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Reasons Why You Need Good Ventilation In Your Home

Good ventilation in the home is all about air quality, which is essential to maintain good health, and the comfort which a home should naturally give. When the home is comfortable, one tends to spend more time in it with the mind at ease. Spending time in one’s own home is the ultimate source of joy and happiness, and also has many other benefits.

Aside from the expenses saved from cutting down on frequent outings, a well-ventilated living space is mentally soothing, and offers protection from outside influences. Staying indoors can save one from exposure to disease, and also from bad company out there.

The benefits of good ventilation in the home are numerous, and they cover every aspect of life.

Reasons Why You Need Good Ventilation In Your Home

Eliminates Odours And Impurities

Good Ventilation is necessary to ensure that the air is free of bad smells or dust, or other forms of impurities. Odours can be embarrassing to the home owner, but the embarrassment in front of a visitor is nothing compared to the risk posed to the homeowner’s family. Those who actually live in a home with poor ventilation are at risk of illness.

Illnesses associated with poor ventilation can include allergies; allergic reactions to things like pollen, chemicals in the air, and smells associated with certain chemicals.

Good ventilation can remove all these things from the air, thus drastically reducing the risks associated them. That can mean fewer trips to the hospital.

Reduced Medical Costs

With good quality air, the occupants of a home can find themselves travelling less frequently to the hospital, and spending money on medical bills. Investing in good ventilation for the home can therefore be wiser for the long term.

Fewer trips to the hospital can also reduce the chances of complications in the event of being hospitalized.

Some people who are frequently ill have found that improving the air quality in their homes greatly increases their general feeling of well-being.

Controls The Household Temperature

Good ventilation can keep the house at “room temperature.” A good household temperature can significantly impact on the lifestyle of the family. It can also have an economic impact because when the home is not properly ventilated, more money will likely be spent on air-conditioning.

Poor ventilation can also lead to higher rates of food spoilage. Which will again lead to more expenses on food.

Keeps The Living Space Mould Free

Good Ventilation can keep the home free of bacteria or mould, and can prevent the condensation of residue, which can have all kinds of effect. It could cause the build up of mould on the walls, ceiling, and furniture.

Mould can even stop the moving parts of some electrical appliances. It can also cause other electronics to overheat; leading to damage.

A well ventilated living space can therefore increase the lifespan of household items, including art, furniture, and electronics.

How To Have Good Ventilation In The Home

In order to enjoy the benefits highlighted above; it is necessary to get good ventilation to the home. Leaving the window open is no longer practical; this would only let in the dust, and other particles which would only cause the problems highlighted above.

The solution lies with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems. The most popular is highlighted below.

Decentralized MVHR

Decentralized MVHR stands for Decentralized Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. This is a system on ventilation in which separate ventilation units are installed in every room or area of the house, simultaneously extracting stale air from the room, and then replacing it with fresh, clean air. It also recovers the heat from each room through a heat exchanger.

This system offers several advantages, including lower costs because since there are many individual units, families can restrict power usage to those which are located in occupied rooms.

Decentralized MVHRs are very effective; they are becoming increasingly popular

Find out more about decentralised MVHR, and how to get one for your home, for the comfort of your loved ones.

To learn more about how the various types of Ventilation Systems available, and what benefits each type has, please visit Ecostream.


There are many reasons why good ventilation is essential to every home. It gives the same feeling that one gets from a visit to a park, or a mountain range. Fresh air has a therapeutic effect on the body and mind. It is a lot better than frequent trips to the hospital, or constant medication.

Good ventilation also has an impact on the finances; it prevents the quick destruction of household electronics, as well as other valuables like art, furniture and even food items.

Good ventilation is cheaper than other ways of maintaining the temperature of the home. It is the cheapest and cleanest way of maintaining airflow in the home, and maintaining a good room temperature.

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