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NPOWER REGISTRATION PORTAL 2020 – How To Register and Get Selected

How To Register and Get Selected Tips and Steps

Npower Registration Portal 2020 – I presume as a Nigerian, you would have heard of the Npower program, if yes, then I believe you would have been searching for the Npower registration portal so as to get registered and get selected and most especially how to Register for the program and get selected, which is why you have made your way to this platform today. We all know that when it gets to cases such as this that involves recruiting people or shall I say making a selection, it tends to pose a threat to majority, more also, there are policies guiding the program, therefore you need proper guidance to get you through the whole process and to get selected for the program across the country. If you appear to be looking forward to the next Npower registration program or you have once applied and you were not selected, I would like to congratulate you as we would be giving out the tips and steps to Register on the official NPower registration portal and also get selected without hassle.  Please take a back seat and ride along with us as we take you through the journey of getting selected for the Npower program, but before we get going let’s make a list of what you are going to get in this write-up, that is, the content of the write-up ;

  • NPower
  • NPower Registration portal
  • How to Apply for Npower registration form 2020?
  • Requirements for Npower Registration 2020


NPower Registration Portal 2020

Before we get going to the tips and steps to Register and get selected for the Npower program, let’s quickly take a tour through what Npower is all about.

NPower appears to be a federal government program brought up to aid the unemployed citizens of Nigeria, this program involves an online application process, a screening process, and the shortlisting process. However, this also gives the citizens of Nigeria the chance to prove themselves worthy of a job in the country and under the federal government. More also, it is considered a youth empowerment program that provides an opportunity for the youths to achieve productivity and inclusion within the country.  However, large-scale skill development is the priority of the NPower program.

To know more about what the NPower program is all about, kindly visit


NPower Registration Portal 2020

Alright guys, here we are, to begin your quest to getting selected for the NPower programme, you all know you sure need to complete your registration at the appropriate channel or platform, however, people tend to get confused when it comes to registration as they don’t know the actual portal for the NPower Registration, there are actually 2 NPower portals online of which people tend to mess up the two for each other.

Now the thing is, there is a difference between the Npower portal and the Npower Registration portal, the Npower Portal is just an official landing portal of the Npower program whereby you see what the program is all about (the address has been given above), while the Registration portal is the portal that allows you to get your registration done. Moreover, since we are working majorly with the registration portal, here is the deal; we are going to give out the link for the official registration portal of the NPower program to get your registration done accurately.

To access the official registration portal of the NPower program, kindly visit


How To Apply For Npower Registration Form 2020

Here we would be giving you steps to apply online on the portal for the NPower program.

We know most of the awaiting applicants out there would have been wondering if the form is out or not, but the thing is; the current recruitment application form available for the NPower program online is for undergraduates only, therefore, if you are above an undergraduate level, you should be patient till when the time is right for you, but if you appear to be an SSCE result holder, then pick it up and head straight online to apply for a job under the Nigerian federal government.

Please note that the form is not yet out online for registration but may soon be.


Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For Npower Registration Form

  • Step 1

Log in to the official registration portal

  • Step 2

Fill in your details, which includes a valid email address and phone number

  • Step 3

Upload the required documents

  • Step 4

Submit your application and wait for shortlisting


Requirements for Npower Registration 2020

As an applicant for a specific job offer, you sure know that there are always requirements you are to meet up with to qualify for the job offer. This also appear to be one of the major problem faced by the applicants, they have no idea of the required documents for the Npower program.

Now here is the deal, below are listed out the requirements for the Npower program;

  • Original O’Level result with good grades (either WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB)
  • A well-arranged and written CV
  • Valid and accurate information about you such as your full name, phone number, email address, age, sex, home address and lots more.
  • A valid means of identification as a Nigerian citizen may be required (i.e. National ID Card, or Voter’s card)

Conclusion on How to Register and get selected tips and steps

There you have the necessary information about how to get registered and selected. In case you haven’t gotten the true picture of what we have passed across, here is the deal, to register and get selected involves you to carry out the proper application procedures as well as providing the required documents as required for the program which we have explained above how to get things done the proper way. If you could get this done the proper way just as we have stated above, then you one step closer to being a Npower employee.

Good luck on your quest to becoming an NPower employee.



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