The National Youth Service Corps popularly called NYSC scheme was an initiative of the Yakubu Gowon military regime in 1973 with the aim of reconstructing, reconciling and rebuilding the country after the Nigerian Civil war which affected so many, resulting in loss of lives and property ( How much is NYSC Allowance 2017 ).

From its inception, every year, fresh graduates travel across the nation to different states to serve in the spirit of patriotism. While many Nigerians in past have called on previous governments to scrap the scheme as they say it has outshined its usefulness, many others have insisted that the scheme should be retained as it has instilled the spirit of unity among the Nigerian youths. The scheme has produced long term friendships, marriages and the likes.

nysc allowance latest news on nysc allowance

Latest News on NYSC Allowance

nysc allowance latest news on nysc allowance After three weeks in camps where the youths are taken through rigorous physical routine, they are then posted to their places of primary assignment within the state. Many usually recall the time spent in camp as memorable and interesting despite the stress they would have been subjected to. Apart from the uniform salary paid to youth corp members nationwide, some state governments where the corp members are posted also give them monthly stipends as allowances.To most people the monthly federal government stipend of 19,800 is not enough in the face of the rising cost of living in the country. Many prospective corps members want to be posted to ‘favourable’ states that support it’s serving corps members with state allowances. In some states, the monthly allowance of NYSC members differ based on their course of study, with medical corp members usually favoured. I’m sure you are curious to know the highest paying States, well….here they are.

Latest News on NYSC Allowance

NYSC Allowance For All Nigerian States 2017

Nigerian States That Pays NYSC Allowance / Salary

  • Abia State Government pays N5,000 monthly
  • Akwa Ibom State Government pays N4,900 monthly
  • Bauchi State Government pays N1,250 Monthly
  • Bayelsa State Government pays N3,000 Monthly
  • Borno State Government pays N1,000
  • Cross River State Government pays N3,090 Monthly
  • Delta State Government pays N5,000 Monthly
  • Ebonyi State Government pays N15,000 Monthly
  • Enugu State Government pays N10,000 monthly
  • Imo State Government pays N2,000 though not steady
  • Jigawa State Government pays N5,000 monthly
  • Lagos State Government pays N15,000 sometimes N10,000 monthly to those in Ministries and N5,000 to those in local governement
  • Nasarawa State Government pays N3,000 Monthly
  • Sokoto State Government pays N9,000 to those in state hospital and N4,000 to the rest
  • Yobe State Government pays N2,500 Monthly
  • Zamfara State Government pays N3,000 Monthly

Nigerian States That Does Not Pays NYSC Allowance / Salary

  • Adamawa State
  • Anambra State
  • Benue State
  • Edo State
  • Ekiti State
  • FCT Abuja
  • Gombe State
  • Katsina State
  • Kebbi State
  • Kogi State
  • Kwara State
  • Niger State
  • Ondo State
  • Osun State
  • Oyo State
  • Plateau State
  • Rivers State
  • Taraba State
  • Ogun State
  • Kaduna State
  • Kano State

If you are wondering how much is Nysc allowance in Abuja, Surprisingly, NYSC allowance in Abuja is zero, Yeah nothing ! 

Once again Federal Government Monthly Nysc allowance for all corp members is 19,800 Naira

Now that you have known the amount each state pays, you are in a better position to choose the state you want to serve in wisely, or better still, help someone else. That’s all on NYSC Allowance in all States in Nigeria 2017 “, share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment box

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