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List Of Interior Design Schools In Port Harcourt (2024)

When talking about Interior design, we are referring to the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building. This is necessary to ensure, not only a much beautiful environment for people around but even a healthier one. It is actually a multifaceted profession that includes an in-depth understanding of several vital skills like conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, and so on. 

Going then with the above, an interior designer is a person that is trained to plan, research as well as coordinates the enhancement of projects. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the several interior design schools in Port Harcourt. We also ensured that we include their full address as well as contact details, so you can easily approach any of them for business. 

List Of Interior Design Schools In Port Harcourt

  1. L’Ecole Decor (Design institute in Port Harcourt)
    • – Full Address: 45 Evo Road, GRA Phase 2 500272, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  2. Adorable Interiors
    • – Full Address: Along Everyday Emporium, 28 Rumuadaolu Mkt Road, Rumuola, Rurowolukwo 500272, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
    • – Phone: 
  3. Beryl Design Interiors
    • – Full Address: Km 5 East-West Road Opposite Propel Filling Station By Omega House Bustop Obio Akpor PortHarcourt Rivers NG, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  1. Bludots Interior & Exterior Design Firm
    • – Full Address: 6 Peter Odili Road, Trans Amadi Layout Port, Rainbow Town, Port Harcourt, Rivers
    • – Phone: 
  1. Castle Concepts Interiors
    • – Full Address: 57 Old Aba Rd, Rumuobiakani 500272, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  1. Zinny luxury empire
    • – Full Address: No6 Stadium Rd, Rumuola, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  1. Port Harcourt Fashion school
    • – Full Address: 15b, Rd2, Federal Housing Estate, Rumueme Agip, Mile 4, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  1. Topearl Catering Institute
    • – Full Address: 175 Abuloma Rd, Fimeama, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  1. Ample-Link Catering and Fashion School in Port Harcourt
    • – Full Address: Behind Bonif Filling Station, opp. St James Catholic Church, Rumuogunuma Eneka/I, 500272, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  1. De Grace Cakes n Kitchens (Catering Schools in Port Harcourt)
    • – Full Address: bus stop, No 74 Ikwere road, Opp GIVE n TAKE by Kampala, Port Harcourt
    • – Phone: 
  1. Ashgrove Academy
    • – Address: Rumodome, Port Harcourt
  1. Gifted Hands Fashion House
    • – Full Address: Beside Elekahia Police Station, 75 Elekahia Rd, Rumuola, Port Harcourt, Rivers
    • – Phone: 
  2. Culture Mix African Shop
    • Address: Rivers Nigeria, Port Harcourt, GRA Phase 2, No 45 Evo Road
    • Phone
  3. Ajoveez School Of Interior Design And Decoration
    • Address: Rivers State, Port Harcourt, Chief Princewill Adiele Street Off Chief Minikwu Street Agip Estate
  4. Maven School Of Interior Decoration And Design
    • Rivers State, Port Harcourt, D/line, No 31 Orominike street
Interior Design Schools In Port Harcourt
Interior Design Schools & Training

Things You Should Know About Becoming an Interior Designer

Are you a person who loves decorating any space you find yourself, and arranging furniture too? Are you that person that usually receive nice comments regarding your interior design taste? If yes, then you should decide to make this a career. Nevertheless, for those with the intention of going into the design industry, it is necessary to know certain important things. 

Indeed, although a lucrative field, Interior designers still face issues every day (which means, you have to be a tough person). 

Nevertheless, we will explore some important things you should know before opting for this career. 

  1. You Should Know That There Is a Difference Between Decorators and Designers

Many times, people look at these as if they are the same – but they are not. Interior decorators and interior designers are two different things. Yeah, any person can become an interior decorator. If you are a person that enjoys playing around with fabrics, colours and so on, you can become a decorator (that easy). 

However, to become an interior designer, you are to get an accredited education. So, going for interior design schools in Port Harcourt is a wise (and necessary) step. 

  1. You Must Have a Deep Interest for Design

Of course, your job is to design. Hence, you must have a special an innate flair for color, architecture, arrangements, and so on. So, if you are a person who usually receives compliments when you arrange your home, it is not to say you must become an interior designer – but it is actually a good sign.

So, to achieve success in the profession, you should follow your passion – as you will keep enjoying it. 

  1. Interior Design Isn’t All Interesting 

Being an interior designer is cool quite alright. The profession is a cool one no doubt. Nevertheless, it is not all about fabrics and fun. It is actually about lots of several tasks that are required of interior designers (and you may not enjoy doing some of them). 

Hence, it is necessary that you get educated in issues that concern the history of design, building codes, spatial concepts, and so on. Of course, no one is saying you must become a jack of all trades. Nevertheless, you should have a wide range of experience and skills. 

  1. Your Income May Not Be As Huge As You Anticipate 

We are not saying being an interior designer is not synonymous with making a reasonable amount of money, but then, you should know that your income may not be as huge as you anticipate. 

Nevertheless, we should add that the more experience you have, the more money you will make. If you are good, you will likely make more money (than probably a starter). Those who have established themselves in the field can easily determine their income. 

  1. You Should Be a People Person

Interior design is not always a smooth field. You must always be ready to work with people and adjust when necessary. Several interior designers have several funny experiences. You should then be always ready to work with different types of people – both those that knows what they want and those who are clueless (and annoying). While some clients will love your work, some will be dissatisfied. 

Hence, you must train yourself to be a people pleaser. It is nice if you can strive to learn how to read the mind of people. It is not too easy, right? 

  1. You Should Develop a Portfolio

This is something you should not joke with, or undermine. One can go on discussing colors and textiles all day – but the fact remains that a single picture speaks a thousand words. You should then have an outstanding portfolio you can always utilise to showcase your designs and projects.

For those that are newly coming out of school and are new to the job market (hence are yet to build their own portfolio), what we advise is that they should offer their services either for free or cheaply. By so doing, you can go on building your portfolio and developing reasonable relationship with relevant people. 

If you are yet to become a big known chap in the industry, it is not a problem at all – as everyone actually start from somewhere (the bottom). But with vision and dedication (as well as putting in places important and necessary measures – such as proper marketing and relationship), you can become a successful dude in the interior design industry.

  1. Prepare For Strong Competition in the Interior Design Field

A lot of sectors are saturated and filled with competitors – and the Interior design field is not an exception. Yeah, it is actually a competitive business. Therefore, to become huge, be set to do all it takes to get yourself noticed. Just as we stated earlier, if you have a superb portfolio, you will be connected to nice paying clients. 

To excel in a fierce field, it is advantageous to have good educating. You must have an edge over others, and try doing what they are not doing. In fact, try learning (and become a master in) the hardest parts of the profession (which others will likely run away from). Hence, you should do all you can to stay abreast of design trends. You should read design publications and websites regularly. 

  1. You Should Know Local Laws and Codes

Just as stated earlier, to increase your chances of succeeding here, you should always be set to read wide and accumulate as much knowledge as possible. You should learn and be adequately familiar with building codes and local laws.

Indeed, if you meet some experienced interior designers, they will tell you that it is boring and all. Nevertheless, it remains a required knowledge for interior designers. 

In conclusion, always remember that it is not about your style but your clients. Although you can offer your clients a wide range of design styles to choose from, you should know that they are the boss, and have every right to decide what they want. It is easy to think that because you are more educated than your clients, then you have a better taste than them. You should see to it that this attitude may make you lose some clients. The most important thing is what they want, and make sure you do it well. It is possible to become a successful interior designer in Port Harcourt and Nigeria generally. 


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