Problems Of Educational Planning In Nigeria And Possible Solutions

On the problems of educational planning in Nigeria, its good to note that in every organization and sectors, there are different challenges and problem from one thing or the other facing them. no setup or body has ever gotten to the peak of their dream or destination they are meant to be without picking up challenges that come their way as a stepping stone.

Likewise, in Nigeria, just like we have challenges in every ministry, parastatals of the government, the educational of which dealt with planning and other related matters are faced with challenges too. We will be looking at all these changes one after the other and we will be discussing the possible way out of these challenges.

Problems Of Educational Planning In Nigeria
Problems Of Educational Planning In Nigeria


Before going to the major topic, we will be addressing in this write-up, we need to understand what education is, and what educational planning is also. Education can be seen in the overview as the means of development of the individual in one aspect of life or in every aspect of life as the case may apply. Some define education as bringing out the very best in a learner to as to be useful to himself and for the society at large.

Educational planning is all the procedures, techniques and resources put together to achieve the aim of education in Nigeria which to foster national unity and for national development.

Problems Of Educational Planning In Nigeria And Possible Solutions

  • Poor Funding

First of these problems is poor funding of these sectors. Many and other financial support are focused on other sectors in Nigeria, some good feed with financial aid so as to see the sector thrives and strike well for the purpose of the ministry or sector. But in the case of education, the reverse is the case. This can be clearly seen in the national budgets that are been passed through the national assembly every year, the amount of money and percentage allocated to the educational sector is not what is actually encouraging. As an arm of education that sees to the technocratic developments of her citizens, the fund diverted to this sector is very poor.

  • Poor Governance

Not just poor governance but the poor governing body also. Governance here can be in two directions, in the first direction is the government of the nation or state while the second one is the one that dealt with the educational sector in the nation. Due to a lack of technical know-how and the importance of education to economic development, most governments never take a look at what is happening at the educational sector nor do they give orders that can help the arm grow to achieve the implementation and planning body. And in terms of educational governance, most of the officials did not know their responsibilities, and some that do know never put it into practice.

  • Lack Of Responsibility And Control

Another problem besieging this sector is, the body that is assigned to take responsibility of the planning, implementation and see to the total operations of the plans lack control some did not even take responsibility rather they resolve to look into matters that matter to personal life and not to the sector they are paid to be committed to.

  • Corruption

Just as this act is witnessed in every arm of the government, likewise it is experienced in the educational sector. In case of boycotting normal standards just to see little stipend as a form of settling their pocket in course of discharging their duties. Take for instance, after a regulation has been given that no secondary school should absorb teachers who are not certified in the subject they are to take, and in course of monitoring and supervision by the government bodies to see if this is being complied with, and they caught a school especially private schools that still err to this order, instead of sanctioning and giving appropriate fine to the deafening school, they collect bribe for personal self and let the school go scot free. Also, some schools are not even penalized at all because they are owned by top government officials even one of the supervising body, all these contribute to the problem of educational planning.

  • Politicization Of Education

This is another cankerworm in the body, instead of putting a round peg in a round hole, some government officials put a round peg in a square hole. This illustration is applicable where the head of the minister of education should be someone who is vast in the area of education and has a technocratic idea about the profession, but due to politics most people play, they can put someone who studies agricultural science in ministry of education which is a no to no idea in national development.

  • Lack Of Infrastructure

This is predominant in Nigeria; most schools lack the materials and infrastructure that is needed to see to full planning and implementation of educational plans.

Other problems include the following


Solutions To The Problems Of Educational PLanning IN Nigeria

All the problems listed above can be conquered by doing the following

  1.    Reasonable financial support should be made available to the educational sector
  2.    There should be strict adherence to educational ordinances
  3.    Favoritism, nepotism, and all form of corrupt practices should be avoided
  4.    The staff, officials, and other bodies in the educational sector should be well remunerated
  5.    Exorbitant school fee should be avoided
  6.    While selecting officials of the body, all forms of partisan spirit and the political game should be avoided, credence should be based on merit-driven officials
  7.    Teachers and another body in charge of educational sectors are to be retrenched periodically
  8.    Infrastructure for education should be given much attention because the development of the citizen has a role to play in the development of the nation.


Conclusion On The Problems Of Educational Planning In Nigeria And Possible Solutions

We have written on various problems facing the educational planning in Nigeria, also we have briefly written about what education is, and lastly, we have given a possible solution to all of these problems. Sit back and read.

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