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Top 20 Most Beautiful Stadiums In Africa (2024)

The most beautiful stadiums in Africa can be seen as evidence of Africa’s readiness to move further in sports, and to claim its rightful place as ordained by its wealth of talent. Infrastructure is paramount to sports and it is the only way to build it into a business, or a revenue generating sector.

Africa still lags far behind the realities of Europe and America, but the continent has not been asleep. Africa’s most beautiful stadia bring aesthetic value to sporting infrastructure; they add  a feeling of importance to the games played there, and a sense of pride to the hosts when visitors come visiting.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Stadiums In Africa

1. Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town Stadium is arguably the best and most beautiful stadium in Africa, and there is no doubt that it is also one of the most spectacular in the world.

Its beauty is enhanced by its location; it is set in the Green Point area of Cape Town; which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. This stadium forms part of a romantic landscape when viewed from the water, and at night when the lights are on, it becomes something of a dream.

The stadium’s inside is breathtaking, the roof panels are made of white drapes that look like the palace of a Caesar. This is truly the king of stadiums in Africa; it is beautiful from the inside to the interior spaces.

Cape Town Stadium was built ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, since then it is regularly used for Football and Rugby Games.

2. Soccer City Stadium

Soccer City Stadium is another immensely beautiful stadium in South Africa, although this one is somewhat lacking in originality. It is located in Johannesburg, but mirrors the Allianz Arena of Bayern Munich if one takes a good look.

Nevertheless, it is an architectural wonder to behold, and its sheer size is colossal. This stadium can take 94,738, and the record attendance is more than 94,800.

Nicknamed The Calabash, this is one of the most imposing stadiums on the continent; and it is a beehive of activity during the weekends when Kaizer chiefs, or any of the other football or rugby teams using the stadium have games.

The raucous atmosphere adds to its beauty; sitting inside the stadium watching an average of 50,000 spectators waving banners and singing in unison; the stadium seems even more impressive.

3. Moses Mabhida Stadium

The Moses Mabhida Stadium is also in South Africa, in Durban precisely. This stadium holds 55,500 people comfortably, and is among the listed sights to see in the city. Anyone familiar with Durban knows that this is a city that is synonymous to beauty and tourism.

The Moses Mabhida Stadium enhances the city’s looks; it overlooks the Indian Ocean, adding to the spectacular view one gets when approaching this shoreline from the water. The best view one can get of this monument is from the air; the stadium looks the rock of Gibraltar, with the Indian Ocean glittering in the background.

Many photographs of this exist all over the internet; this could be because Durban is one of the most visited cities in the country, and so naturally everyone wants to get a picture of the local stadium. This could also be because it is one of the most beautiful spectacles they have ever seen.

The Moses Mabhida Stadium has a beautiful arch that is reminiscent of Wembly Stadium, and its white color makes it very appealing. This stadium is the wallpaper of many phones and laptop computers; this speaks volumes about its stature.

4. Borg El Arab

The Borg El Arab stadium in Egypt looks particularly impressive when photographed from the inside at night; this is something that was deliberately designed to produce a sense of awe. It fulfills that sense of awe in many ways; it is huge; the capacity is 86,000 people.

Some features are pretty standard; for example, there is a track running around the field. However; when discussing stadiums that improve the scenery of their location, you have to mention this one.

It is located at the Mediterranean Sea resort of Amreya, it tops the skyline when approach by boat or ship. In fact it is a popular curiosity for tourists who approach from the water, they can often be seen taking pictures, and looking through binoculars while pointing fingers.

The approach from the opposite angle is not bad either; when driving up from the desert road it looks like a monument in the sand. Perhaps in a thousand years people may mistake it as one of the monuments left behind by the Pharaohs.

5. Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is breathtaking when photographed at night; simply stunning. The white lights of the stadium coincide with the golden lights of the city in which it is situated; it is like the spotlights of a big stage, while the audience are taking pictures in their multitudes.

The Nelson Mandela Bay stadium is located near the shore of Nelson Mandela Bay; and as you may have noticed; stadiums that are located near the waterfront have an extra touch of beauty.

The beauty comes from the way the outer structure is built like the open gills of a fish; this is not just one or two gills, several overlapping gills going all around the stadium. Aside from beauty, these gills actually work like real gills; they let in cool breeze to keep the place well ventilated.

The stadium has a capacity of 46,000, and during the FIFA World Cup it had a capacity of around 42,400. The stadium is used for football and rugby games, and it is a spectacle to behold.

6. Estadio 11 De Novembro

The Estadio 11 De Novembro is the flagship stadium in Angola; and it is quite an impressive and beautiful structure indeed. The stadium is similar to the nelson Mandela bay stadium in that it incorporates the need for ventilation into its design, but it is much more spectacular; only lacking that waterfront appeal.

Instead of semicircular gills, this one has countless rows of overlapping metal filaments. Judging from their looks, those filaments could either be aluminum or steel, but hopefully the former because it does wonders for cooling.

In any case; these filaments produce a semitransparent hue that can be better appreciated at night when the stadium is in use and the interior lights filter to the outside.

Even in the day time, this stadium is quite beautiful, although its beauty can only fully be appreciated from above, which is when the trees in the background become visible.

7. Levy Mwanawaza Stadium

The Levy Mwanawaza Stadium is the first stadium to get a mention in Zambia; and for good reason. It has a unique design, one that is not seen in most of the continent. Its roofing system is neatly parted into two different parts, and unlike other stadia in Africa; it never meets.

This beautiful oddity is further embellished with a central mantle-piece that could be interpreted as an open book, or as a bird with open wings- depending on your point of view. Underneath that design is a plaque that reads Levy Mwanawaza Stadium, Ndola, Zambia.

The stadium is a 49,000 capacity ground, and is named after Zambia’s third president who served from 2002 till his death in 2008. The stadium notably has a lawn running up the artificial hill that form part of the base of the stadium. Future generations may think it was the ruins of an ancient pyramid.

8. Godswill Akpabio International Stadium

The Godswill Akpabio International Stadium is not the biggest in Nigeria, but it certainly is the most beautiful. This stadium is located in Uyo, Akwa ibom state, which is in southern Nigeria, and is one of the monuments of the city.

The plagiarism is not hidden; in fact this stadium has been called the Allianz Arena of Africa; but that does nothing to stop the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium from being one of the most beautiful stadiums in Africa.

The stadium is a 30,000 capacity ground, and reports indicates that it cost $96 million to build. It stands like a citadel overlooking the Uyo Landscape; and tourists do not fail to up close so as to take photos of this iconic structure.

9. Estadio Da Tundavala

The Estadio Da Tundavala is a 25,000 capacity ground in Lubango, Hulia Province of Angola. This stadium does not measure up in size, but it makes up for that deficiency through its aesthetics.

The stadium’s roof does not completely cover the stands; instead it is divided into two sickle shaped panels that are fixed to opposite sides of the stadium. Aerial photos of this stadium are very admirable, although spectators on the inside of the stadium may not see this beauty.

The semi open air architecture also does a lot to keep the stadium cool; and at night, the floodlights add to its unique flavor.

10. Tanzania Main National Stadium

The Tanzania main national stadium, which is also known as Benjamin Mkapa stadium is a 60,000 capacity stadium in Dares Salam, Tanzania.

The stadium has a round; fully covering roof, which is worth talking about. The roof adds to its beauty; but is also very functional because it is designed with a series of ridges which give the impression of corrugation, and which also function to optimize the natural flow of air.

This stadium stands like a minaret, towering above all the surrounding structures, and serving as symbol of the city.

The following is a more extensive list of the 20 most beautiful stadiums in Africa.

Rank Stadium Country Region
1 Cape Town Stadium South Africa Southern Africa
2 Soccer City Stadium South Africa Southern Africa
3 Moses Mabhida Stadium South Africa Southern Africa
4 Borg El Arab Egypt North Africa
5 Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium South Africa Southern Africa
6 Estadio 11 De Novembro Angola Southern Africa
7 Levy Mwanawaza Stadium Zambia Southern Africa
8 Godswill Akpabio International Stadium Nigeria West Africa
9 Estadio Da Tundavala Angola Southern Africa
10 Tanzania Main National Stadium Tanzania East Africa
11 Stade D’ Angondje – Gabon Gabon Central Africa
12 Peter Mokaba Stadium South Africa Southern Africa
13 Chiazi National Stadium – Angola Angola Southern Africa
14 Cairo International Stadium Egypt North Africa
15 Abuja National Stadium Nigeria West Africa
16 Stade Mohamed V, Casablanca Morocco North Africa
17 Orlando Stadium, Soweto South Africa Southern Africa
18 June 11 Stadium Tripoli, Libya North Africa
19 Stade de Marrakech Marrakech, Morocco North Africa
20 Accra Sport Stadium, Accra Ghana West Africa



While going through this presentation of the most beautiful stadiums in Africa, it is important to keep that old saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” in mind. This presentation strongly favors beach front stadiums, but of course other stadia built in other locations can be just as impressive.


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