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List Of Courses For Science Students Without Maths (2024)

Most universities have a structure and courses you as an aspirant must fulfill before standing a chance in the institution to be admitted. If you wish to study as a science students what is constant is the necessity to pass mathematics as a rudiment to get you into that department.

Therefore, we will be explicitly writing on courses you can register if you don’t have mathematics in your WAEC and JAMB. We will take you through a detailed tour of the topic, courses for science students without mathematics.

Courses For Science Students Without Maths In JAMB

Here, the list of courses you can register as a student without mathematics in either your WAEC or JAMB. Carefully select your choice of study.

  1. Languages (English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, and others)
  2. Christian Theology/ African religion
  3. Security studies
  4. and Criminology • Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  5. Mass Communication
  6. Social studies
  7. French and International Relations
  8. Islamic Studies
  9. History
  10. Law
  11. Philosophy
  12. Political Science
  13. psychology
Courses For Science Students Without Maths
Courses For Science Students Without Maths

Courses For Science Students That Requires Mathematics

We are going to be writing briefly on some courses you should not try to register if you do not have mathematics in your WAEC or JAMB. They are no-go area, else you will keep wasting your time seeking for admission.

  1. Nursing
  2. Radiology
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Zoology
  6. Mathematics and industrial mathematics
  7. Botany
  8. Geology
  9. Geography
  10. Medical Laboratory
  11. Agriculture
  12. Dentist
  13. Veterinary medicine
  14. Anatomy

Importance Of Subject Combinations In Waec and Jamb

Just like we have course combinations or courses being offered in secondary schools to make a particular student a science student, art student, commercial and so on and so forth. For a prospective undergraduate, there is always a set benchmark for any courses in the institution and the subjects a student must have in his or her credentials to make her stand an admission.

For every course in an institution, as a prospective student, it is advisable you go through the school requirements before proceeding to fill a form in regards to admission in such university.

Just like some courses demand mathematics in WAEC result, some of these courses do not require mathematics in jamb, and some of these courses do not demand mathematics in both credentials.

Importance Of Mathematics In Higher Institutions 

That mathematics is required for some courses in Nigeria doesn’t mean it is a witch hunt or effort to reduce off some students of the list of aspiring students of a particular institution. But it is paramount such courses enlist mathematics in their requirements because of the following reasons.

  Science Courses Are Mostly Abstract Realities: 

Just as science is the study of living and non-living things, yet it requires some attribute to be successful in any field of science you choose. The ability to think of something that does not exist and relate it to factors that affect living things is one quality of science students, so mathematics helps to sharpen and develop the aspect of their brain in this regard.

   Accurate Account For Laboratory Procedure: 

For successful research in the laboratory, it requires fast thinking, well-developed brain which is vast in calculations. It is a general fact that hardly will you see science courses without having to do with calculation especially engineering courses that deal with measurement and purely calculations. So, with the help of a rooted mathematical knowledge, it helps to reduce the stress placed on the lecturers while doing his work.

   Develop Fast Thinking Ability: 

For most science students who are going to some critical aspect of science, like neurosurgeons, chemists, etc., they need a critical thinking ability to think fast, act in proportion to the demand of a particular course. So mathematics helps such students to deepen their thinking sense because for you to be successful in mathematics you must be successful in learning formula of hands, applying it step by step, thinking outside the box to solve some calculation.

Common Causes Of Failure In Mathematics

Most students today consistently and woefully fail mathematics in both jamb and WAEC. In Nigeria, you find our average youth sitting for WAEC over five times in bid of searching for mathematics. Some even go as far as going to a centre where they are helped to pass this subject.

This leads to frustration among some students that they decide not to write any examination any longer to save them the stress of looking for a particular subject. Some are still writing or sitting for the exam on a yearly basis with faith that they can actually be admitted to an institution of learning with a pass in mathematics.

Do you know why the failure rate for Mathematics is high? Some factors are responsible for this and they affect a number of candidates writing WAEC.


Do you know the average failure or massive failure we see today in mathematics is not a purported plan by the examination body? Most of the failure is a result of student’s laziness. Most students don’t prepare enough before and some days to exanimation. Some start reading only the second day to examination. While some don’t even prepare at all, some believe in their brilliant friends to get help from him, all these has to be the major factor contributing to student failure in mathematics.


You will not imagine most students don’t see value or reasons having textbooks for the subjects they are being taught. You can’t expect a student who doesn’t have a textbook to prepare ahead of his teacher or read on his or her leisure time because there is no material to use for that.


Average students today has a very negative perception of mathematics. Some students see this subject as terrifying element that you don’t go or battle with a normal state of mind. Some students even think knowing mathematics is a gift that is meant for a certain set of students only.


Some teachers are so archaic that they use the same method that was used on students to fail massively the last examination again for a new set of students. Approaches and level of confidence a teacher give a student’s matter a lot and has a very long way to plays in student’s lives.




Set to go, let us quickly do some quick review.

Don’t be convinced by hear-say of some people that have no access to the four corners of a university, yet they tell you what is happening in there. Some of them will tell you you cannot secure admission without a minimum of credit in Mathematics. This is not true for science courses that require no Mathematics. We have listed some courses above that you need mathematics to work with and some that don’t require mathematics at all.

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