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The Joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB), speaks on the latest cut off point for the examination which was recently conducted. The JAMB registrar Prof. Is-haq Oloyede and the board have clarified that the cut off points is not set by the body, he said that the policy committee which is chaired by the vice-chancellors, minister of education, provost of colleges of education and polytechnics and rectors are in charge of this task. { JAMB latest news on cut off point }. 

jamb latest news on cut off point


  • What Is Jamb Full Meaning?

Joint Admission Matriculation Board

  • What Is UTME Full Meaning?

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination

What Is Cut Off Mark / Cut Off Point?

The registrar described that cut off points is a minimum requirement and not an indication that one was admissible. The cut-off point which will be disclosed to aspiring students soon.

However, it might probably tally with the one of last year, the number of students who applied for JAMB this year, was more than that of previous years. The board was strongly convinced that this was the best UTME exam conducted over the years and it was also the first under prof. Is-haq Oleyede. Although, there were some cases of malpractice in some cyber cafes, all were caught by the board, cases of impersonation and others. The JAMB cut off point is the minimum score you are to attain to be able to get admission into the Nigeria University.



180-185———–20 points
186-190———–21 points
190-195———–22 points
196-200———–23 points
201-205———–24 points
206-210———–25 points
211-215———–26 points
216-220———–27 points
221-225———–28 points
226-230———–29 points
231-235———–30 points
236-240———–31 points
241-245———–32 points
246-250———–33 points
251-300———–34 -43 points
301-400———–44-60 points


Single sitting———10 points
Combined Results—2 points
A1————————6 points
B2 and B3————–4 points
C4-C6——————-3 points

For example;

Stella Uche scored 240 in UTME= 31 points
She applies for Mass communication, she presents only one WAEC result= 10 points
She has 1A, 2B, and 2C in the necessary subjects.

1A: 1×6= 6 points
2Bs: 2×4= 8points
2Cs: 2×3= 6 points
Her total points= 31+10+6+8+6=61 points

She will now await the school to release their cut off mark for the desired course she is going for. However, those in the case of 2 sittings can also calculate their scores in the same pattern.

Still On JAMB Latest News On Cut Off Point

Some of the questions popularly asked by 2018 UTME candidates is Has JAMB released the cut-off marks for 2018/19? and When will the JAMB cut-off marks for 2018/19 academic session be released?

As confirmed by reliable sources, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has officially rolled out the cut-off marks for 2018/19 admission into various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

After the outcomes of the just-concluded 2018/19 UTME examinations, JAMB announced the cut-off marks for Nigerian tertiary institutions including universities, colleges, and polytechnics.

This article is a comprehensive list of JAMB cut-off marks for all Nigerian universities (both State and Federal Universities), polytechnics (both State and Federal Polytechnics) and Colleges of Education.

Following the just-concluded UTME examinations, many candidates are curious about JAMB’s latest cut-off marks as a yardstick for measuring their admission chances into their preferred tertiary institutions. If you have been looking around the internet for information on JAMB cut-off marks for 2018/19 academic session, this is surely the right article for you.

Before you partake in the POST-UTME screening/examination of your desired tertiary institution, it is very important to know if your JAMB score qualifies you for admission into the chosen school. By reason of this, we have compiled this article and made it comprehensive as much as necessary so that it may be useful for all JAMB candidates in Nigeria.

JAMB Latest News On Cut Off Point Cont.

After the results of UTME examinations, it is advisable that candidates realize their admission chances by confirming whether they have met the minimum requirement(s) that should qualify them for POST-UTME examinations/screenings. If a candidate fails to meet the cut-off mark for his/her school of choice, he/she can obtain a change-of-institution form and prepare for subsequent admission screening exercises.

Before you scroll through 2018/19 JAMB cut-off marks for various institutions, it is important that you find out what is meant by “cut-off mark’’. Basically, a “cut-off’’ mark is the minimum mark a specified institution requires its aspirants to obtain before they can be considered for admission. In that case, you may not be admitted if you fail to meet the minimum mark set by your preferred school. Also, various institutions reserve the right to specify their own cut-off marks for candidates to be considered for admission. However, such cut-off marks must not be lower than the ones set by JAMB.

For instance, JAMB’s latest policy fixes the cut-off mark for all Nigerian universities (including State and Federal universities) at 120 but this doesn’t mean universities must stick with 120 as the minimum score candidates need to qualify for admission consideration. In a nutshell, 120 is the minimum score set by JAMB but various universities set higher cut-off marks for admission consideration. A number of top federal universities including OAU, Unilag, UI and UNIBEN fix their cut-off marks at 200 while most of the other universities fix theirs at 180.

Another notable point is that every candidate is expected to know the relevant cut-off mark for his/her desired course because a course tends to carry a higher cut-off mark depending on its competitiveness i.e. the number of people aspiring to study it. Therefore, competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Accounting, Economics and few others tend to carry higher cut-off marks, especially in top federal universities.

What Are 2018/19 JAMB Cut-Off Marks for Polytechnics, Universities, Innovative Enterprises and Colleges of Education?

As earlier implied, the 2018/19 JAMB cut-off mark for all Nigerian universities has been set at the minimum of 120. Meanwhile, this is only the general cut-off mark as fixed by JAMB. Candidates should note that universities can set higher marks as the minimum score for admission consideration.

For Innovative Enterprises, JAMB has stipulated the cut-off mark of 110 but in the case of Colleges of Education and all Nigerian polytechnics, the stipulated JAMB cut-off mark is 100.

With that noted, you may check our detailed information to see the 2019 JAMB cut-off marks for Nigerian tertiary institutions including universities, polytechnics, and Colleges of Education.


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