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List Of Nigerian Universities Offering International Relations (2024)

International Relations is a course that prepares student’s minds for understanding politics, social-historical impacts of global development. This course enables students to learn about the different political systems and governing policies around the world, which connects with a broad range of international issues. 

This course in Nigeria is not available in all universities. Students should know what it takes to study international relations. Applying for a course in the university, should not just because you see that people are applying for it and you hear the name, or you feel the course is going to be fun while studying it.

Today, we have seen lots of students fall into different victims of studying a course he/she does not like, all because of one thing or the other. Picking a course to study in a Nigerian university, can be a very tough decision to take, many might not see as anything but to some, these are the biggest challenges in which they have faced over time.

As an aspiring student who wants to study international relations in the university, you should know what you are going there to study, this means that you should have little knowledge of what you are going to do in the university. You can’t just pick up a course and go there blank, it does not work that way, going them empty is not just the best, while class might be going on, you might find some things will appear strange to you, you can’t even compare yourself to someone who already has an idea of what he/she is going to study.

List Of Nigerian Universities Offering International Relations
List Of Universities In Nigeria Offering International Relations

This course has prepared lots of students to be good in politics and all that. Aspiring students should when a particular university does not have the course, he/she wants to study there. It will be very unfortunate that without checking the list of courses a school has and just apply like that, things do not work that way, lots of schools might not have even gotten accreditation to the course which you want to study.

Gaining admission into the university and studying a particular course of your choice is very good because you will be happy and your mind will be at peace. Have you ever come across a student who is studying a particular course which they do not like, many of them are even shy to tell you the name or even talk about it. We all know the country Nigeria, that the key to gaining admission is scoring high above the required cut off marks which are even expectant for you. Every individual should know the required cut off marks which are needed for each school which they applied for, this is essential, as this can even help them in getting their desired course which they want to study.

International relations can be studied in the university under two faculties which are the faculty of social and management sciences and the faculty of administration. These two faculties which are listed here also have different courses which are attached to them, some universities have international relations in any of the two faculties which were just listed.

List Of Nigerian Universities Offering International Relations

Below is the list of universities in Nigeria, where international relations is being offered.

  1. Bayero University Kano
  2. University of Ibadan
  3. Achievers University
  4. Covenant University
  5. Obong University
  6. Godfrey Okoye University
  7. Caleb University
  8. Baze University
  9. Lead City University
  10. Landmark University
  11. Oduduwa University
  12. Mcpherson University
  13. Tansian University
  14. Gregory University
  15. South Western University
  16. Kings University

These schools which are listed here above, international relations is being studied here, but they are studied under the faculty of social and management sciences. The next list below is going to show you the list of schools which offer international relation under the faculty of administration.

  1. Obafemi Awolowo University
  2. Wellspring University.

These are the only list we are going to find the administration faculty.

Now one question many of us will ask in this article is this, why is it that its mostly private universities that offer this course? We must look at the list that private universities has this course than the federal schools, we all then know the issue of the private universities with their school fees and all that. So its now clear for us of what we want to study, what we are gradually going into, so a course should be thoroughly checked upon and see if its available or not.

That’s all about List Of Nigerian Universities Offering International Relations.


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