11 Best Free Buzzsumo Alternatives (2023)

As known, the demand for BuzzSumo, a tool that singles outfitting influencers and generates inventive ideas, has been on the increase over the years. BuzzSumo presents marketers with the most sought-after topics, insight on what their adversaries are doing, set up alarms for hot content, all in a bid to improve their content marketing skills.

BuzzSumo has been used over the years for content and link research, social listening, and influencer sourcing, but despite its discrete functionalities, the tool turns out to be overpriced for some marketers. 

However, BuzzSumo has some worthy free alternatives with similar functionalities.

Free Buzzsumo Alternatives

1. Feedly (Free)


Feedly is a cloud-based software that helps users to collate, organize and consume web content into a unified experience. It can be accessed via web browsers with free signups. The software monitors products mentions, article keywords, competitor activities, and issues alert to contents that are related to those keywords.

Notable Features of Feedly

  • Trend tracking
  • Keyword tracking
  • Search functionality
  • Mobile integration



Google Trend is a search trend feature that is utilized for comparative keyword research and for providing keyword-related data on Google’s search engine. It creates insights regarding topics that people popularly search for.

Notable Feature of Google Trends

  • Helps businesses remain relevant
  • Intensity maps to meaningfully compare different topics
  • Access to data from 2001


3. Twitter Search (Free)


There are several ways to search for trending topics on Twitter. It could be tweets from breaking news or personal interests from well-known entertainers, friends, or local businesses. The procedures for using Twitter search are: entering the search keyword into the explore tab, tapping either of the result located at the top of the search result and tapping the filter icon.

Notable Features of Twitter Search

  • Safe search mode


4. Blekko (Free)


Blekko functions to alleviate every hidden or unreliable result from keyword search. It uses slashtags to tap the combined minds of its user base for every given topic. In addition to its search engine functionality, it also functions as a social network.

Notable Features of Blekko

  • Slaghtag features
  • White Google-like aesthetic


5. Reddit (Free)


Nicknamed ‘’the front page of the internet’’, Reddit is a platform of trends and the fifth most visited site in the U.S. The software combines social news, web content, social network, and a forum. 

Notable Features of Reddit

  • Offers community values


6. Ubersuggest (Free)


Ubersuggest is a completely free-to-use alternative for Ahrefs. Ubersuggest allows people to search for keywords on mobile devices and desktop devices and also allows users to get insight into the strategies that work for others. This incredible feature is accessible on the latest version.

Notable Features of Ubersuggest

  • It is extremely easy to use
  • Gives a lot of information such as search volume, SERP results, etc
  • You can search by country and easily identify the age of searchers


7. Right Relevance (Free)


Right relevance provides marketers with relevant information for every topic of interest. The platform can be utilized either for business or personal use.

Notable Features of Right Relevance

  • Well curated authoritative contents
  • Discover top influencers
  • Improved audience engagement 


8. Social Mention (Free)


Social mention is a simple must-have search tool for every marketer to combine generated content into one stream of information. It tracks what people say about your brand anywhere in the world. 

Notable Features of Social Mention

  • Gain customer insights
  • Monitor social media platforms
  • Perform sentiment analysis


9. ContentGems (Free)


ContentGems presents marketers with high relevant and timely content by scanning through thousands of articles. The software uses advanced searches or custom sources to discover content. 

Notable Features of ContentGems

  • Monitor and filter contents
  • Monitor database of news and blog feeds
  • Use custom workflows to push contents to multiple platforms


10. EpicTrack (Free)


This data-driven marketing tool allows users to combine content sharing efforts with website analytics. It also permits gauging readers thought about your contents via the mentioned analytics and sentiment analysis. 

Notable Features of EpicTrack

  • In-depth analytics feature
  • Sentiment analysis and Mention analytics


11. Inoreader (Free)


Inoreader is an easy-to-use, user-friendly software that competes with BuzzSumo. It keeps users informed about current news and information. 

Notable Features of Inoreader

  • Has an awesome user interface


12. Cronycle (Paid)


Cronycle is a content curation and team collaboration tool that is used in monitoring contents. It is integrated with some softwares like Zapier. Contents can be shared onto other social channels.

Notable Features of Cronycle

  • Provides teams with single platforms
  • You can share aggregrated contents


13. Anders Pink (Paid)


Anders pink finds contents according to the user’s choice. This content curation tool creates custom topics that filter contents. The Anders pink extension can be used to drop contents into relevant topics.

Notable Features of Anders Pink

  • The accessibility is increased via the chrome extension functionality
  • Connects friends and colleagues


14. Ahrefs (Paid)


Ahrefs is one of the best tools for content marketers to use in promoting websites and increasing the performance of the website whilst eliminating competitors. Ahrefs offers the following features: site and keyword exploration, backlink checking, etc.

Notable Features of Ahrefs

  • Competitive comparison tool
  • Backlink notification
  • Desktop and mobile rank trackers
  • Reporting


15. Social Animal (Paid)


This software offers almost all the features of BuzzSumo plus some additional ones which makes it a worthy BuzzSumo alternative. The deep keyword research feature allows users to search for keywords in the body of an article. 

Notable Features of Social Animal

  • Influencer research
  • Daily digest email functionality that allows users to see hot trending contents


16. NinjaOutreach (Paid)


This software was designed towards providing marketers with influencers that suit their niche. NinjaOutreach provides the contact details of any influencer of interest. It also serves the function of searching for trending contents.

Notable Features of NinjaOutreach

  • Grant users access to customizable CRM software
  • Engages marketers in fluent influencer marketing
  • Provides contact details of any influencer of choice


17. Sprout Social (Paid)


This BuzzSumo alternative uses different social media platforms for marketing. Marketers can decide how successful their campaigns are with the use of Sprout Social. Integrations are directed towards customers.

Notable Features of Sprout Social

  • Marketers can deduce the metrics they perform well in via the analytics and reporting features
  • Marketers can track mentions of their brands via the in-built monitoring feature


18. Oktopost (Paid)


Oktopost is a content discovery tool designed to serve social media managers and content marketers. Users can track content sources using content discovery to set up RSS feeds and they can as well share and schedule contents via the browser. 

Notable Features of Oktopost

  • Integration with other platforms


19. Scoop.It (Paid)


This easy-to-use content curation tool accesses millions of websites to gather articles that are related to the user’s niche. Thus, a strong flow of trending content is maintained. 

Notable Features of Scoop.It

  • Uses smart filters to segregrate contents
  • Gives suggestions based on popularity and relevance


20. ContentStudio (Paid)


ContentStudio functions as a tool for content creation, content curation, and social media management for marketers. It uses social media engagement data to predict if an article will trend or not.

Notable Features of ContentStudio

  • Tracks progress with social media analytics
  • Finds reliable influencers


Being an amazing tool, BuzzSumo has created a name for itself in the marketing space. It excellently discovers what people are searching for on websites, social media, and blogs so marketers can create their contents around these topics. BuzSumo offers two core features including content insight, search for influencers and other.

Notable Features of BuzzSumo

  • Saved searches
  • Advanced search
  • Content analysis reporting
  • Question analyzing feature
  • Trending feeds functionality
  • Effective contents
  • Customized content alerts


  • Incredibly powerful tool
  • Searches for meaningful and top-scoring contents
  • Great content marketing tool
  • Great for measuring backlinks and level of sharing
  • Best analytics tool and competitor tracker


  • It is a bit overwhelming for new users
  • The navigation is sometimes confusing
  • The pricing is scary