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Top 10 Most Popular Prime Ministers In The World (2024)

Popularity has always been a difficult thing to measure. In this list of the most popular prime ministers in the world, there will be no mention of whether the publicity is good or bad; as long as the person in question is well known, he fits the description for entry.

Being well known will mean getting regular mentions on the internet; making regular headlines, and leaving ones mark on the sands of time. It does not matter whether the said marks are good or bad; approval ratings do not count.

The Top 10 Most Popular Prime Ministers In The World

1. Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

Narendra Modi has been prime minister of India since 2014. He is arguably one of the most bullied persons of his capacity in the world; young people in his country seem to enjoy making jokes and caricatures of him- obviously as a way of showing their displeasure at his style of governance and his policies.

The result is that Narendra Modi has become quite popular throughout the internet; there is hardly anyone who can claim never to have heard the name.

Narendra Modi has therefore benefited from the negative press given him by his countrymen; who outnumber any other country in the world, and on the internet. His pictures are among the most widely circulated in the world.

2. Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel; and he has held that position for over 15 years. He is one of the most accomplished politicians in the world; very rarely does one hold an elective position for so long; unless he is able to manipulate the outcome of the elections.

As a result of his career longevity; Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the most popular names and faces in the world. There is hardly a person alive who can claim never to have heard the name, or to have seen the face.

He is one of the most powerful speakers in the world; he understands the art of public speaking, and knows how to make a point; even if the point he is making sounds unforgivable. He also knows how to reach out to foreign powers, and to make strategic friends.

3. Justin Trudeu

Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeu has been serving as Prime Minister of Canada since 2015. He is probably the most handsome Prime Minister in the world; and that alone has done wonders for his popularity. His images are among the most widely circulated in the world, and his name is one of the most mentioned.

Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world; it has a great economy with abundant opportunities; and the people are friendly, and more attuned to liberal politics. That naturally means that people all over the world want to know more about this fine country and its leadership; and Justin Trudeu naturally comes first.

He is also quite a public speaker; this prowess has naturally given him an edge because eloquent men always attract admirers.

4. Sanna Marin

Prime Minister of Finland

Sanna Marin is the Prime Minister of Finland; she has held this position since 2019. It is still not clear whether she chose the right career because she could be a beauty queen. Such a beautiful woman will always attract attention; she is one of the most searched names on the internet- people want to know her age, her educational qualifications, and whether she has a boyfriend.

Her pictures are all over the internet; and she is very popular with people across all ages. Interestingly, a scandal broke out recently when photos of her at a party with friends and acquaintances was leaked. The leakers obviously wanted to smear her name and make her look unfit for office.

Instead she admitted that she occasionally goes to parties and that she likes to have fun. The people embraced her for it, and as a result she became even more beloved.

5. Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Abiy Ahmed has never been to a party, but he is just as popular. There are not many Prime Ministers in the world who have won a Nobel Peace Prize. Abiy Ahmed has been Prime Minister of Ethiopia since 2018.

He was an officer in the Ethiopian National Defense Force, and he rose to the position of Lieutenant Colonel. The Nobel Prize was awarded to him for his efforts in negotiating peace with Eritrea.

Abiy Ahmed is also quite handsome; and his face looks good on banners and on social media; which is quite important in politics.

6. Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud

Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud is the prime minister of Saudi Arabia. He is also the crown prince; favored son of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. He was chosen as the most aggressive and stop-at-nothing personality among the Saudi Princes.

He is the most powerful person in the country aside from his father, and the de facto ruler of the country. Mohammad Bin Salman is the most popular prime minister in his region because he will be king, and because global powers are already learning to seek his favor, especially because he can be very hard and unyielding.

He has already shown that he is a hardliner; and although most of the press he has received outside his country has been negative press, it has not stopped him from becoming more popular.

7. Rishi Sunak

Prime Minister of Britain

Rishi Sunak is the prime minister of Britain; he has held the position since 2022. He is also the leader of the conservative party. Ideally, standing on his own right, he should not be so popular because he has not spent a lot of time in that position.

However, anybody who is prime minister of Britain is going to be immensely popular throughout the world because he heads the government of one of the most powerful countries in the world; and a cultural superpower.

Rishi Sunak is a very good speaker; he has demonstrated his oratorical prowess on several occasions; he has come out to make clear statements on burning political issues so as to leave no doubt about the stance or direction of government.

8. Fumio Kishida

Prime Minister of Japan

Fumio Kishida is the Japanese prime minister; he has held the position since 2021. Japanese prime ministers have always been popular world figures; japan has always been an important country when it comes to the world’s economics, and international politics.

Fumio Kishida has had a long and distinguished career as a politician; he has previously been minister of defense, and minister for foreign affairs. He is a very serious figure and a very committed personality.

Fumio Kishida is a member of the House of Representatives in japan; president of the liberal Democratic Party, and prime minister of japan.

9. Anthony Albanese

Prime Minister of Australia

Anthony Albanese is the prime minister of Australia; one of the best organized countries in the world. He has held the position since 2022, and has been on the news every other day. He is a very good diplomat; he is always meeting with government leaders all over the world.

Anthony Albanese is also good looking and a great speaker; although the bulk of his popularity comes from the fact that his name is well researched because many people want to know the leader of such a great country.

Before becoming prime minister he had previously been a member of the Australian parliament; and the deputy leader of the Labour Party. There was a scandal that erupted when his opponents tried to prove that he was not eligible for parliament because his father was Italian; despite the uproar that followed, it was proven that he had not met his father prior to 2009.

10. Pedro Sanchez

Prime Minister of Spain

Pedro Sanchez is the prime minister of Spain; a position he has held since 2018. As prime minister of one of Europe’s major economies, his face and name are in the news every other day. However, he is a lot more popular in his home country because he has been building his antecedents for many years.

He has previously been Secretary General of the Socialist Workers Party; although he has once again retaken that position, in addition to being prime minister. He is also the president of Socialist International.

He has been the Councilor of Madrid, and he has also been a member of the chamber of deputies.



As mentioned earlier; popularity is a difficult thing to measure- some of the people presented as the most popular prime ministers in the world are hated by their own people while others are loved throughout the world. However, whether loved or hated; the important thing is that they are well known.

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