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Best Neighborhoods To Live and Work in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, the capital city of New Mexico is a thriving hub known for its Pueblo-style architecture, scenic outdoor spaces, unique attractions, clear skies, art, and culture. Combining the conveniences and perks, it is easy to see why anyone would consider moving to live and work in Santa Fe.

What makes Santa Fe Unique?

Santa Fe is renowned for numerous things like its tourist attractions, food, culture, and architecture. The city is also home to some of the best labor statistics in New Mexico. The rate of unemployment has been below average with a yearly decline. 

If you’re planning to move here, you’ll probably wonder about the best neighborhoods to live and work in Santa Fe. Knowing the best neighborhoods would do you a lot of good. There are numerous options to fit your lifestyle and preference. Explore our top picks for the best one to live and work in. 


Best Neighborhoods To Live And Work In Santa Fe

  • La Tierra Nueva and Las Campanas

La Tierra Nueva and Las Campanas are the two most desirable neighborhoods in Santa Fe. They have a reputation for being peaceful, exclusive, and private. These two neighborhoods share similar features but different personalities. 

La Tierra Nueva offers a serene environment for its residents. It is a wonderful place for nature enthusiasts. 

Las Campanas offers a high-end town vibe and is a wonderful place for equestrians. 

Residential homes in both neighborhoods fetch over a million dollars. To ensure the highest level of privacy and peace, houses and estates are spaced far apart. Considering all the hard work that goes into moving, using the service of a Santa Fe commercial real estate agent reduces your work by a large percentage.

  • South Capitol

Santa Fe’s South Capitol is a wonderful place to live in. It is near the city’s vibrant attraction centers. There’s just so much to appreciate here. 

You’ll find a mix of luxury condos and single-family homes in this part of the city. The area features many desirable conveniences. 

  • Eldorado 

Are you looking for a quiet neighborhood?

Eldorado is everything you want in an idyllic neighborhood. It boasts of stunning homes with Pueblo-style architecture. Although the homes look traditional from the outside, the interiors are often modern and adorned with modern decorative elements. Key features of Eldorado include its breathtaking views, proximity to Eldorado Supermarket, nature preserves, and trails. 

  • Midtown Santa Fe

Midtown Santa Fe is an excellent choice for anyone who loves shopping and exploring various dining establishments. It is a walkable neighborhood surrounded by shops for your daily needs, and several boutiques and restaurants. 

Heavy on commercial developments, Midtown Santa Fe offers numerous options for anyone planning to rent or purchase an apartment. 

  • Canyon Road

Canyon Road, one of the most acclaimed and historic neighborhoods in Santa Fe, is named after the road it sits on. It is known for its numerous art galleries. Popular art galleries in this area include Zaplin Lampert Gallery, Matthews Gallery, and ViVO Contemporary. 


Cost of Living In Santa Fe

Santa Fe is an idyllic city to live in and is also relatively affordable. The average cost of living is influenced by several factors. Researching the overall cost of living will give you a planning advantage when moving to Santa Fe. 

The first step in creating a solid budget is knowing the Cost of Living Index (COLI) in Santa Fe. The best strategy to calculate your budget is knowing the COLI of the place you’re moving to. The U.S. average COLI is 100. If a place has COLI that is below 100, then it is more affordable, and vice versa. 

The COLI for Santa Fe is 114. This means living and working in Santa Fe is relatively affordable yet slightly expensive. 

Prior to moving, one of your most essential considerations should be the cost of homes. The average cost of rent in Santa Fe is $1,650 and it’s close to the national average rent price of $1,628. Santa Fe’s expensive neighborhoods include Cielo Azul, La Mariposa, Pinon Bluffs, and El Prado. The least expensive rent prices can be found in Fairway Village, Vistas Bonitas, Jaguar Village, and Whispering Ridge. 

According to ATTOM in the 2022 Rental Affordability Report, it is more cost-effective to rent a home than buy one in Santa Fe. If you’re considering buying a home, knowing the top commercial properties for sale in Santa Fe is a great start. 


Various factors influence moving to a new place. You want a safe environment, access to quality health services, and good schools for the kids. If you want to live well, you’ll need to know the living and working conditions of the place you’re moving to. 

As one of the best small American cities, Santa Fe offers gorgeous weather and a tranquil environment. Santa Fe takes a spot on the list of liveable cities in US. Therefore, it is worth giving a go!