List Of Universities Offering Aeronautical Engineering In Nigeria (2024)

Do you want to be an Aeronautical Engineer? If your answer is Yes, then this article is for you. You must have come across the course aeronautical engineering, now what do you know about this course? Nigeria as a country has lots of courses that students can apply for, aero engineering is one of them. We have found that among a large number of universities we have in this country, only few offer aero engineering. 

Aero engineering is not much of a popular course in the country, but trust me when I say fixing of aircrafts is actually a good course. Now, what do Aero engineers do?

Aero engineers are in charge of the fixing of aircrafts and also the development of aircrafts. Aeronautical engineering encompasses an extremely broad range of areas, including the research and development, testing, assembly, and maintenance of aircraft and missiles and their parts. This course is actually a lucrative one in the country, as many students do not tend to study that particular course, they also focus on other areas like the effect that aircraft have on the surrounding environment, the potential dangers of specific aircraft, and their fuel and systems efficiency.

List Of Universities Offering Aeronautical Engineering In Nigeria
List Of Universities Offering Aeronautical Engineering In Nigeria

Aeronautical engineers tend to work with other specialists on different areas, they are several areas of employment after studying this course which is some areas of employment in this field include fuel efficiency testing, airframe design, engine design, flight testing, and investigating airplane crashes. Other jobs include gathering information through test flights, interpreting aircraft performance data, supervising the assembly of aircraft and missiles, analyzing the environmental impacts of flights, and assessing the potential risks of new aircraft designs.

Below are

The List Of Universities Offering Aeronautical Engineering In Nigeria

COVENANT UNIVERSITY: when we say only some universities offer aero engineering, do not be surprised that the best private institution is on the list also. Yes, the Covenant university offers the aero engineering course. You as an aspiring student can easily apply and get accepted into the school and also note that the course is also accredited in the university.

KWARA STATE UNIVERSITY: You must have probably heard about this university which is located in Kwara state. Actually, this school is among the top state universities in the country. Kwara state university is the first school to receive accreditation by the NUC to start offering aero engineering in the university. They have all the required facilities which are needed to teach their students and also well-trained staffs who are capable of handling the course.

FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AKURE: we all know FUTA as this school is popularly called, they also offer the course aero engineering in the university. The school is located in Akure, so if you are an aspirant and you do not know which school to apply for, you can easily apply for this university and study the course of your choice.

LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (LAUTECH): This school also has this course aero engineering which students want to offer, aspiring students should note that to get admission into this school they must be able to beat the required cut off marks and also have the right subject combination for the course which they are applying for.

AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY ZARIA: ABU is also known as one of the best federal universities in the country which offer the course aero engineering, the school is well equipped with good facilities, staffs and also a good environment to study.

OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY (OAU): Being a student in OAU requires a lot of hard work, as its also a prestigious university in the country, which means applying for aero engineering and also studying there means you need to work hard and smart to achieve what you came here for.

UNIVERSITY OF BENIN: UNIBEN as its popularly called is also one of the top federal universities in the country. The school also gives aspiring students the chance to apply for aero engineering as a course of their choice.

UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN, KWARA STATE: Also in Kwara state, which means we have two universities over there who offer your dream course aero engineering. The school has good facilities to teach students and it’s affordable as it’s a government institution.

UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS (UNILAG): UNILAG is one of the prestigious universities in the country, its kind of like the most popular university in the country. This school is actually many students dream universities and they also offer the aerospace engineering over there.

UNIVERSITY OF PORT HARCOURT (UNIPORT): This university is affordable by you, as you can study your dream course here and come out with a good degree from the University of Port Harcourt.

We have made our research and show you a List Of Universities Offering Aeronautical Engineering In Nigeria, we hope you choose anyone and you can easily apply there.


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