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Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Ogun State (2024)

Education is the backbone for societal development. Therefore, for this to be attained in African countries, education must be held in high esteem or regard.

Ogun state has been rated as one of the states with best Secondary schools in Nigeria and atones with landmine achievement In educational records, we shall be discussing the best secondary schools in Ogun state, sit back and carefully read between the lines to decide an educational niche for your wards.

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Ogun State


Redeemer high school as the best ranking and top leading secondary school in Ogun state, this school has written her name in the sand of time among secondary schools in Ogun state. This school is located at the redeemed camp, km 46 Lagos/Ibadan expressway in the city of Mowe in Loburo area of Ogun State, Nigeria. Established in 1998 by the Redeemed Christian church of God. This is a missionary day and boarding (mix) school with top-class educational facilities that can develop the minds of the young in other for them to become future leaders.


Bell comp. College was one of the secondary schools in Ogun that has brood current leaders at the helms of affairs in Nigeria, in its 26years of existence, it has achieved more on students performance and developed Students to compete favourably in the global society. Bell Comp. college was established in 1991 by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and is situated at Idiroko road in Ota, Ogun state. The school has qualified, experienced, and competent teaching staff who have contributed to the educational standard in Nigeria. With sufficient facilities like; science laboratory, canteen, sports equipment, etc., in other to build the students not only academically but also in other aspects of life.

Best Secondary Schools In Ogun State


Nobelhouse college boarding school is outstanding in providing quality teaching methods, and students who are academically sound not minding their ethnic or tribal background. Over the year, Nobelhouse college boarding school has produced students who in Ogun state have been outstanding in secondary school examinations for example; WAEC, NECO, and GCE. Despite the fact that it is a boarding school, Nobelhouse college boarding school has become a home for students who over the years have been away from their families, thereby providing sound education and moral development for the students.   


This school because of her strategic location in a serene environment that is conducive for academic learning and has in many ways reduce distraction from students and made the students more focused and less distracted. With a well-equipped library, science laboratory (biology, physics, and chemistry), ICT facilities in other for the students to be up to date with digital compliance. The objective of the school is to ensure that the students, alongside the school, can meet up with the globally recognized standard for educational institutions.   


Emerald school is situated at Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria. Although this is a boarding school, this school has been able to stand in the class of other recognized secondary schools in Ogun state. Unlike certain schools that don’t pay great attention to the welfare of the boarding students, Emerald school is quite outstanding in its operations. With a good administrative structure, a serene environment which aids the process of learning, good security system in other to safeguard the lives of the students from threats. The school upholds a high level of discipline among the students and all those employed in the school.

Students of Emerald secondary schools have won both at the state level and national level at different prices.


Abeokuta Grammar school also known as the first grammar school in ancient Ogun state, Nigeria and was established in 1908. This school which is a public school against popular notion has been a private school. Due to its longevity in operation, it has students from other African countries and also has a good academic structure or layout despite the fact that it’s a public school. Looking for what you can trust? looking for where to give your ward the best out of education? Then Abeokuta grammar school is the right choice.


Day Waterman College is a school you can trust with quality manpower to impact upon all students. It was established in 2008 by Tayo Aderinokun. It is due to the drive for educational quality, that the school was established under the existing laws regulating the operations of all schools in Nigeria and Ogun state in particular. Quality is the watchword in this school, providing an enabling environment for both teaching and learning. Statically and public sampling demonstrated Day waterman has gained her position in the heart of Ogun state inhabitant


 Talk of discipline in an educational setup, talk of best educational practices, looking for a cool and serene learning environment, qualified teaching manpower, updated library, up to date science laboratory, sacred heart high school has all the aforementioned qualities.


It is a popular saying, names influence quality and output, to really set the record straight, the Ambassadors secondary school has demonstrated this popular wise talk in the quality and well-trained students they churn out yearly into the cooperate society, this is one of the best secondary school in Ogun state.


Standards if not compromised, have some vital roles to play in the intellectual development of students, Victoria secondary school is one of the few secondary schools that has kept to standard in Ogun state, the standard of teaching-learning processes are strictly adhered to, and their students are exposed to a generally accepted standard and are tested base on global standards.

With explicit analysis and justification of the carefully selected best secondary schools in Ogun state, I want to believe you can make a resounding decision on the secondary school to enroll your wards.  


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