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Business Courses Offered In KNUST (2024)

Business is a trending sector across the world that we all cannot do without, however, it takes the well educated and wise to get through the hurdles of business in life. Getting a proper education on business requires that you attend the school focused on teaching and impacting knowledge based on business, which is why this article will cover up business courses in KNUST.

Located in Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana, the business courses offered in KNUST School of business are focused on equipping and impacting knowledge into students alongside the skills needed to aid them in their various careers relating to business.

Business Courses Offered In KNUST 2023

This school is a specialist in the development of skills deemed necessary for the creation or establishment of a productive, assorted labour force or workers for the Nation and the world at large. This school of business welcomes the power of diversity and the optimistic role it plays in establishing world-class educational experience and world-class business tycoons.

Adoption of a diversified approach to the development of programs geared at creating a multi-faceted graduate who has the capability to understand the various aspects of the business environment. Through the BSc, MBA, MSc, MPhil, and PhD programmes offered by this institution, an act of commitment is shown to the creation of leaders who would make a difference.

  • Business courses for Undergraduates

There are series of available courses for the undergraduate student of which the candidate or student can make choice from as the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration offers the following specializations;

  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Accounting
  3. Business Information Technology
  4. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  5. Marketing Management
  6. International Business Management
  7. Procurement Management
  8. Management and Organizational Development
  9. Human Resources Management
  • MBA and EMBA Programmes of business courses in KNUST
  1. Banking and Finance MBA and EMBA
  2. Accounting MBA and EMBA
  3. Business Information Technology MBA and EMBA
  4. Logistics and Supply Chain Management MBA and EMBA
  5. Marketing Management MBA and EMBA
  6. International Business Management MBA and EMBA
  7. Management and Organizational Development MBA and EMBA
  8. Human Resources Management MBA and EMBA
  9. Operation Management MBA and EMBA
  10. Management Information Systems MBA and EMBA
  11. Strategic Management and Consulting MBA and EMBA
  12. Management and Organization Development MBA and EMBA
  13. Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management MBA and EMBA
Business Courses Offered At KNUST
Business Courses Offered At KNUST
  • Master of Science (MSc) Business Courses in KNUST

This great institution also offers its candidates postgraduate programmes that give them the eligibility to MSc (Master of Science) degrees in their various fields of study or their various chosen courses. The courses made available by the Kwame Nkrumah University Science and technology, school of business are listed as follows;

  1. MSc Degree in Accounting & Financial Management
  2. MSc Degree in Marketing
  3. MSc Degree in Finance
  4. MSc Degree in Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  5. MSc Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  6. MSc in the Management and Human Resource strategy
  • Research degrees offer in Business course Offered At Knust

The Knust School of business also offers an unusual degree programme that can be termed as only the fittest programme and only great institutions can offer such degrees. Those degrees include the following degrees;

  1. Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Professional Certificates offered at the Kunst school of Knust

Aside degrees offered by this institution, the professional certificates offered by the Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology, School of Business are as follow;

  1. CILT UK (Chartered Institute of Logistics and transport)
  2. ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
  3. CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and supply)
  4. CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

About Business Courses Offered At Knust

The Knust Business Courses for BSc Business administration programmes happens to be a four-year degree programme with the choice available for students to study either on a part-time basis or full-time base to suit their academic development and lifestyle. At the KUNST School of business, each graduate or rather every graduate from the KNUST School of Business (KSB) business administration programme would have undergone or taken the following;

  • Gone through at least a 4 years course in the Entrepreneurship section and small business management.
  • Studied courses in French, Business communications, and the English language for 2 years.
  • Any graduate from the above institution must have known how to apply and develop computer and analytic skills; therefore the necessary competencies which are needed have been built into courses.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible to acquire one of the degrees above you have to be a qualified candidate for admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University Science and technology or the Knust School of Business as they offer you business courses of your choice and also degrees of your choice.

Gaining admission into this institution requires the candidate to have good grades in the core courses of what course the candidate is applying for, however, it is deemed compulsory to have good grades in courses like English Language, Core science (Excluding Social studies), Core Mathematics, and any three other elective courses which should be in line with business for the candidate to be on a more safer side. However, this institution is also open for senior high school graduated candidates as well as private candidates in General Arts, Business and science that also have good grades in the courses or subjects mentioned above. More also, preference is given to business students or candidates, which implies that being a business student gets you more chances of gaining admission and hereby keeps you on the safer side. To be qualified or eligible for admission in the Kwame Nkrumah University Science and technology to study business-related courses in their school of business, applicants must possess an aggregate score of 8 or higher. The Business department of the Kwame Nkrumah University Science and technology have produced business tycoon graduates who now work as Industrial Relation Officers, Human Resources Managers, and other similar positions both in the public and private institution in Ghana.

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Conclusion On Business Courses Offered In KNUST

The Kwame Nkrumah University Science and technology also known as Knust is a university in Ghana situated at Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana in the year 1952, this great institution also has a school of business for purely business courses for interested candidates in line of business, this school is a great school that breeds up great businessmen and women who will turn things around in the business sector for good through the knowledge of professionalism which has been impacted into them from the school they attended.

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