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Benefits of Using a Temporary Phone Number

With the development of the Internet, many new tools and technologies have appeared on the web that make our lives easier. For example, food delivery services, online stores, social networks and message boards. However, in order to use all the services, you need to go through the registration process, which often includes phone number confirmation via SMS.

But for many people, using their real phone number to register online can be unacceptable and understandable. After all, giving your mobile number to third parties puts you at risk of being hacked or receiving lots of spam. In such cases, temporary phone numbers online become an indispensable tool for protecting personal information. This is what our article we will tell you what it is, what benefits you can get and how you can use it to register on the Internet.

Benefits of Using a Temporary Phone Number

Temporary phone number: what is it and what benefits does it provide?

Everyone is probably wondering what a temporary phone number is, and what benefits it provides for receiving SMS messages? Externally, this type of mobile number does not differ from its physical counterpart, which contains a SIM card. But technically it is an online phone number, which is issued for a limited period of time to receive text messages. Such a phone number can be managed not only from your smartphone, but also from any other device with Internet access.

The service is ordered and used in accordance with modern standards of online services and takes minimal time, which makes a temporary phone number an affordable and useful service.


Main advantages of temporary telephone number:

  • Easy to use. All you need to get such a mobile number is to register on a specialized service and make a couple of clicks to get it. This process takes a minimum of time, and you can do it from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.
  • Low cost. The cost of the service is much cheaper than buying a new SIM card in a cell phone store. In addition, you do not have to go anywhere and provide personal information, you can connect a temporary phone number at home using any Internet browser.
  • Using a temporary phone number you can preserve your anonymity at registration on any platform, which requires a phone number. It is impossible to know the owner of such online number, that’s why this service is considered one of the safest and anonymous.
  • Fast Account Creation. Now you can create an unlimited number of profiles in social networks and other websites as fast as possible.


Where you can use a temporary phone number?

  1. Mass account registration. Imagine that you need to register on a resource where you already have an account. This can only be done by providing a previously unused phone number. How to be and pass registration? It’s simple. Use the service of a temporary mobile number, which will help you to accept the confirmation code.


  1. Marketing and advertising: Marketers and advertising agencies can use temporary phone numbers to send out marketing messages. This can help increase conversion rates and help attract new people to the business
  2. Web development: Web application developers can use this service to test automatic SMS notifications or to test the functionality of web application features that require SMS verification.


  1. Security: Such cell phone numbers are ideal for confirming user identities via SMS when logging in. This can help you avoid spam and ads on your personal phone, as well as increase the security of your account.


How do I get a temporary phone number?

To get a temporary number to receive text we’ll use a popular SMS-man platform. In order to get such phone number follows this guide:

  1. Go to the main page of and click “Sign up”. To register you will need to confirm your account using your e-mail address.
  2. Go to the section “Top up my balance”. Here you need to specify the sum, which you want to fill up your account for. There are different options of funds transfer without commission.
  3. Go back to the home page and select the country of the mobile operator. Then use the field on the right to select the service for which you want to receive SMS.
  4. To buy a temp phone number, click “Buy” in front of the desired service.

Done! Temporary number is automatically added to your personal cabinet and ready to use. You can view all incoming SMS in your request history.