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List Of Science Subjects In Secondary Schools (2024)

This list of science subject in secondary schools will arm students, parents, guardians, and teachers with familiarising themselves with the needed info.

There are goals to attain the highest pinnacle of success and one’s career. Also, there are all energy and power that are concerted to make things work well for humanity as a creature of God, and men with the help of guided and concerted efforts have been able to bind together several areas of knowledge to pitch one’s tent with so as to achieve the goal one has set.

All society and nation of the world rely on education as a driving tool to get eh mot their desire Height of societal development and state of economic well-being of the citizen in their various societies.

No society in the world today under-rate the power of education to help develop and enhances the national objectives. Education in any country is always centered around the development of the nation and also increase the nation strength to other nation as well especially allies’ countries.

List Of Science Subject In Secondary Schools

List of all science subjects in secondary schools are;

  • Science Subjects

Science basically is the study of life and the environment. Virtually everything that happens in one’s environment today, has its explanation with science knowledge and theories. Most nation thrive well today as a result of daily advancement in technology and innovations are the product of science studies and researches,


There are different courses that hinge in the teaching of sciences knowledge and theories. Courses like chemistry, biology, biochemistry, geophysics, medicine and surgery and many other related courses even technological course like ICT, and engineering courses like building engineer, industrial engineering, mining, and others.

  • English Language

For anyone to study science courses, he or she must be inclined with the knowledge of English, the uses and application. No one can attain or be admitted to any citadel of learning of without having at least credit pass in the English Language.

This subject exposes students to use of language, oral English, comprehension, lexis and structure, letter writing, summary writing, essay, and many other topics that are related and needed by students to have knowledge of.

  • Economics

As part of entrepreneur skills to embed in students, the needs to teach economics in school is very paramount. The subject economics is just a subject related to humans, his needs, scarcity and how to satisfy or decide with limited resources.

Also, it teaches some aspects of production like what to produce, how to produce and whom to produce for are part of what will be introduced to students.

  • Mathematics

This subject teaches students basic arithmetic’s, calculation, surds, indices, word problems, quadratic equation, and many other topics that will help students in course of his or her study as a science student studying any of the science courses.

  • Chemistry

This subject is another backbone on which all sciences derived their fundamental principles. Chemistry as a subject is simply the study of chemicals and its components, function, structure, and properties and how they behave under certain conditions and under manipulated conditions.

Almost all subjects in science which include biology, physics and others are all chemically represented here and the basic principle of life and chemical explanation to it all are given here in this subject.

No science students will be admitted to any course in any university without having at least credit pass in chemistry as a subject.

  • Physic

Talking or writing about the principle that guides most of the life actions and activities gained their root here in this subject.

Physic is the study of work, force, and energy, how work is been done, energy used to do the work, the time it will take to do the work and many others.

Work is not limited to human activities only, it also extends to electric circuit, power, machines and many others. This subject is a phenomenal subject all science students must have pass before been admitted into the citadel of learning.

  • Biology Or Agricultural Science

This is a life studying aspect of science subjects, it deals with the study of life, basic life principles, how plants and animals respond and relate with their ecosystem.

Biology also teaches students some basic cycles in the earth ho some of the nutrients get to a human in the lithosphere and how the nutrients are recycled back to be purified and made available again for life to make use of.

Agricultural science teaches students some basic farming principles, cultivation and some agricultural practices.

  • Geography

As a science student, this is one of the basic things you will be exposed to, this is the study of the environment, the terrain topography, weather conditions and many other things you need to know about the environment. Also, in this subject, you are been exposed to map reading, how to calculate the distance on a map, how to descript the exact location using a map and the compass. This is one of the interesting subjects in for science student but it is deeper than what is limited to the secondary schools.

  • Civic Education

Students need to know their basic rights as a citizen, basic responsibilities, how to handle and relate with the general public so as to avoid breaking or going against the constitution of the country, so in these subjects, students are equipped with the whole knowledge they need to know about the aforementioned bases.

  • Science Subjects And Syllabus

Education in any nation is not just a choreography of confusion rather a colloquial of intellectual planning, survey, and implementation. The syllabus used by science students in the country is as a result of careful planning and collection of the idea and knowledge students in this class will be needing.

Many educational bodies contributed to the development of this syllabus and materials used in any secondary school today. Bodies like JAMB, NECO, WAEC, SAT, and others contributed to the development of a syllabus for science students.


Conclusion on Science Subject In Secondary Schools

The epochal era of civilization, application of science to drive technological advancements are as a result of a basic understanding of science subjects. For anyone to study courses under sciences today which include medicine, nursing, pharmacy, chemist, physics, and many other related courses need a basic understanding of science subjects. So, in this write-up, we have listed all the subjects you will be needing as a science student and also study any science courses in any citadel of learning around the world.

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