When You Might Need Auto Locksmith Services?

An auto locksmith is a specialist who can help the car owner solve any problems related to the vehicle keys.
According to statistics, the most common problems that motorists face are:

  1. Loss or theft of car keys. This becomes a particularly big problem when the car owner does not have a spare key because in fact the owner of the car is deprived of access to the vehicle.
  2. The key is completely or partially defective. For example, the car key fob has been exposed to extreme heat or moisture. Because of this, the chip that is contained inside the key fob may fail. Because of this, there may be problems with the alarm or blocking the car.
  3. Mechanical failure of the key. This can happen, for example, with careless use, or falling of the key. Also, a common cause of breakdown is the car key getting into the washing machine: many car owners forget to pull the keys out of their pockets, which leads to sad consequences. Separately, it is worth describing the situation when the key breaks or is blocked in the car door lock or ignition lock.
  4. The key was locked inside the car. Often car owners slam the door, forgetting to take the keys.
  5. The need for a spare car key. Often people order a second car key if the vehicle is driven by several people and in order to have access to the car even if one key is lost.

In all these cases, the vehicle can come to the rescue. A locksmith is a car key problem solver.
If you need specialist services, we recommend contacting We’ve Got The Key – a trusted national auto locksmith company in the UK. They are by far the biggest and best-known company in the UK and are guaranteed to help you solve your car key problems.
Here are just a few advantages why you should contact WGTK:

  • The largest and most famous company in the UK. Over the years, the company We’ve Got The Key deserves to be called the largest and most popular car service company locksmith in the UK, and the company’s employees are deservedly considered highly qualified specialists in their field.
  • 100% UK coverage. London, Birmingham, Norwich, or any other city, town, or remote village – it doesn’t matter. Wherever you have a problem with car keys, the company’s specialists will always be able to arrive on the spot and help you solve it.
  • Favorable prices. In most cases, the price for all services will be lower than when contacting a local auto locksmith or a dealership.
  • Official guarantee for all types of work. You will receive an official guarantee for all keys made by WGTK employees. If you need a gain service access to a car or van, then the company guarantees that only non-damage will be used in the unlocking process methods.
  • Support 24/7. Telephone operators are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can contact the company at any time of the day.

How can I contact We’ve Got The Key?

In order to contact the company, you just need to call the phone number listed on the site. Regional telephone numbers are provided for your convenience. In order to find these numbers, you need to go to the Areas page we cover and select your region.
You can also write an email or fill out a callback form and the telephone operator We’ve Got The Key will contact you within one minute of your request.

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