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Does The Grand Canyon Lead To Africa?

If you have typed “does the grand canyon lead to Africa” into your search engine you probably fall into one of the following three categories: (a) Those who think it is a very stupid notion, and want to find something to laugh at, (b) those who stumbled upon this on the internet and want some clarification, (c) those who read literal meanings to everything and quickly get hysterical.

This article will probably appeal to the b class of people more, but people of other categories are welcome to read as well.

There is no smoke without fire, and there is often a hint of truth to every rumor. If you have the patience to read to the end you should therefore be able to make sense of how the Grand Canyon came to be associated with Africa.

Does the Grand Canyon Lead To Africa?

It is imperative to start by discussing the location of the Grand Canyon, and then explaining what exactly it is.

The Grand Canyon is located in the United States, in the State of Arizona. As per location, it is in the Western side of the United States, and in a similar location in North America.

That is about its location. But what exactly is the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon Is Many Things

To Scientists: The Grand Canyon is an impressive phenomenon; it is 277 miles of land eroded by the action of the Colorado River flowing through it. It is a deep sided canyon carved into rock, and its formation is dated to 5 to 6 million years ago, when the Colorado River established its course in the area. As the water cut through rock it left this wonder, with its thriving ecosystem.

To the Government: The Grand Canyon is a source of revenue. People want to see this usual land formation, as well as the animals and the plants in their natural environment. Therefore infrastructure has been built to monetize this gift of nature so as to increase the revenue being generated by the government.

To Nature Enthusiasts: the Grand Canyon is one of nature’s best gifts to man. They probably gift special thanks to President Theodore Roosevelt who made the effort to ensure that the area be conserved so many years ago. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the serenity of the canyon, and enjoy watching the animals, birds and plants as they interact. They may find it especially inspiring for visual arts and music.

Spiritualists may find the Grand Canyon a deeply satisfying spot for meditation and for connecting to Mother Earth. They may find it a serene and undisturbed area; one of the most well preserved places on the continent, where they can connect to nature.

Native Americans are especially attached to the Grand Canyon because their ancestors have lived here for thousands of years. This is their ancestral land; it is of immense cultural and religious significance to them. This is where they are connected to the spirits of their forefathers, and the spiritual practices handed down to them. This land is central to who they are; it is part of their identity.

So What Is The Connection Between The Grand Canyon And Africa?  

As mentioned in sections of the subheading above; the Grand Canyon can give one a sense of deed spiritual connection to the earth, and where else would such a deep connection to our beginnings go, if not to the cradle of humanity- Africa?

No, walking down the Grand Canyon cannot and will not magically transport you thousands of miles across the oceans into Africa, but it will give you a deep longing for Africa.

Many who have visited the Grand Canyon have reported that in their meditations, dreams, and quiet time reflections, they have often seen flashes of Africa, and have had a sudden desire to visit the continent.

There is a similar canyon in Southern Africa; it is called the Olduvai Gorge, and has been called the Grand Canyon of Africa. Whether or not that name is apt; it is proven that this Olduvai Gorge is one of the most important paleontological sites in the world. Anyone who seeks to understand the development of humankind should pay a visit to this site; and also to the associated museums.

Aside from the mental or academic benefits that one will get from visiting this site, there is also the spiritual satisfaction that comes with it. Many who visit this gorge feel a deep sense of satisfaction, like having quenched a long standing spiritual thirst.

Can You Walk To Africa Through The Grand Canyon?

We have already hinted in the previous paragraphs that walking through the Grand Canyon cannot magically transport you to Africa- not physically anyway.

For the purpose of emphasis let it be known that the Grand Canyon does not lead to Africa. It is not possible to walk from the Grand Canyon, and then find yourself in Africa.

It may not even be possible to walk through the Grand Canyon at all because that is sacred Indian land; and it will take a lot winding through bureaucracy to obtain a permit to do so.

Regardless of how many tictok videos you see, walking through the Grand Canyon and then magically finding yourself in Africa is not possible. Those videos are cleverly made with the object of trolling viewers. The popularity is financially rewarding for the creators which is why there are so many of such videos out there.

How Far Is The Grand Canyon To Africa?

The Grand Canyon is located some 10,000 miles away from Africa. That is a straight line distance, however, and so the actual flying distance is somewhere in the region of 15,000 miles.

It is an un-walkable distance; it is just too far for the average person to walk. However, even if you had the super human endurance to make such a hike, you would still need to swim most of the way.

You would need to swim the Pacific Ocean, perhaps making your way down the coasts of South America, until reaching Brazil, from where you would need to get water borne again in order to cross the Atlantic Ocean where you would reach West Africa.



The popularity of the notion that the Grand Canyon leads to Africa obviously come from the many unrestrained video content makers on tictock. While some of the videos are absolutely fraudulent, they are based on a valid idea. They have only exploited it for profit, and in doing so they have made the whole thing look ridiculous.

However, it is hoped that through this article, some form of sense can be made out of this vague idea; and the reader can be motivated to investigate for himself. Please note that there is no substitute for personal experience in these matters; you can read a hundred articles, and yet feel the need to read a hundred more- all without finding satisfying answers.


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