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Top 10 Best DJs In Africa (2024)

Have you ever wondered who the top DJs in Africa are?

There are a lot of disc jockeys across Africa who are making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry of Africa. However, we have some of the best DJs in Africa as some are better than others. 

Top 10 Best DJs in Africa

1. Black Coffee

Black Coffee is from South Africa. He is considered to be the best DJ in Africa at the moment and also the most successful as he is worth approximately $60 million. Black Coffee was born in 1976 under the name Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo. The DJ has become an outstanding South African DJ whose influence can be felt throughout the African world of entertainment. In addition to being a highly professional DJ, he’s also an accomplished musician.

He is an expert in the game and is renowned for his skills across the globe. He is part of Soulistic Music and has been in a position to put in the effort throughout his career to build an impressive brand and empire. Black Coffee is among the DJs with the highest salaries not just in his country of birth and in South Africa but also Africa in general. In addition, Black Coffee has won many awards, comprising the SAMA Best Urban Dance Album in 2005, and the AMA Most Male-Assembled Artist award in 2010.

2. DJ Oskido

Another Disc jockey from South Africa is DJ Oskido. The DJ was born Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa and is from the Northwestern part of South Africa. He’s quite multifaceted as he performs House music, Afropop, and so on. He is the chief executive for Kalawa Jazmee Records and has been credited as being among the top people in the Nigerian entertainment industry. DJ Oskido is quite skilled as well as a master of his game and is widely regarded to be one of the best DJs in Africa.

3. DJ Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt is the best DJ in Nigeria and his impact can be felt across the continent’s entertainment industry. His real name is Jimmy Amu, and he is famous for his skill in his craft and has won numerous awards since he began some time ago.

4. DJ Euphonik

DJ Euphonik is another top African DJ. He hails from South Africa and is one of the most talented DJs the country has produced. He is one of the wealthiest DJs on the continent in general. The year 1983 was the time he got his start under the name Themba Mbongeni Nkosi and he is now known as being among the best DJs in Africa.

Euphonik is not only a DJ, he is also a radio producer as well as a music producer. In 2013 the track Cool and Deadly track was popular and was one of the top songs in the list of Top 40 songs at that time. In addition to being among DJs who earn an enormous amount of money to entertain people, he’s been recognized on numerous occasions for his achievements in the world of entertainment. He is also one of the best DJs in Africa.

5. Dj Maphorisa

Dj Maphorisa was birthed by Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe on the 27th of July, 1987. He is a great South African DJ who is performing well in the entertainment business. He is well-known for his house music as well as Afropop. He has developed into a renowned DJ within the South African entertainment space.

The DJ founded a record label known as BlaqBoy Music and before the launch of his label, he’s been associated with Kalawa Jazmee Records. He has proved his skills on a variety of levels as a skilled DJ. He is a well-known DJ within the entertainment world of the continent and is making a name for himself as one of the best DJs in Africa.

6. DJ Kaywise

DJ Kaywise is considered to be one of the most popular DJs from Africa. He began from scratch and has become a well-known figure in Nigeria’s music industry. He is the proud proprietor of the DJ Academy situated in Nigeria and has been working to make a name for himself in Nigeria.

DJ Kaywise has accomplished several feats since he began professionally. He has worked with big companies like MTVBase and Nigezie TV.

7. DJ Exclusive

The real name of DJ Exclusive is Rotimi Alakija however, his stage name is DJ Xclusive. DJ Exclusive is not just one of the top DJs in Nigeria but he is also one of the most talented Africa has ever seen. DJ Exclusive isn’t just an influential figure within the Nigerian entertainment scene he is also known for his talent. After arriving back in Nigeria from the UK, Rotimi made his mark in Nigeria because his music was able to adapt to the lifestyle within the nation.

Due to his achievements and success In Nigeria, his fame has increased across Africa and is now considered one of the most popular DJs in Africa. In addition, it needs to be mentioned that DJ Exclusive has earned the distinction of being among the most knowledgeable DJs across Africa. In addition to being a DJ, he’s also a musician that has recorded music with the top musicians from Nigeria. He is currently a part of the EME record label and is primarily based in Nigeria.

8. DJ Spinall

DJ Spinall is a Nigerian DJ, who is considered to be one of the most talented DJs in all of Africa. He was born Damola Oluseye Desmond to Nigerian parents who are from the Yoruba tribe. He is always proud of his origin as you will always find him wearing the Yoruba traditional cap. Even when he’s dressed in English attire, you will observe him wearing his traditional cap.

DJ Spinall is skilled at his specialty as he can mix different genres in one mixtape. It is also worth noting that Desmond is the first Nigerian DJ to be awarded an endorsement deal from a major brand. Also, it should be noted that he’s well-paid to perform and entertain music fans. DJ Spinall is undoubtedly doing well for himself in his career.

9. DJ Kent

DJ Kent is yet another great DJ hailing from South Africa. The talented musician was born in Soweto and is now enjoying the status of one of the best DJs in Africa. DJ Kent has managed to record albums such as I Can’t Survive. He has also attracted attention from the media as well by winning numerous awards for his work as a DJ such as the South African Music Award for the Best Remix of the year.

He remains one of the best DJs in Africa and is well-known within the entertainment scene of the continent. While there are many DJs around South Africa, DJ Kent is a master when he’s performing on stage, doing what he enjoys the best.

10. DJ Aroma

DJ Aroma is a Ghanaian DJ who began his career in his early years of an undergraduate student at the University. He was a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology when he discovered his passion. In the early days of his career, DJ Aroma used Virtual DJ for the mix of his songs and his popularity has increased since then. Presently, he’s associated with Pure FM, a radio station in Ghana, and is known as one of the best DJs in Africa from Ghana.

He is very influential within the Ghanaian entertainment industry. He is among DJs from Ghana whose influence goes beyond the boundaries of Ghana. DJ Aroma has collaborated with outstanding African DJs who hail from different countries including DJ Spinall, and he has been awarded prizes like the best DJ of the Year just a few years ago.



I would love to reiterate that there are many DJs all over Africa no doubt, but certain DJs have proved that they are worth the effort and have become renowned across Africa for their exceptional abilities.

They have gone on to be prominent as the best DJs in Africa. These DJs are well-known celebrities who are notable in the world of entertainment and have received numerous awards throughout their professional careers.