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Types Of Public Enterprises In Nigeria

Public corporations are establishments and enterprises that are government owned and run that came into being through acts of parliament or statutes, decrees or edicts to provide essential social and welfare services to the citizens of the country. Before going into the Types Of Public Enterprises In Nigeria, its good to know that Public enterprises […]


Best Medical Courses In Nigeria

Ranking of the top 10 best medical courses in Nigeria. We all love to be in the medical field, in one way or the other, apart from medicine there are other courses which are also referred to as “Hot Cakes” in the country. I believe when you were a kid you were the type that […]

Top 10 Best Dental Schools In Nigeria 2020

Top 10 Best Dental Schools In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Dental Schools In Nigeria 2020 – Dentistry is one of the best courses a student can study, under health sciences. At times, dentistry students undergo the same training as medical students. Dentistry is a course that has been in Nigeria for a long time, and we have a lot of higher institutions […]

Best Private Universities In Nigeria 2020 Top 20 By NUC

Best University In Nigeria For Law

We have a lot of Private Universities in the country, this article will bring down the list to the top 20 best private universities in Nigeria 2020. Private Universities has been termed to be expensive, a lot of parents cannot afford it, but with good structures and everything, some of these Universities have been termed […]


Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Ogun State – Recently, it has been noted that there has been a drastic change in the quality of education proffer in various state of the federation, this has contributed to low development in most Africa countries as popularly opine that education is the backbone for societal development. Therefore, for […]

Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Nigeria

tallest buildings in Abuja Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the leading countries in Africa as a whole, and she remains influential as far as the continent of Africa is concerned. Regarded as The Giant Of Africa, Nigeria stands tall in this part of the globe and has various advantages that have given it an edge over various other African countries. […]

List Of All GTBank Sort Code And Branches In Nigeria

GTBank Sort Code

Check out the full list of all GTBank Sort Code and How To Use It. The Nigerian banking system, just like its counterparts in various parts of the world, keeps evolving positively and innovatively to bring up concepts that ensure a smooth banking experience for customers.  One of the things that have been introduced is […]

Top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria 2019

Bowell Business School In Nigeria

Top 10 Business Schools in Nigeria For anyone dreaming of going into business, the goto place to get the best of it is a business school. These schools go more deeply into these teachings, there is more practical knowledge compared to regular universities across the country. However, this article will discuss the Top 10 Business […]

GTBank Fashion Weekend – All You Need To Know

GTBank Fashion Weekend

What to know about the GTBank Fashion Weekend. Indeed, today, almost everyone will agree that Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria. However, we must always consider the fact that the bank did not simply find itself on the top spot without doing anything, instead, it keeps indulging in certain strategic activities […]