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IMPORTANCE OF CONSTITUTION IN NIGERIA (1999, 1993, 1979, 1963, 1960)

Importance of constitution in Nigeria. When we talk about the Nigeria constitution, there are so many things about it that we do not know. The Nigerian constitution has evolved over the years from the year 1914 to the present day constitution in 1999 and so many adjustments have been made to suit the citizen of Nigeria. You should know that being a citizen of a particular country, you are entitled to different rights which have been stated in the constitution and the constitution is like a set of rules which is meant to guide the citizens of any country, it helps them know their rights and how they should be treated. This article will give you the details about the Nigeria constitution and importance of it.

IMPORTANCE OF CONSTITUTION IN NIGERIA (1999, 1993, 1979, 1963 & 1960)

Nigeria constitution was made and put into law during the colonial era and this started in the year 1914 which has evolved and been made easier for the citizens of the country. You should know that the constitution contains a lot that is of benefits to the citizens. A citizen that does not know about the Nigeria constitution is not truly one. Nigeria’s first constitution as an independent country came up first in the year 1960 and under this constitution, Nigeria was able to retain Queen Elizabeth II as the titular head of state. Constitutions are written or unwritten to help the governance of a particular country and a country’s constitution can be rigid and non- rigid also. The constitution is meant to help the organs of government, a country without a constitution which means there would be no limitations on the government actions and this will make the country unstable and unfit for any citizen, doing this the government will be able to inflict so many rules and regulations that would not be suitable for the citizens and there will be total oppression, we can also call the constitution a checkmate for the government actions and also a written or unwritten government that guides the citizens of a country.

Importance Of Constitution In Nigeria
Importance Of Constitution In Nigeria

Every country has a constitution and this has made it possible for them to be peaceful. A country that is peaceful, there will be growth and so many positive changes. You should know that there is nothing like peace, a society that is peaceful lots of good things will come out for it. A country that has no constitution and does not value the lives of citizens should be called no country at all. There would lots of oppression, fighting and killing as citizens would not know their rights and they would feel that they are subjects to the government that they can use anyhow and control as they like. The government or those in power will see them as nothing and they will believe that since they are above them, they can treat them as they like. You should know the importance of constitution in Nigeria should never be overlooked as this is what brings about guidance and also help checkmate the government and make them know that the citizens are also very important. The 1999 constitution was designed to reflect the Federal character of Nigeria and the laws which are stated there are the country general laws and most of them are used for administrative purposes. This constitution states that no person from one state can discriminate another and this should be applied to ethnic groups and various religions which people practice. This was stated so that no one would feel superior to each other, the constitution clearly states that everybody is one as long as you are a citizen of Nigeria no discrimination is allowed be it you are a Muslim, Christian or even a traditionalist. The constitution states the process of denouncing citizenship and also the procedure of becoming a citizen of Nigeria.

The 1999 constitution of Nigeria states that to be a senator you have to be 35 years old or more, to be a president you have to 40 years old and more than to be a member of the house of representatives you should be at least 30 years and above. The 1999 constitution set up so many policies for elections, the constitution has been able to state how you can impeach a president, a vice president, the policies for election, how you can become president, the vital role of judges of different level and the criteria for their election. The constitution also functions in protecting the human rights of all Nigeria citizens which are the following; Right to Life, Right to personal liberty, Right to Dignity, Right to privacy, Right to Fair Hearing, Right to Freedom of Expression, Right to Freedom of thought, conscience and Religion, Right to Freedom of movement within Nigeria, Right to acquire and own immovable property anywhere in Nigeria.

Importance of Constitution In Nigeria

  • The main function of the constitution is to establish the structure of the government. You should know that one of the importance is that it protects citizens rights and freedom. You should know that they place the power to rule in the hands of the citizens, you might be surprised reading this for the first time but it’s the fact. This is done to limit the power of the government and to establish the check and balance within the system. Checks and balance is done to help checkmate the government or those holding power in several positions so that they do not misuse it or use it to treat citizens anyhow.
  • Another importance of the constitution is that any law issued by the ruling legislative organ has to conform with the main laws which has been set before and this referring to the constitution. This will help legislators know that they can’t just scrap off the laws of the constitution to suit themselves, they can create new laws but it should be in accordance to the old ones which was stated there before.
  • The constitution is made so that there will be no abuse of power. You should know that there are several dangers which relate to abuse of power and this can affect the citizen of a particular country. This is what we mean by checks and balances of all arms of the government and this will also help the citizens not to be abused.
  • Another importance of constitution in Nigeria is that it also describes the national plan of democratic development and it helps in giving the citizens the laws which they are suppose to adhere to. These laws are meant to be followed so that there will be a peaceful environment among themselves.

In conclusion, we have given you full details about the Nigeria constitution and importance of the constitution. This should be noted and adhered to as this will help bring peaceful environment to every citizen of Nigeria. The checks and balances which are done for the government is to make sure that the government do not abuse the power which has been given to them and also the citizens are expected to follow rules and regulations.

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