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Top 100 Strongest Dogs In The World (2023)

The strongest dogs in the world often prove that strength by fighting. Dog fighting is a form of animal cruelty which must be stopped, although dogs have been known to rush into fights in defense of their owners and their owner’s property.

Dogs also perform other duties such as herding sheep and cattle, as well as drawing sleighs and carts. These tasks require a great deal of strength and endurance, and also require adherence to tough training.

Poodles and Chihuahuas would probably die of exhaustion if exposed to these laborious tasks, which is why proper selection has to be made to ensure that the right dog breeds are chosen.

Strongest Dogs In The World

1. Pit-bull

Pit bulls are the most feared dog breeds in the world right now, and that is with good reason. They are fierce! So fierce that they have been known to kill other dogs, or other animals that dare to face them in a fight. Fighting is what this dog breed is known for; unfortunately they are used for this cruel sport, and the videos circulate the internet.

However, they would make excellent guard dogs; on a farm no animal would dare trespass against the territory guarded by a Pit-bull, and a home protected by such a dog would probably stand against a small army.

Aside from such guard and fighting duties, these dogs are not recommended. Most experts agree that they should not be kept around small children. These dogs can be difficult to control; they are bursting with energy and can be quite unpredictable.

2. Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes are fine dogs; they are made up of White and Blue, and have long, double coats. However, the biggest distinction these dogs have is their strength. They are used to pull sleighs and carts, these dogs are invaluable in the remote ice covered locations in the north, where it can be extremely difficult to move around.

They are also great at home; these dogs are excellent companions at home, they are friendly and intelligent, and very protective of children. In fact parents can leave their young ones in the charge of these dogs, and they will see that they are safe and busy.

An interesting feature of this dog is that it is known to talk. Well, perhaps almost talk- there are many circulating videos of Alaskan Malamutes making sounds that resemble speech, although it is not known whether they actually understand the sounds they make.

3. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are strong and intelligent dogs; as their name suggests they are excellent farm dogs- perhaps the best when it comes to herding sheep and cattle. They are medium sized animals, and can intimidate bigger animals as they bully them into submission.

They also make good guard dogs; they raise alarms and charge at intruders, thus making the home safe. They are also quite proactive; they fight whenever they feel their owners are threatened, and they can ward off even larger animals.

They are also used as guide dogs for the blind, and as police dogs. They are also used for search and rescue operations.

4. Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinchers are very loyal, agile, and imposing dogs. They are known for their tall and elegant gait, their black coats, and their erect ears.

These dogs are mostly used as guard dogs, they are quick to rush at intruders, and to engage them in fights to defend their territory. Fighting is one thing that this dog is best at; although it would probably lose a fight against a Pit-bull.

Doberman Pinschers are known to enjoy running around; therefore it is better if you have a large compound where they can roam, but they can also thrive if you regularly give them exercise by taking them outdoors.

5. Bandogs

The Bandog is a huge, brown dog breed, that was developed by combining the traits of Mastiffs and Bull Dog breeds. The result is an imposing dog, one of a muscular build, and notable strength.

They are primarily used as guard dogs, and they are very protective of their owners and their properties. They are also very loyal, and will jump into a fight to protect their owners. They usually come out of such fights as the victors because of their sheer size and power.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are thick furred dogs that need cool temperatures to be healthy. These dogs are strong and intelligent; they originally served as working dogs to utilize their strength. They were used to draw carts and other heavy loads, and also for hunting and shepherding.

These dogs can still be very good shepherding dogs, although it will require a lot of training because they can be quite friendly.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are also great with children and other pets. They are companions rather than just guard dogs. They do well when regularly taken outside to play, and they enjoy learning new tricks. A bonus is that kids can ride them like horses.

7. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a like a smaller version of the Alaskan Malamute; a white dog with black patches that look like blue. This is one of the strongest and most agile dog breeds; it is built for rough terrain.

This dog is still used to draw carts and sleighs, and many famous explorers never would have made it without this dog. Even now they are invaluable companions for hunting parties, as well as hikers.

This dog loves to run; and its head and body structure is like a mini wolf, and that means it is built for running. The dog also has great endurance; it will keep going even after other dogs have laid down due to exhaustion.

8. American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a taller, more fashionable version of the British Bulldog. This breed is also related to the pit-bull but it is not nearly fitted with the same killer instinct. Nevertheless, the American Bulldog has a tall, muscular build, and an impressive structure which will keep intruders at a distance when they know the dog is around.

These dogs are surprising gentle; they make great baby sitters and keep a watchful eye over the kids. They can be left at home with kids, or can romp with them in the park. The only thing is that they will probably not let other kids come close because they are very protective.

9. Boxer

The Boxer is a big and imposing dog breed; its head and facial structure resembles that of a Pit-bull or an American Bulldog, but its hind quarters look different, and also smaller. Nevertheless, this is a muscular and energetic dog breed which means it has plenty of potential strength.

That potential largely goes unrealized because this is mostly a companion dog, best for playing with the children. It is not an efficient guard dog, and it is not really good for shepherding because despite being intelligent, it is just not aggressive enough.

It is good for strolling around because it will turn heads due to its size and stature, but aside from that, it is a really friendly creature.

10. Caucasian Ovcharka

The Caucasian is a dog that resembles a bigger version of a German Shepherd- which is also a lot hairier. It has plenty of strength to go with its size and stature; it is a Russian shepherd dog, which is used to herd sheep and cattle, and also to protect the flock against attackers.

This dog is absolutely fierce; it combines boldness with its strength; and will attack wolves and other canines in protection of its flock. Another important feature of this dog is that it is tough and hardy; it thrives in the barren and harsh environments where other dogs find it difficult.

The dog is loyal and obedient; it is very obedient, and enjoys the outdoors.

The following is a more extensive list of the strongest dogs in the world.

Rank Dog Breed Rating Of Strength/ Use
1 Pit-bull Extremely Strong
2 Alaskan Malamutes Extremely
3 German Shepherds Extremely
4 Doberman Pinschers Extremely
5 Bandogs Extremely
6 Siberian Husky Extremely
7 Bernese Mountain Dog Extremely
8 American Bulldog Extremely
9 Boxer Extremely
10 Caucasian Ovcharka Extremely
11 Afghan Hound Very Strong
12 Akita Very Strong
13 Anatolian Shepherd Dog Very Strong
14 Azawakh Very Strong
15 Beauceron Very Strong
16 Belgian Laekenois Very Strong
17 Belgian Malinois Very Strong
18 Belgian Sheepdog Very Strong
19 Belgian Tervuren Very Strong
20 Berger Picard Shepherd/ Work Dog
21 Alaskan Klee Kal Shepherd/ Work Dog
22 American Coonhound Shepherd/ Work Dog
23 Airedale Terrier Shepherd/ Work Dog
24 American Staffordshire Terrier Shepherd/ Work Dog
25 Appenzellar Sennenhunde Shepherd/ Work Dog
26 American Leopard Hound Hunting/ Work Dog
27 American Eskimo Dog Shepherd/ Work Dog
28 American Eagle Dog Guard Dog
29 Black Russian Terrier Hunting/ Work Dog
30 Bullmastiff Shepherd/Work Dog
31 Dogue de Bordueux Shepherd/Work Dog
32 Cane Corso Pet Dog
33 Great Dane Pet Dog
34 Great Pyrennes Guard Dog
35 Irish Wolfhound Hunting/ Work Dog
36 Leon Berger Guard Dog
37 Mastiff Guard Dog
38 Neapolitan Mastiff Pet Dog
39 Newfoundland Shepherd/Work Dog
40 Saint Bernard Pet Dog
41 Scottish Deerhound Shepherd/Work Dog
42 Tibetan Mastiff Shepherd/Work Dog
43 American Water Spaniel Pet Dog
44 Labrador Retriever Hunting/ Work Dog
45 Basset Hound Hunting/ Work Dog
46 Hovawarts Hunting/ Work Dog
47 Chinook Shepherd/Work Dog
48 German Shorthaired Pointer Hunting/ Work Dog
49 Australian Shepherd Shepherd/Work Dog
50 Azawakh Hunting/ Work Dog
51 Belgian Malinois Hunting/ Work Dog
52 Burgos Pointer Shepherd/Work Dog
53 Africanis guard dog
54 Alano Español Work dog/ guard dog
55 Alaskan husky Work dog/ guard dog
56 Alopekis Shepherd/Work Dog
57 Bergamasco Shepherd Shepherd/Work Dog
58 Canadian Eskimo Dog Work dog/ guard dog
59 Black and Tan Coonhound Shepherd/Work Dog
60 Billy Hunting
61 Ariège Pointer Work dog/ guard dog
62 Black Mouth Cur Hunting
63 Central Asian Shepherd Dog Shepherd/Work Dog
64 American Foxhound Hunting
65 Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie Hunting
66 Blue Lacy Work dog/ guard dog
67 Carpathian Shepherd Dog Shepherd Dog
68 Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Shepherd/Work Dog
69 Braque d’Auvergne Shepherd/Work Dog
70 Braque du Bourbonnais Work dog/ guard dog
71 Bouvier des Flandres Shepherd
72 Boston Terrier Work dog/ guard dog
73 Boerboel guard dog
74 Chesapeake Bay Retriever hunting/guard dog
75 Bracco Italiano Hunting
76 Bruno Jura Hound Hunting
77 Chippiparai Hunting
78 Austrian Black and Tan Hound guard dog
79 Bankhar Dog Work dog/ guard dog
80 German Pinscher Work dog/ guard dog
81 Dingo Hunting
82 Dogo Argentino Hunting
83 Drentse Patrijshond guard dog
84 Istrian Shorthaired Hound Shepherd/Work Dog
85 Jämthund Hunting
86 Dutch Shepherd Shepherd
87 Dalmatian guard dog
88 Karelian Bear Dog Hunting
89 Karakachan Hunting
90 Entlebucher Mountain Dog guard dog
91 English Setter guard dog
92 Guatemalan Dogo guard dog
93 Greenland Dog guard dog
94 Greek Shepherd Shepherd
95 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Shepherd/Work Dog
96 Kangal Shepherd Dog Hunting
97 Giant Schnauzer guard dog
98 Hamiltonstövare Hunting
99 Himalayan Sheepdog Shepherding
100 French Bulldog guard dog
101 German Hound Hunting



The strongest dogs in the world should typically be the biggest; that way it could easily move more weight, and assert itself in its environment. Interestingly, however, that is not the case. Dogs make breeding and temperament more interesting to study because sometimes the bigger dogs cannot even defend themselves from an attack, while smaller ones will even fend off attackers that are much bigger than themselves.

Dogs are bred by experts to bring out the traits that are desired; and suppress those that are unwanted. When a dog is bred for strength rather than size; one can be surprised at the feats it can perform, and how well it can stand its ground against bigger enemies, especially when it comes to defending its owners and property.

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