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Top 10 Best Islands in Africa (2024)

When we think about traveling to Africa we usually envision a safari tour towards Maasai Mara, a visit to the ancient Egyptian monuments, or an excursion to Cape Town. But Africa offers a lot more to travelers and the gorgeous African islands are certainly worth a visit. The African islands offer a unique collection of wildlife, flora, stunning African island beaches, and intriguing historical facts to delve into.

The Cape Verde Island is the best island in Africa. Each island is a sovereign state with its rights. These best islands in Africa are known for their breathtaking beauty and are worthy to be included on your bucket lists. They draw not only travelers from all over the world but also newlywed couples.

Top 10 Best Islands in Africa

The stunning beauty of Africa’s islands has many things to offer, with some captivating and exciting activities. African islands boast clean and white sandy beaches, clear waters warm oceans, distinctive wildlife, tales of the past, and welcoming locals.

1. Cape Verde 

Cape Verde, one of the most important islands on the western coast of Africa is a wonderful escape among African island nations. It is considered to be a fashionable island, Sal is the most frequented destination on the island. Additionally, Sal is one of the most beautiful 10 islands in the African archipelago. It is a prominent feature of this region of the West African island’s map, Sal is a should-visit for travelers who want to be a part of the vibrant African culture during their trip.

Sal is a word that refers to salt in the Portuguese language. It is the perfect name due to its white, sprawling beaches. Sal is gaining popularity in comparison to other islands because of the ease of access and the convenience. Santa Maria which is the principal town on the beautiful Island of Sal is decorated with beautiful pastel-colored houses. There are a variety of places to go for restaurants, bars as well as live events and live music. Sal’s nightlife Sal is also vibrant and vibrant. Cape Verde is the best island in Africa.

2. Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome Island is the most famous and largest island in Sao Tome and Principe. The majority of people living on this island speak the Portuguese language. The island is located on the west coast of Central Africa and it is a favorite among tourists due to the possibility of adventurous sports. Anyone who wants to feel the adrenaline rush can plunge into the clear water that flows into the Indian Ocean and go snorkeling.

You should also discover the charming village of fishermen, and then sit for bird watching during their leisure time. Other activities to consider include tasting some of the world’s finest chocolates and coffee. If you’re seeking new experiences and a new environment it is a must to visit the island with your loved family members. Sao Tome as well as Principe is a wonderful Lost World.

3. Comoros

Comoros is a hidden island located on the eastern shores of Africa. People who seek peace and tranquility would love Comoros which is one of the most important East African islands. Comoros is also home to beautiful beaches, stunning reefs for snorkelers, lush forests, and a wonderful mixture that combines Swahili and Arabian culture. It is one of the best islands in Africa.

Moheli is also known as Mwali is the smallest of the three African islands that make up the country of Comoros. Moheli is unspoiled and less frequented than the other islands. The Moheli Marine Park is the only national park in Comoros. Moheli, often referred to as the nature island, promotes ecotourism. The welcoming people and the freshness and purity of Moheli are sure to entice you.

4. Madagascar

Nosy Be is the largest island in the archipelago, and it is one of the top destinations in Madagascar. Although it’s a tiny island it has already attracted a lot of travelers from all over the globe. The East African islands map is designed to lead you through Madagascar which is located near the shores of Mozambique. Madagascar is also believed to be the fourth largest island, which has a variety of unique species of flora and fauna.

The theory is that around 95% of the biodiversity of Madagascar is not found elsewhere on Earth. Nosy Be, a renowned island in Madagascar is a must-visit at least once in your lifetime. There are expensive hotels, restaurants, and shops within the city of Nosy Be by the Indian Ocean. The exotic island, despite many things to do, still retains its peace, tranquil waters, and peace. Restaurants serve delicious seafood that you can gorge on.

5. Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius is an archipelago comprising the Mauritius, Rodriguez, St. Brandon, and Agalega Islands. Mauritius is a melting pot with African, European, and Indian influences. Mauritius is among the most sought-after destinations for honeymooners.

Mauritius offers a variety of African island resorts with breathtaking shores. It’s also a world-class destination for deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and even deep-sea fishing. The islands deep inside are the habitat of a variety of animals, birds, and species of plants. Mauritius remains one of the best islands in Africa.

6. Seychelles

Seychelles is located in East Kenya, and the Seychelles archipelago holds 115 islands of paradise. Seychelles has the lowest population in comparison to other sovereign African nations. Tourists are attracted by Seychelles’ white sand beaches, azure waters that are ideal for diving and snorkeling, as well as the rare wildlife that consists of Aldabra giant tortoise as well as pelagic seabirds. Seychelles cuisine is one to try because it’s an exquisite mix of African, European, and Asian influences.

The growth of luxurious resorts makes Seychelles the perfect destination for couples on their honeymoon. A trip to Praslin which is the second-largest island in Seychelles will make you want to return to explore more. Praslin was formerly a place of refuge for Arab merchants and pirates, but today it is a sought-after location with a variety of African island resorts, beaches, and hotels.

7. Djerba Island

Its North African island map will help you navigate Djerba located in the Mediterranean Sea which is one of the most significant North African islands, situated just off the shores of South Tunisia. Djerba is well-known to tourists for its beaches that are sand-colored and a variety of sports options and excellent dining spots. If one steps away from the bustling beach, you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet rural area. The distinctive culture and tradition of Djerba are also awe-inspiring to visitors. It is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Africa.

8. Seal Island

There are a variety of Seal colonies scattered across the coast of South African islands which provides the opportunity to take a seal trip. Take a look at the marine life of Seal Island and soak into the breathtaking beauty of the ocean.

The South African coastline offers gorgeous sparkling blue Indian Ocean and glistening golden beaches. You can visit one of the seal islands close to Cape Town to see the various species of African seals. The most well-known include those of the Cape Fur seals. 

9. Zanzibar

The biggest island in Africa, Zanzibar Island (or Unguja) is located just off the coast of Tanzania. It has been a key trade route for centuries, and it is one of the best islands in Africa. This African beauty is an amalgamation of African, Indian, and Arab influences, which are evident in the unique culture of the island.

The best spots to go to in Zanzibar comprise Stone Town, Changuu, Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Mnemba Island, and the Old Fort of Zanzibar. other attractions in Zanzibar, comprise the beautiful bazaars and courtyards, mosques, and gorgeous white beaches.

10. Lamu Island

Lamu Island in the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya is famous for its unique Old Town, and the main town square on Lamu Island. In addition to being among the oldest and most protected Swahili communities within East Africa, the Lamu Old Town is unique in its features. The town is made from mangroves and coral stones.

The houses have the inside of their courtyards, and verandas intricately made of wooden doors. Another fascinating feature that makes this a beautiful location on the map of the East African island is that there aren’t any routes on the islands, which means it is unlikely to even see vehicles on the island. It’s just a collection of pathways and alleyways here and it remains one of the best islands in Africa.



The best islands in Africa to explore comprise islands in West and East African islands that are bordered by beaches in the Indian Ocean. They’re able to rival the Mediterranean as well as Caribbean islands concerning natural beauty. The North and South African islands are both important ones to visit in the case of the few islands that are included.

Most times, a safari in the wilderness may be the first thing that pops into your mind when you envision your trip to Africa. However, the diversity of African islands merits a mention. The amazing and breathtaking islands that Africa is home to can be a place to enjoy many of the unforgettable moments of your life. Be aware that you haven’t experienced enough of Africa If a safari through the wild is the only thing you’ve seen so far.