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INTERIA upholstered furniture store. Why do people buy here?

There are plenty of furniture manufacturers. Each one has its own unique history and people. Let us present you the Ukrainian company INTERIA, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture and decorative items founded in 2010.

INTERIA was founded by Ievgen Palii. He is a director and an ideological inspirer who always goes beyond the standards and classical solutions. The main direction is the production of sofas and beds, with an emphasis on ultra-softness and comfort.

The first showroom was opened in Kyiv, then in Lviv (Ukraine). In 2022, INTERIA entered Portugal, opening its own furniture store in Cascais Each store has its own character, but the service, friendly consultants, showrooms where you can see and try sofas, armchairs, poufs, chairs, beds, mattresses, coffee tables, paintings, are unchanged. And you can also choose your upholstery material from a variety of fabric and eco-leather samples.

INTERIA upholstered furniture store

Either the owner spends a lot of time at home or very little – in both cases, comfort is of paramount importance. Most INTERIA sofas are deep and soft. They are hugging sofas. That is, they become a place where it is convenient to relax after work or vice versa – to work, lie down with a book and a blanket, hug a loved ones or have fun with a kid. Because INTERIA understands that the sofa is one of the centers of the home, where each of us usually spends a lot of time.

Most of the sofas presented on the website and in the INTERIA furniture store are available in stock. You choose, discuss, order, and get the sofa you want from us. Delivery is carried out within three to five business days.

However, if you have time and desire to order a customized sofa, then there is a much larger set of options:

  • The size of the sofa, namely the length, can be changed. Both increase and decrease. In some models, you can also change the depth;
  • The price indicated on the website is relevant for the specified size. If the size of the sofa decreases, the price decreases, if it increases, the price increases;
  • The configuration can be changed as well. For example, a straight sofa can be turned into a corner sofa or one with a protruding part, and vice versa;
  • The fabric is your choice. Both the color and the texture. We have already selected the fabric options that fit each model. The choice of fabric will not affect the final cost of the sofa;
  • Armchairs and poufs can be customized to match every sofa with a similar appearance.

The softness of the sofa depends on the chosen model. At the INTERIA furniture store, you can try different softness of sofas. Because in addition to design features, the filling in the sofas is different – natural down feather or synthetic. If you do not have the opportunity to come to visit us in person, the softness of each sofa model is indicated in the online store.

Beds are the second main direction of the INTERIA company. But the second is not a secondary one, and perhaps even more significant. In addition to double beds for adults, the company also produces children’s beds. In the INTERIA furniture store in Portugal, the choice of models is quite wide, because the bed is a reflection of the character of the room. And in the online store, the range of beds is even larger.

Just like sofas, most of the beds presented on the website and in the store are available in stock. However, if you have the time and desire, you can customize any INTERIA bed model to your individual needs:

  • The size of the sleeping place (mattress) is up to you. Almost every model of our bed can be made for any size of mattress;
  • The overall dimensions of the bed differ depending on the size of the mattress. In some models, you can change the height of the headboard;
  • You can also add a storage niche in a row of beds;
  • Fabric (color, texture) of your choice. We have already selected the fabric options that are suitable for each model, just like in sofas. The choice of fabric will not affect the final price of the bed.

The mattress is not included in the price of the bed. However, for the convenience of customers, the mattresses from a partner company are presented in the INTERIA furniture store in Portugal.  You can try the mattresses, choose your own and have both the bed and mattress delivered at the same time. It is also possible to order an individual mattress size.

The production and delivery time for an individual sofa or bed is up to two months. If you are unable to receive your order, we offer a period of free storage in the warehouse.

INTERIA decorative items, such as coffee tables, consoles, chairs, paintings, bring emotions and colors to your home. Buying everything at the same time is at least convenient, at most – you will be sure that it is the best addition to the chosen sofa or bed, a kind of perfect match.

The language of quality and comfort is international, and this is proved by our customers from all over the world. An apartment in Kyiv or Lisbon, a house in Lviv or Berlin – sofas and beds from INTERIA furniture store take their worthy place in the living space of the owners.

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