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How To Get A Dubai Work Visa from Africa

To be able to work in Dubai, you need a work visa. But even before that, foreign nationals who plan to obtain permits to live and work in Dubai must begin the process by getting an entry permit visa.

First off, you will need to process your entry permit visa which will grant you entry into Dubai. Then thereafter, you will have to process your residence permit which will allow you to live in Dubai.

The reason for this is that having a work visa alone will only allow you to work in Dubai but not live there. After you’re through with processing your entry permit and residence visas, then you can move on to process your work visa.

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Requirements To Process Your Dubai Residence Visa

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As stated above, a residence visa is important if you plan to work in Dubai and it’s even needed for you to finally process your work visa. Below are the requirements for obtaining a residence visa:

  • A complete and properly filled application form.
  • Proof of payment of the application fee.
  • Applicant’s original passport along with a duplicate.
  • Several copies of passport photographs.
  • Entry permit visa issued by Ministry of Labour.
  • A certificate of your health status.
  • A copy of a genuine and valid company card.

Then on arrival in Dubai, the applicant will have to undergo a mandatory medical.

Now to obtain a Dubai work visa, the following are the required documents:

  • An employment letter from a company/establishment in Dubai.
  • Copies of the following applicant’s personal documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), passport photographs.
  • Proof of an accommodation in Dubai which stipulates a lease agreement. A copy is okay.
  • A proof of adequate financial means that shows that the applicant will be able to support his/herself in Dubai.

Work Visa Application Process

Over there in Dubai, the employer is the one to bear the responsibility of obtaining the necessary visas and permits for workers of other nationalities. The employer is also required to bear the cost of any attendant visa fees. Below is how the process of a work visa generally goes:

  • The employer submits an application and awaits approval from the Ministry of Labor to hire a foreign employee.
  • The Ministry of Labour then issues an entry permit visa to the foreign employee, which will give the employee access to enter the United Arab Emirate and stay for an initial period of 30 days.
  • The employee takes a flight to Dubai. As soon as they arrive in Dubai, they only have a period of 60 days to obtain a residence visa.
  • As the employee arrives in Dubai, then the employer commences the process of applying for a work permit (which is also known as a labor card).
  • The next requirement is for the employee to obtain an ID. To obtain this ID, the employee visits an Emirates ID service center with their valid passport and entry visa.
  • A medical examination is next in line which means the employee will have to visit a government hospital for this medical examination.
  • Then the employee submits an application for a residence visa through the emirate immigration authorities.
  • The employee will then have to take all of the relevant documents to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD), which is where the residence visa will be stamped onto their passport.

Finally, after obtaining residence and work visas, the employee may then begin to work in Dubai.