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Top 50 Bravest Armies In The World (2024)

The purpose of an army is to defend the land and people of any country. The bravest armies in the world should be some of the most efficient at carrying out that task. No matter how sophisticated the available weaponry, if the soldiers are not brave in the face of danger, it all comes to naught.

Soldiers can be brave by nature, and they can be brave by training. The only true measure of an army`s bravery is the feats it has performed in war. These acts of valor bring the desired results, and also bring glory to the army.

The Top 50 Bravest Armies In The World

1. US Army

The US Army has proven itself to be world’s premier military; it has shown uncommon resolve and character in the face of overwhelming enemy fire. The US Army has excelled in too many engagements, such as the Pearl Harbor, World War II, Vietnam War, War on Terror- engagements in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya among other places.

The US Army provides adequate motivation for soldiers to show bravery. Medals of Honor are given to soldiers who show bravery, and these medals are passed down to families of soldiers. Many former soldiers take up political careers, especially when they have earned medals of Honor for acts of bravery done in battle.

A further impetus to bravery in America is that the army has a long standing history of superiority which must not be allowed to fade away.

2. Russian Army

The Russian Army has demonstrated the power with which it has been associated for a long time. Right from the World War II era, Russia has been a formidable entity, and their antecedents during that time laid the foundation for what it has become today. The Russian army has also exerted its dominance in several engagements such as War of Dagestan, Chechen War, Russo Georgian War, and the Insurgency in the North Caucasus.

Aside from that, Russian Special forces have been known to engage in bold missions to rescue civilians from the hands of terrorists; in those missions they have exchanged heavy fire, and risked life and limb. However, the Russian army has been victorious every single time.

Former Russian soldiers make fearsome mercenaries; they seem to have become very popular in Africa all of a sudden; they are used to fight insurgencies or extremists. They have largely proven to be quite effective.

3. Chinese Army

The Chinese Army is the largest army in the world with nearly 3 million personnel. Maybe it is the concept of strength in numbers, or maybe it is because one needs to put the extra effort to distinguish himself in such a large army.

The Chinese Army has risen out of the shadows of mediocrity which it endured during the 1920’s and has become one of the leading military forces in the world. Select units of the Chinese army train with the Russian Army especially in the areas of urban warfare, counter insurgency, anti-riot, and such engagements that may require to fight in areas where civilians may live.

The Chinese Army is well trained; bravery is one of the core tenets of this army, and they are well equipped as well. Special units of this army pride themselves in the speed with which they cover ground, and in the accuracy of their marksmanship.

4. British Army

The British Army once held almost the whole world in its grasps; a thing that cannot be accomplished lightly. The British Army is one of the world’s most powerful military establishments. It is not nearly the largest army in the world, but it is one with considerable force and reputation.

The British Army was in the forefront of world war ii, and since then has shown its bravery and capacity in several engagements across the world; including the troubles, the Kosovo war, sierra Leone war, invasion of Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq, and so on.

The British army has a regiment called the Gurkhas, which is a brigade that comes from Nepal and India; and has its history in those that fought with the British during the times before the independence of that country.

5. French Army

The French Army is one of the biggest and most consistent military forces in the world; it has proven to be one of the most successful military establishments in the world. This is also one of the oldest armies in the world, with a history dating back to the 14th century.

There is so much to defend and protect in this army; and it is necessary for its soldiers to show courage so as to uphold that culture of greatness and valor.

The French army has established itself in several engagements throughout the world, including the Malagasy Uprising, Korea War, Algerian War, Bamileke War, Suez Canal, Ifni War, Basque Conflict, Corsican conflict, Shaba Conflict, and the Gulf War.

These are just some of the conflicts involving the French Army, and in which the French army showed its capacity.

6. Israel Army

The Israel Army is one of the most efficient, well equipped, and feared military forces on earth; this army has distinguished itself as one of the most courageous military outfits. Israel was established out of necessity; and shortly after its establishment, it was forced to defend itself from the aggression of its neighbors.

Therefore, right from its inception, the Israel army was forced to adopt a tradition of gallantry in the face of danger. Some of the engagements involving the Israel army includes 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Suez Crisis, Six Day War, War of Attrition, south Lebanon conflict, and so on.

The Israel Army has shown itself to be both powerful and brave, and it provides technical support to other armies of the world.

7. Polish Army

The polish army is one of the most daring military forces in the world. It owes its reputation not to size but by sheer tenacity, and the force with which it operates. This army has never been a quiet one; the country has several aggressive neighbors, and so it has had to do much fighting to defend its territory and people.

The polish army has been involved in several engagements over the years, including the polish-soviet war, the polish-Ukrainian war, polish-Lithuanian war, German invasion of Poland, and many peacekeeping missions including Iraq, Korea, and Central African Republic.

The special forces of this army is particularly fearsome; the polish Grom as they are called, is a very terrifying unit, trained in urban warfare, and anti-terrorism military maneuvers.

8. Pakistani Army

The Pakistan army is one of the most powerful military presence in Asia, and the world in general. Pakistan has kept the top military establishments in the region on their toes with superior battle readiness.

Pakistan has also impressed by being self-reliant in the production of military equipment as well as ammunition. The Pakistani army is also very advanced in the areas of intelligence gathering and development of military strategies.

Some of the engagements involving the Pakistani army include the first indo-Chinese war, first Baluchistan conflict, second Baluchistan conflict, Bajaur campaign, and so many more. The Pakistani army has also been involved in military interventions in the democratic republic of Congo, United Nations mission in Liberia, United Nations operation in Burundi, and the United Nations mission in Sudan.

9. Korean Army

The Korean army is known to be one of the most powerful armies in the world; it has everything it takes to be a top army; training, equipment, size and motivation. The Korean army numbers around 365,000 active personnel, and there is a military conscription law in place to ensure that there is no shortage of personnel.

Service in the army is central towards having a good career in government or politics in South Korea; and so there is plenty of motivation for bravery, and to distinguish oneself in military service so as to gain a medal of honor.

The Korean army has been involved in several engagements including the Korean War, Vietnam War, Korean DMZ conflict, war in Afghanistan, and so on.

10. Spanish Army

The Spanish army is another military force which has attained renown not through its size but through its courage on the field of battle. The Spanish army has been in existence since the 15th century, and now numbers around 75,000 personnel.

The Spanish army has fought many hard fought battles in many wars such as the Basque conflict, gulf war, Somali civil war, Bosnian intervention, Kosovo war, war in Afghanistan, and so on.

The following is a more complete list of the 50 bravest armies in the world.

Rank Army Location
1 US Army Americas
2 Russian Army Europe
3 Chinese Army Asia
4 British Army Europe
5 French Army Europe
6 Israel Army Europe
7 Polish Army Europe
8 Pakistani Army Asia
9 Korean army Asia
10 Spanish army Europe
11 Italian army Europe
12 German army Europe
13 Ukrainian army Europe
14 Dutch army Europe
15 Vietnam army Asia
16 Ethiopian army Africa
17 North Korean army Asia
18 Eritrean army Africa
19 UAE army Asia
20 Taiwanese army Asia
21 Egyptian army Africa
22 Turkish army Europe
23 South African army Africa
24 Canadian army Americas
25 Australian army Oceania
26 Luxembourg army
27 Qatar army Asia
28 Nigerian army Africa
29 Ivory coast army Africa
30 Saudi Arabian army Asia
31 Bahrain army Asia
32 Belgium army Europe
33 Iranian army Asia
34 Moroccan army Africa
35 Japanese army Asia
36 Portuguese army Europe
37 Brazilian army Americas
38 Malaysian army Asia
39 Syrian army Asia
40 Libyan army Africa
41 Mexican army Americas
42 Colombian army Americas
43 Argentine army Americas
44 Iraqi army Asia
45 Indonesian army Asia
46 Tunisian army Africa
47 Bangladesh army Asia
48 Congo democratic republic army Africa
49 Rwandan army Africa
50 South Sudan army Africa
51 Venezuelan army Americas
52 Angolan army Africa
53 Philippines army Asia
54 Ghana army Africa



The bravest armies in the world are selected based on the engagements they have won; and in which they have suffered causalities despite the outcome. The reason is that it takes warriors to stay in a battlefield even when they know that they are outnumbered and outgunned.

War is a costly business, and in truth there are no winners; only losers. Nevertheless, countries must be ready to military engagements because sometimes the opposing side refuses to negotiate, and insists on being unreasonable.

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