paris during the Second World War. It is a beautiful beast of a machine; a truly terrifying battle tank.

The AMX Char Leclerc is the head tank of the French army; it is the embodiment of power and speed. It is powered by a diesel engine which produces 1,500 horsepower of torque, and which propels the tank to speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

The tank also packs a heavy punch; it has a 120mm main gun which is supported by a machine gun. The armor is composite steel; it is heavy and strong.

7. The C1 Ariete

Italy shows its strength and ingenuity with the C1 Ariete. This is Italy’s main battle tank; that compares quite favorably with both friends and foes. It is a formidable machine which has also been battle tested in several engagements since entering service back in 1995.

The C1 Ariete has been upgraded with a Fiat MTCA 12V diesel engine which does wonders for its speed and power; giving it a maximum speed of 43 miles per hour, and 1,270 horsepower of torque.

In battle situations it dishes out 120mm rounds from its L44 cannon built by Oto Melara. It suppresses fire with very good fire control systems, and has very powerful armor as well.

8. Arjun Main Battle Tank

Arjun Main Battle Tank is the flagship tank of India; the country which is in a perpetual state of dispute with its neighbors over land. The Arjun MBT therefore needs to be something that can cover much ground very quickly, and that can also be versatile enough to use in the different terrains around the country.

Arjun MBT is armed with a powerful 120mm main gun; which interestingly can fire a number of other rounds. To compound the enemies woes; this tank also has a variety that is armed with a special anti-tank missile system.

The tank has very powerful armor; it can take heavy fire without damage, while occupying strategic ground.

9. Al-Khalid

In military matters it is almost impossible to mention India without also mentioning Pakistan; it’s not so friendly neighbor. The Al Khalid is the chief battle tank of Pakistan; it was jointly designed and built by Pakistan and China.

The al Khalid runs on a Russian made diesel engine; it is believed to produce between 1200 and 1500 horsepower of torque; and the tank is believe to reach speeds of 40 miles per hour.

The tank has a 125mm main gun; that is a heavier round than what most other armies use. The al Khalid does not seem to be designed for close range combat; its range finder works for about 10,000 meters, while its cannon hits over 2,000 meters.

It could blow enemies out of their positions without even giving them the chance to return fire; the element of surprise can be a very powerful advantage.

10. Type 99

The Type 99 is the main battle tank of China; it made its debut in 1999, and has seen action on several occasions. It has a 125mm main gun; which is a very heavy round; and the firing range is projected at 2000 meters.

Its armor is composite material; and it is projected to also have a reactive shield. The engine is diesel but its exact power and speed are not known.

This is china’s dependable armored personnel carrier with which it defends its borders from anyone stupid enough to try.

The following is a more complete list of the 50 best tanks in the world.

Rank Tank Country
1 Leopard 2 Germany
2 Challenger 2 Britain
3 Merkeva Battle Tank Israel
4 K2 Black Panther South Korea
5 Type 10 Battle Tank Japans
6 The AMX Char Leclerc France
7 The C1 Ariete Italy
8 Arjun Main Battle Tank India
9 Arjun Main Battle Tank Pakistan, Morocco
10 10 Type 99 China
11 Altay Battle Tank Turkey
12 T-80 Battle Tank Russia
13 Pokpung-Ho tank North Korea
14 T-90 Battle Tank Russia
15 T-84 Battle Tank Ukraine
16 PT91 Twardy tank Poland
17 Zulfiqar_Tank Iran
18 M60-2000 Main Battle Tank Several Countries
19 Armata Universal Combat Platform Russia
20 M1A2 Abrams US Army
21 Type 96 China
22 Type 88 China
23 T-55 Soviet made used by Chile, Cuba, chad central African republic
24 M-84A4 Sniper Croatia
25 AMX-30B2 France
26 T-80U Russia
27 Ramses II Egypt
28 T-62 Soviet Union
29 M48A5 MOLF United States
30 Leopard 1A4/5 Germany
31 Leopard 2A7DK Germany
32 Leopard 2A7+ Germany
33 FV101 Scorpion United Kingdom
34 Chieftain (tank) MK3 United Kingdom
35 Magach 6 United States/ Israel
36 Magach 7 United States/ Israel
37 Type 74 Japan
38 Type 90 Japan
39 Tariq United Kingdom
40 Vickers Mk 3 United Kingdom
41 Chonma-ho North Korea
42 M-84D Yugoslavia
43 VT-1A China  Pakistan
44 Vickers MBT United Kingdom
45 Type 85-IIAP China
46 Al-Zarrar Pakistan
47 Sabrah Israel
48 Altay Turkey
49 Centurion United Kingdom
50 BM Oplot Ukraine



The best tanks in the world are fast, strong and heavy. They also pack a lot of firepower; usually 120mm or 125mm cannons which are supported by machine guns. Tanks have not changed much since World War II; perhaps there is some innovation going on in the minds of South Korean designers; and the effectiveness will soon be seen.

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