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Top 10 Most Beautiful Locations In Africa (2023)

Africa is an undiscovered treasure rich in both cultural and natural riches. The continent naturally brings images of the vast open savannah lined with acacia trees when the sun is setting in the sky.

While this type of scene is common to African safari spots, however, the continent is extremely rich with hidden gems that can be found in each corner. There are several beautiful locations in Africa some of which include:

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Locations in Africa.

1. Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

The peace in Sossuvlei is impossible to capture in words and it is the most beautiful location in Africa. When the sun rises, the east-facing sides of the dunes get lit up while the west side remains in shadow. The Inherently beautiful and iconic dunes are an amazing place to be in the morning, as the silence seems to be forever.

2. Table Mountain, South Africa

Flat-topped Table Mountain is now the most famous symbol for Cape Town, South Africa. A unique variety of plants and flowers are found in Table Mountain National Park. The views from the summit of Table Mountain are breathtaking. It’s a must-see for any tourist in Cape Town.

3. Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Recognized as one of the oldest seven wonders of the world, The Giza Pyramids possess the distinct appeal as the last remaining vestiges of the ancient civilization. Giza is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations in Africa. A memorable trip to the pyramids will include reading about the history of ancient Egypt along with the Egyptian pharaohs whom they were constructed for.

4. Franschhoek Valley, South Africa

Franschhoek Valley is a rich and lush agricultural region recognized as a result of its New World wines and charming faux-French culture. In the charming little town, some world-class restaurants and boutiques give tips to explore. In the nearby mountains, stunning views make an ideal backdrop to enjoy a glass of wine on a warm and sunny summer day.

5. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

A perfect wildlife habitat, the Serengeti National Park provides the famous African background to one of the stunning wildlife encounters in the world which is the migration of the wildebeest. It is Serengeti as well as Masai Mara together in the typical African landscape, with wide-open savannah that is speckled with Acacia trees.

Apart from the natural beauty of its iconic migrations, this national park is brimming with wildlife. It is home to leopards, lions, and cheetahs as well as many bird species making it one of the most beautiful locations in Africa. To truly appreciate the beauty of Serengeti take a balloon excursion and enjoy the experience through a bird’s eye view.

6. Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius

Le Morne Brabant is a majestic basaltic peak that rises to 556 meters. Above it is a 12 hectares summit with breathtaking views of the stunning surrounding lagoon. The mountaintop is also awe-inspiring with steep and overhanging slopes and caves to be seen. The stunning Le Morne Brabant is ideal for hikers, providing stunning views of the mountain’s waterfall for climbers.

There are stunning images of Le Morne beach to savor as you climb, so ensure that you bring good cameras along to capture the scenic views. This unique and natural marvel is among the most stunning locations in Africa with a profound historical and cultural significance. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a memorial beneath the mountain to commemorate the end of the barbaric trade.

7. Maletsunyane Falls, Lesotho

Each nation in Africa is blessed with a stunning attraction, as is with Lesotho’s Maletsunyane Falls. The stunning location close to Semonkong town in Lesotho is a natural treasure. Maletsunyane Falls is among the most impressive waterfalls found in Southern Africa. The waterfall’s waters plunge to depths of about 196 meters.

Maletsunyane Falls has an incredible scene that sometimes appears to be a scene from the world of a fantasy feature film. The waterfall is situated on one of the Orange River’s tributaries waterfall with stunning cliff walls surrounding it, and opening to a stunning view. When it is cold, the foot of the waterfall receives only a little sunlight, which results in magnificent icicles which last through the summer months further making it one of the most beautiful locations in Africa.

8. Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango Delta is located in the heart of Southern Africa and it can be likened to an Eden on Earth. This swampy oasis forms an inland delta that is part of the Okavango River, forming where its waters meet a formation of a tectonic trough. The results make the delta among the top picturesque spots in Africa. It is an intricate maze of the overgrown island, the sparkling lakes, and flowing channels.

The highlight of the location is the Kalahari Desert floodwaters coming from the Angola highlands that the Delta receives in huge quantities at the beginning of the year. The delta’s waters, however, do not get out of the desert as a greater portion of the water evaporates or is taken up by plants, and then absorbed into the surrounding environment via transpiration. A tiny amount of water is pumped into Lake Ngami nearby.

9. Victoria Falls, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

The waterfall is the apex splendor of the Zambezi River which is the fourth largest river in Africa. The stunning falls create the world’s largest shower of falling water a hundred meters to the gorge below the falls which roars and booms. The roar can be heard from an area of 40 km. The waterfall does not just thunder and booms, but it also releases an enormous amount of mist and sprays which can reach up to 400 meters.

The beautiful rainbow-colored tints of the spray can be seen from as far as 50 km away. The Zambezi River flows through an underlying basalt layer into an area that is dotted with low hills and numerous forested islands that meet close to the waterfalls. The river then plunges out of the plateau and into an abyss. The sheer force of the waterfall creates several deep gorges along its route further making it one of the most beautiful locations in Africa.

10. Soda Lakes of the Great Rift Valley, Kenya

In Kenya, the rift that has been formed has led to the emergence of low-lying soda lakes with high alkalinity. The water’s alkaline condition is a result of the region’s geological and climatic conditions. The soda lakes might be poisonous to the majority of life but they’re the habitat of the pink-feathered Flamingo.

The bird wanders around the dangerous waters with its thin legs, consuming brine shrimp and blue-green algae which thrive in the waters and give the bird’s feathers a stunning pink hue. Bird-lovers go to the sour shores to watch a plethora of flamingos perform beautiful dances, symmetrically bobbing heads while they mate and settle on the shores of lakes. The Soda lakes is one of the most beautiful locations in Africa.