Tips to Stay Productive When You’re Stressed

Life presents us with stressful events from the cradle to the grave -so much so that we should view stress as a necessary component of living a full life. It can be healthier and even more beneficial to channel the energy that such challenges produce and work toward a more successful outcome than to ignore stress.

Workplace stress is inevitable for every employee in any organization. From unexpected setbacks to handling large projects or decreased productivity, stress can easily be induced. Sometimes, stress is unavoidable in the workplace, other times proper planning can help you prevent this feeling. 

Staying productive when you’re stressed requires a proactive and positive mindset. It is important to take control and direct our energy toward productivity when a stressful situation arises. Rather than panic, learn to own your stress. 

Ways to Stay Productive When You’re Stressed

Many people think of work as a complete chore. A place to work until you’re zapped out of energy. But what they fail to realize is there has to be a balance. Consider this- you’re trying to round up work but you can’t wrap your head around the task. Secretly, you just want to watch a movie on your laptop to cool off. I’m sure you know that feeling. You can’t though, because it’s not acceptable at work. 

Maintaining stress and staying productive can be challenging. Hence, it is important to find a balance. Interestingly, there are effective ways you can reduce your stress level while maintaining a high level of productivity. To help, some practical tips to help you stay productive when stressed will be discussed here. 

  • Play Games

Gaming is the perfect way of releasing pent-up stress. 

Playing a few games may seem counterintuitive, but they can completely transform your workforce by rejuvenating your employee’s spirit to work. A simple release of energy can boost their productivity and efficiency at work. 

Introducing game time during work can effectively increase your productivity at work. You’ll be surprised at how minutes of playing merge blocks or jewel shop can reduce your stress and make all the difference. 

Also, don’t forget that you could not only relax when you are playing the game but also develop your logical thinking. You can play Klondike Solitaire or Spades to relieve your daily stress and keep your mind sharp.

  • Listen To Music

Listening to inspirational podcasts or music can help you create a positive environment to prepare you for success. Doing any of these two will make you resilient to negative occurrences and help you stay productive at work. Additionally, practicing this will help you stay productive when you’re stressed.

  • Find Hobbies You Love

Find hobbies that can allow you to destress. Whether it is meditating, reading, learning a new skill, or an instrument. Engage in them to relieve your stress. You will realize that you’re more productive when you take time away from the source of your stress. 

Find what works for you, engage in them, and note the difference in your productivity. 

  • Know When You’re Stressed

Denying that you’re stressed when you really are can use up a lot of your energy and make you underperform. To avoid impeding your success, accept that you are stressed and focus on relieving your stress.

Remember, you stand a chance of achieving great things when you’re calm. 

  • Create a To-Do List

Working without a well-thought-out plan may go wrong sometimes. For this reason, it is important to make plans to avoid being overwhelmed.

Set different priorities for your tasks. This will enable you to efficiently allocate time for each task. Remember to be realistic with your estimates and include breaks between your schedule. You may not be productive when stressed. 

  • Perform Morning Exercises

Exercise comes with both physical and mental benefits. When you exercise, your productivity improves and you stay alert throughout the day. Your mind also stays sharp and bright. 

Incorporate exercise into your morning routines. 

  • Take Breaks

Taking a break sounds counterintuitive but your productivity depends on it. Working continuously can help you get things done but might break you down.

This might impact your health and bring about a decline in your productivity. 

  • Limit Distractions

Avoid all distractions that can make you waste an enormous amount of time. It is extremely time-consuming when you try to figure out where you were before the distraction. Hence, try to limit all distractions around you.

Turn off your social notifications and block time for important tasks. Let everyone know you’re busy, and avoid calls.

  • Perform During Your Peak

What do you like about your job most? What time do you perform best?

Ensure you spend your most productive time working on your tasks. Avoid wasting this time doing something that’s not worthwhile. When stress begins to set in, shift your focus to that aspect of your job that you love. 

  • Use Digital Tools

Using digital tools that simplify your work can enhance your productivity while reducing stress. There are so many tools that can help you in your daily activities. Take advantage of them without compromising the quality of your work. 



You just made an excellent decision to ramp up your productivity. Make those little changes here and there to stay productive when you’re stressed. Face your stress head-on and focus on activities that can help you manage it. 

Without action, you won’t get to experience the results. Start Now!