GTBank BVN Code – How To Check Your Bank Verification Code

All you need to know on how to check your GTBank BVN Code *737*6*1# and essential security tips to stay safe. This article is about Gtbank BVN Code as well as all other important stuff associated with it. Here, we will be highlighting vital information such as what a BVN code is, how to check which is yours as a Gtbank user, neccesary security tips to ensure safety, and so on. 

First things first, what is a BVN? Well, the full meaning of BVN is actually “Bank Verification Number”. It is simply an 11 digit number that represents a person’s universal Identity in every bank (or any financial institution whatsoever) in Nigeria.

Some years before now, there was nothing like BVN here in Nigeria. However, due to the need to ensure the implementation of its cashless policy in the country, Nigeria’s apex bank – the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), chose to bring it up to achieve its aim. 

With the introduction of the concept of the BVN, the Central Bank aims at eradicating all manner of financial fraud and theft which is hurting the country. Also, being a superb innovative tool, with a BVN, a Nigerian can also engage in transactions at any point of banking operations in any part of the country. 

GTBank BVN Code – How To Check Your Bank Verification Code

  • Option 1: Dial *565*0#


  • Option 2; Dial *737*6*1#

Details On How To Check Your Gtbank BVN  below

Actually, there are two major ways you can use to check your Gtbank BVN with your mobile device. There is a “general” method (which can be used irrespective of one’s bank), and there is the “specific” method (which can be used only by Gtbank customers). 

So, for the general method, all a person should do is to just dial *565*0#. Please note that the SIM card must be the one you used for your account registration. When you dial it, you will be shown your BVN (but you will also be charged #20)

Now, to the “specific” method which is meant for just Gtbank customers. As a patronizer of the bank, they have created a simple solution for you to check your BVN at any point in time, on your phone, even without the need for internet connection. All you simply have to do is to dial *737*6*1# with the SIM you used in creating the account, and it is display almost immediately. 

GTBank BVN Code
GTBank BVN Code

Gtbank Bank Verification Number 

Gtbank is one of the banks the country can boast of, as it keeps breaking boundaries and keeps bringing about innovative stuff that brings tons of customers to it. And so, among the tons of banks we currently have in Nigeria, Guarantee Trust Bank is one of those leading the pack, and apparently, one of those with the highest number of customers in the banking world. 

So, you as a customer of Gtbank should be aware that the bank can’t but ensure you have your own BVN to carry out transactions. 

But what is the benefit or use of all these? In case you are wondering the advantage the BVN has, let us quickly highlight them for you:

  1. – Secures Your Bank Account:

What else is more important than the security of your Bank account and your hard-earned money? Imagine having to work to accumulate money, and some mischievous folks are making attempts at devising ways to steal them by taking advantage of some imperfections in the system. Therefore, it is a nice thing to know that the initiative of the BVN is meant to help secure one’s Bank account and protect one’s money. 

  1. – Exposes Fraudulent Transactions, Theft And Blacklisted Customers:

With this initiative, there is nowhere to hide for mischievous folks as far as the banking system is concerned, and it helps ensure security. 

  1. – Provides With a Unique ID That You Can Make Use Of In Any Bank:

If you were given your BVN in a Gtb branch, it remains relevant even in other banks too. So, you don’t have to bother yourself going to different banks creating new BVN after the first one. Once a person register, the unique code is attached to their name across all financial institutions in Nigeria.

Now, the issue is that many people are wary of memorizing all 11 digits of their BVN. Of course, you don’t have to burden your brain, as, there are methods you can use to check your BVN on your phone. One exciting thing is that you don’t even need to have an internet connection before you can do this. 

How To Register For Your Own BVN 

If you don’t have a BVN yet, you are expected to create one immediately, and it won’t take much time. Simply enter any Gtbank branch (or any other bank of your choice) and get the BVN enrolment form from the officials there. Fill the form adequately, and submit it when you are done. After this, they will take your biometric data (the picture of your face, your thumb print, etc). Within 24 hours, a BVN code will be attached to you. 

Below is the statement which was released by the Central Bank of Nigeria as touching Bank Verification Number :

“Identity theft and fraudulent transactions have become a menace to the global banking system in recent times. In order to ensure trust relationship in the Nigerian banking system is not undermined, The Central Bank of Nigeria in collaboration with all Nigerian Banks launched Bank Verification Number (BVN) project in February 14, 2014. The BVN uniquely identifies every customer across the Nigeria banking industry using biometric details. It is a requirement for operating a bank account in Nigeria as no withdrawal shall be made on accounts without validated BVN (customers in diaspora accounts were exempted till January 31, 2016”

In case you are yet to wrap your head around those, just simply know that the initiative is one where the Central Bank aims at utilizing the BVN thing to bring about transparency and security in the Nigerian system (especially issues that deal with finances). When we create a system that ensures the ease of assessment of data, we can achieve our goal of bringing about transparency and security, which will have positive effects on the generality of the country (just as it is being done in other developed countries today).

That’s all about How to check your GTBank BVN Code


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