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Top 50 Most Beautiful Countries In Africa (2024)

The best way to determine the most beautiful countries in Africa is to examine what the people tell you by the places they choose to visit. There is just no other way to determine beauty because it lies in the eyes of the beholder, and very rarely do two beholders agree on the same thing.

In truth, there is beauty in every country; but not everyone has the patience to look for it. We therefore take the beauty that is set right before our eyes, and which others before us have equally appreciated.

Top 50 Most Beautiful Countries In Africa

1. Zimbabwe/Zambia

Most people agree that Victoria Falls is the most impressive thing they have ever seen; and it is for this natural wonder that both Zimbabwe and Zambia share the top spot on the list of Africa’s most beautiful countries.

The Victoria Falls, and the whole of Lake Victoria is part of the territories of both countries; and as such it is not possible to name one country and then leave out the other.

Both countries have tourism infrastructure around the Victoria Falls, and they also have wildlife reserves surrounding it as well. The millions of visitors who come to see the spectacle do so from a safe distance so as not to disturb the wildlife.

The wildlife around the Lake Victoria is also rich and impressive; Lake Victoria is an important ecosystem on its own.

2. South Africa

South Africa’ beauty does not depend on wildlife; a wide range of features combine to make this one of the most beautiful places in the world. South Africa is a land of amazing mega diversity; a large number of plant and animal life call this place home.

South Africa is also diverse in the type of land it has; there are dry lands- some of which are deserts, there are also valleys and gorges, as well as snow covered mountains. South Africa also has great diversity in its people; Whites, Blacks, Colored, and Asians all live together.

Therefore South Africa’s beauty comes from its landscape, cityscape, flora and fauna, and most importantly from its people. This is a great country; it is first in Africa for so many things; and does not lag behind in beauty either.

3. Kenya

Kenya is located in east Africa; and it is one of the biggest economies on the continent. Tourism plays a big role in that economy because the country is naturally beautiful. Kenya has a great wealth natural diversity; the many national parks and game reserves have a wealth of animals on display including giraffes, lions, buffaloes, and elephants.

Kenya’s terrain is also diverse and beautiful; it has everything from palm- lined white sand beaches, to the snow covered peaks of Mount Kenya.

Visitors to Kenya often end up spending more time than they had planned; the country is just too enchanting, with so many sights to see. The city of Nairobi rises like a phoenix amidst the surrounding areas; it is important to tour this city so as to get a feel of the commercial and business aspect of this country.

4. Cameroon

Cameroon is a country in central Africa; one that is surprisingly beautiful. The surprise comes from the fact that not much is known about this country in tourism circles; almost as if Cameroon has deliberately hidden its natural beauty.

Rhumsiki Rock is one of the most beautiful things you will ever set your eyes on; it is a collection of steep rocks pointing straight to the heavens, and given a beautiful landscape by the surrounding ground which is covered in greenery.

This is one of the most visited places in Cameroon, but there are many other rock formations in the country; such as the one at Wouri, which has a stream and which is very popular among the young people of the area.

5. Rwanda

Rwanda is a small country located in east Africa; but it is a very interesting place in deed. It is located in the Great Rift Valley region, and is also part of the African great lakes region. Rwanda has a very high elevation, which is actually what makes it unique.

Lake Kivu is one of the most photographed places in the country; it has many small islands, and is surrounded by lush greenery.

The Nyungwe Forest National Park is another spectacle to behold; it is intelligently designed to be both beautiful and nature conscious. Among the interesting features of this nature park is the canopy walk; which suspends visitors several feet in the air so they can observe the animals quietly from above without disturbing them.

Volcanoes national park is one of the few places where you can observe gorillas in their natural habitat; these heavy primates are the face of the park, and one of the most important animals in the country.

6. Egypt

Egypt is one of the most visited countries in Africa and the world; and its popularity has to do with the fact that it has the oldest monuments of any ancient civilization known to man. The great pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and Karnak, are just some examples of the exquisite things that one can see in this country.

One can also ride a camel and take his mind back how life must have been in those times; one can see how the local people survive in the harsh environment that the desert gives.

Africa is lucky to have Egypt on the continent; there is hardly a place as impressive as Egypt- which is why some unimaginative people have theorized that the monuments were built by aliens.

7. Mali

Mali is also arid and desert land; its monuments may not be as grand as those of Egypt, but they are certainly as culturally important. Mali was once the site of an empire, and was also an important cultural center for the whole region.

The ancient city of Timbuktu was the premier center of learning; scholars from all over the world came to learn from teachers right here in Africa.

Some of the must see things in Mali include; the Great Mosque of Djenne; a UNESCO heritage site which was included in 1988. The great mosque was built in the 13th Century; although it has now been rebuilt in 1907.

Timbuktu is an ancient city in Mali; ancient in every sense of the word. Yes, it is populated, and has everything; a market, mosques, hospitals, and so on; but all the buildings retain that ancient look and feel.

There are at least 7 libraries in Timbuktu where you can get a feel of what this city was like in the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries, when it was a center for learning.

8. Morocco

Morocco is another country that has been frequently listed among the most beautiful places in the world. Many factors combine to make it true; the country has great diversity in its land- desert, cold snow covered mountains, and ancient cities.

Morocco’s desert is the most beautiful of all; the sand dunes which go as far as the eyes can see, form an impressive landscape upon which the desert tribes, transverse in their camel caravans. These desert tribes have their own taste of food, drink and music; and one has to taste these things to appreciate them.

Morocco also has the ancient city of Marrakech; a place that is purposely built to dazzle, and which reflects the way of life of the people in ancient times. In fact, aside from the palace, the medina, and buildings, you still find people living, dressing and eating in the same way as their ancestors did centuries ago.

Morocco also has some beautiful beaches, and even the hotels mostly have a traditional touch to them. At the right time of the year the Atlas Mountains get covered with snow and ice, and that is another dimension to the word “beautiful.”

9. Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in east Africa; one that has many superlatives with which to describe it. Tanzania is one of the most visited countries on the continent; and all those millions of tourists cannot all be wrong.

Tanzania has within it the Mount Kilimanjaro; which is the highest peak in Africa, and one of the most visited spots on the continent. Kilimanjaro gets more beautiful the higher one climbs; it has glaciers, and the top is snow covered. Photography aficionados can take some of the most breathtaking photos from this peak.

Tanzania is also home to an amazing diversity of plant and animal life; there are several national parks in the country, with the intention of safeguarding nature; most popular among them being the Serengeti National Park.

10. Namibia

Namibia is a country in southern Africa; and one that is unique in so many ways. This country has a desert occupying most of its territory; but even the desert has so much to offer. There are many dune fields, valleys, and gorges in Namibia; and they often have exquisite land formations.

Namibia is one of the few places in the world where the desert directly meets the ocean; and there is plenty of beauty and surprises to be seen here. For example, Namibia is one of the only two places in the world where you can find wild populations of desert elephants; their distinctive feature being their wide feet.

You can also find some endangered species such as the greater kudu, black rhino, and the wild dog. Namibia also has plenty of lions, giraffes, wildebeests, and hyenas.

Observing the bush tribes is a special kind of beauty; it is interesting to see that since ancient times they have learned how to live with nature, and how to get the things they need from the wilderness without destroying it.

The following is a more extensive list of the most beautiful countries in Africa; and please remember that they are ranked according the strength of the attractions they have.

Rank Country Region
1 Zimbabwe/Zambia Southern Africa
2 South Africa Southern Africa
3 Kenya East Africa
4 Cameroon Central Africa
5 Rwanda East Africa
6 Egypt North Africa
7 Mali West Africa
8 Morocco North Africa
9 Tanzania East Africa
10 Namibia Southern Africa
11 Tunisia North Africa
12 Libyan North Africa
13 Madagascar East Africa
14 Uganda East Africa
15 Algeria North Africa
16 Cape Verde West Africa
17 Gambia West Africa
18 Ethiopia East Africa
19 Mauritania North Africa
20 São Tomé & Príncipe Central Africa
21 Lesotho Southern Africa
22 Seychelles East Africa
23 Eritrea East Africa
24 Mozambique Southern Africa
25 South Sudan East Africa
26 Djibouti East Africa
27 Angola Southern Africa
28 Nigeria West Africa
29 Liberia West Africa
30 Somalia East Africa
31 Senegal West Africa
32 Congo DR Central Africa
33 Guinea West Africa
34 Burundi East Africa
35 Congo Brazzaville Central Africa
36 Eswatini Southern Africa
37 Ghana West Africa
38 Central African Republic Central Africa
39 Niger West Africa
40 Benin Republic West Africa
41 Togo West Africa
42 Burkina Faso West Africa
43 Malawi Southern Africa
44 Sierra Leone West Africa
45 Gabon Central Africa
46 Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
47 Chad North Africa
48 Western Sahara North Africa
49 Guinea Bissau West Africa
50 Equatorial Guinea Central Africa



The most beautiful countries in Africa either have wonderful ancient monuments, or breathtaking land formations or both. Nature is the purest form of beauty; countries that have gone to great lengths to preserve nature deserve all the praise they can get because they have done a great thing now and for future generations. The beautiful treasures they have preserved today may yet save humanity tomorrow.

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