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Top 100 Tallest Mountains In The World (2024)


If mountains give a sense of adventure, then the tallest mountains in the world are the biggest sense of adventure you are ever going to get on earth. These are the tallest peaks on earth; and while they are not insurmountable, they are going to give anybody a good run for his money.

Aside from the sense of adventure they give; these are some of the best places in the world for introspection. This truth was known thousands of years ago when some of the monasteries that dot the landscape were built.

Many who have made these climbs have reported a difference in their lives, and in the way they see the world.

Top 100 Tallest Mountains In The World

1. Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest natural point above sea level; and is famous for it. Geographically it lies along the border of China and Nepal; although the Nepal part is the most popular of the two sides.

Mount Everest is covered with Ice as you would expect for a range that is 8,849 meters high, and that stands above the clouds.

Many people come in from all over the world to see this mountain range; but sadly, not all of them make it back alive. The cold, the lack of air pressure, or the exhaustion gets them.

2. K2

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world; it measures 8,611 meters above sea level. The origins and meaning of the name are not very clear but, as the second highest peak, the name is quite apt.

Once again this mountain transverses borders; it is in Pakistan, Kashmir and some of it is in a China-administered territory.

This is not much less difficult to climb; and one can imagine that it gets it fair share of mortality as well.

3. Kangchenjunga

Kangchenjunga used to be described as the tallest peak in the world be scientific calculations actually proved that Everest was taller. This mountain may still be more beautiful because it is almost entirely surrounded by water.

Kangchenjunga is located on the border between Nepal and India. The mountain is 8,586 meters tall, and it is a place of pristine beauty.

Kangchenjunga, or at least much of Kangchenjunga is a protected area; the adjoining National Park was declared a UNESCO Heritage Site back in 2016.

4. Lhotse

Lhotse is another ice covered peak; it stands at an imposing 8,516 meters above sea level. As with many of the other tall peaks it is not claimed by one country alone; it lies on the border between Tibet Autonomous Region of China and Nepal.

Lhotse has been an object of fascination for a long time; there were expeditions attempting to explore and surmount the mountain as far back as 1955.

Lhotse is still a daunting challenge; one that people come from all over the world to undertake.

5. Makalu

Makalu is number 5 on the list of the world’s tallest peaks; it measures 8,481 meters above sea level. Makalu is located in Nepal, and is unique in its shape in that it looks like a four sided pyramid.

Makalu also has ice packs at the higher sides of the mountain, although they are significantly less than those of the mountains that are above it on this list.

Makalu is an isolated peak; and there are glaciers there whose beauty makes the climb worth the trouble.

6. Cho Oyu

Cho Oyu is an ice covered peak that measures 8,188 meters above sea level. It is located in the Tibet china- Nepal border. Interestingly, this mountain pass is a trade route; the people of Tibet traverse it almost daily to trade with their neighbors- the Sherpas.

Despite its frozen nature, this mountain is considered the easiest 8,000 meter climb; and so climbing enthusiasts from all over the world come in to surmount this challenge, and prove their mettle as intermediary level climbers.

7. Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri is another ice covered peak; in fact the ice covers not just the peak but most of the mountain. It measures 8,167 meters, and provides a big enough challenge for advanced level climbers due to its steep nature.

However, standing at the peak; with the clouds below you, the satisfaction makes the trouble well worth the challenge.

This mountain is located in Nepal; and it is close to the town of Pokhara which is an important stop over and cultural exchange center for climbers.

8. Manaslu

Manaslu measures 8,163 meters, making it one of the tallest mountains in the world. It is located in Nepal, and falls behind 7 other mountains for height. However, it must be mentioned that it is not something to be attempted by new climbers.

This is an ice covered mountain range; and it has very narrow ledges, which are followed by steep climbs.

It is doable; and people come from all over the world to do it. Nevertheless, this is a daunting mountain to climb in deed.

9. Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is a huge mountain range located in Pakistan. It measures 8,126 meters, and is covered with glaciers. This is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see; the mountain forms a background against the landscape which also includes greenery and a river.

Nanga Parbat rises quite sharply and steeply; which makes it quite a dangerous climb. Of course there are plenty of mad people willing to brave all for the right to say they have surmounted it; but it is not for new climbers.

 10. Annapurna I

Annapurna I measures 8,091 meters making it the world’s tenth most elevated peak. It is located in the Gandaki Province of Nepal, and is a rugged mixture of rock and ice.

Despite being far behind the tallest peaks for height, this mountain is well known for being dangerous. It is advised that only seasoned climbers attempt this mountain, and even then, they have to take the greatest care.

The following is a more extensive list of the tallest mountains in the world.

Position Name Country Elevation
1 Mount Everest Nepal / china 8,848
2 K2 Pakistan/ china 8,611
3 Kangchenjunga Nepal/ india 8,586
4 Lhotse China/Nepal 8,516
5 Makalu Nepal/china 8,485
6 Cho Oyu China/ Nepal 8,188
7 Dhaulagiri I Nepal 8,167
8 Manaslu Nepal 8,163
9 Nanga Parbat Pakistan 8,126
10 Annapurna I Nepal 8,091
11 Gasherbrum I Hidden PeakK5 Pakistan / china 8,080
12 Broad Peak China/ pakistan 8,051
13 Gasherbrum IIK4 Pakistan / china 8,035
14 Shishapangma Gosainthan China 8,027
15 Gyachung Kang Nepal / china 7,952
16 Gasherbrum III K3a China / Pakistan 7,946
17 Annapurna II nepal 7,937
18 Gasherbrum IV K3 Pakistan 7,932
19 Himalchuli Nepal 7,893
20 Distaghil Sar Pakistan 7,884
21 Ngadi Chuli Nepal 7,871
22 Nuptse Nepal 7,864
23 Khunyang Chhish Pakistan 7,823
24 MasherbrumK1 Pakistan 7,821
25 Nanda Devi India 7,816
26 Chomo Lonzo China 7,804
27 Batura Sar Pakistan 7,795
28 Rakaposhi Pakistan 7,788
29 Namcha Barwa China 7,782
30 Kanjut Sar Pakistan 7,760
31 Kamet India 7,756
32 Dhaulagiri II Nepal 7,751
33 Saltoro Kangri K10 India / Pakistan 7,742
34 Kumbhakarna Jannu Nepal 7,711
35 Tirich Mir Pakistan 7,708
36 Molamenqing China 7,703
37 Gurla Mandhata China 7,694
38 Saser Kangri IK22 India 7,672
39 Chogolisa Pakistan 7,665
40 Dhaulagiri IV Nepal 7,661
41 Kongur Tagh China 7,649
42 Dhaulagiri V Nepal 7,618
43 Shispare Pakistan 7,611
44 Trivor Pakistan 7,577
45 Gangkhar Puensum Bhutan / china 7,570
46 Gongga ShanMinya Konka China 7,556
47 Annapurna III Nepal 7,555
48 Skyang Kangri Pakistan/ china 7,545
49 Changtse China 7,543
50 Kula Kangri China / Bhutan 7,538
51 Kongur Tiube China 7,530
52 Annapurna IV Nepal 7,525
53 Mamostong Kangri India 7,516
54 Saser Kangri II E India 7,513
55 Muztagh Ata China 7,509
56 Ismoil Somoni Peak Tajikstan 7,495
57 Saser Kangri III India 7,495
58 Noshaq Afghanistan/ Pakistan 7,492
59 Pumari Chhish Pakistan 7,492
60 Yukshin Gardan Sar Pakistan 7,469
61 Teram Kangri I China / india 7,462
62 Jongsong Peak India/ china / Nepal 7,462
63 Malubiting Pakistan 7,458
64 Gangapurna Nepal 7,455
65 Jengish ChokusuTömürPik Pobedy Kyrgyzstan/ china 7,439
66 Sunanda Devi Nanda Devi East India 7,434
67 K12 India / Pakistan 7,428
68 YangraGanesh I China/ Nepal 7,422
69 Sia Kangri Pakistan / china 7,422
70 Momhil Sar Pakistan 7,414
71 Kabru N India / Nepal 7,412
72 Skil Brum Pakistan 7,410
73 Haramosh Peak Pakistan 7,409
74 Istor-o-Nal Pakistan 7,403
75 Ghent Kangri India/ Pakistan 7,401
76 Ultar Pakistan 7,388
77 Churen Himal Nepal 7,385
78 Teram Kangri III India / china 7,382
79 Sherpi Kangri India / Pakistan 7,380
80 Labuche Kang China 7,367
81 Kirat Chuli Nepal / india 7,362
82 Abi Gamin India/ china 7,355
83 Gimmigela ChuliThe Twins India/ Nepal 7,350
84 Nangpai Gosum China / Nepal 7,350
85 Saraghrar Pakistan 7,349
86 Talung India / Nepal 7,349
87 JomolhariChomo Lhari China / Bhutan 7,326
88 Chamlang Nepal 7,321
89 Chongtar China 7,315
90 Baltoro Kangri Pakistan 7,312
91 Siguang Ri China 7,309
92 The Crown Huang Guan Shan China 7,295
93 Gyala Peri China 7,294
94 Porong Ri China 7,292
95 Baintha Brakk The Ogre Pakistan 7,285
96 Yutmaru Sar Pakistan 7,283
97 K6 Baltistan Peak Pakistan 7,282
98 Kangpenqing Gang Benchhen China 7,281
99 Muztagh Tower Pakistan / China 7,276



Looking at this list of the top 100 tallest mountains in the world; one cannot help but notice that most of these mountains are within the area of China, India and Pakistan. These mountains therefore play important roles in the tourism economies of the above countries as people come from all over the world to see and climb them.

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